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No, this is the ROD SWIFT who posts from 3:690/660 and from Doc's Place. Don't assume that my location is indicative of the BBS. Drooling fool, would you like a copy of the inside front page of my passport? Rod

Ivy didn't even watch 5 minutes of it as soon as she saw Michael Shermer. Ross Sauer

John Warner's ranting
Isn't there some sort of rule against "bombing" an echo the way John Warner did? Ross Sauer

Genesis Vindicated.
You were the one that cited a book about archeology and the Bible against Abraham's camels. ROTFL! But here's _The Archeology of Palestine_, William Foxwell Albright, Pelican Books, 1949, pp. 206-207: "In the eighteenth century B.C. the ass was the chief beast of burden. In the Cappadocian and the Mari tablets we hear of caravans of asses, but never of caravans; the oldest published reference to the camel dates from the eleventh century B.C. Moreover, the great mass of archaelogical

Semantics, possibly. It is continually being recharged "upstream," but if depletion continually exceeds recharge, it will be an underground Colorado River--the first upstream users (in Wyoming, for instance) hardly feeling the difference, but the "downstream" users being left with the barest trickle in their well, much like the Colorado now peters out before reaching the ocean.

[1/2] Homer & Co
No "originals," yes, but textual scholars speak not only of "traditions" (which cover really divergent textual contents that can't be covered by mere scribal errors or the occasional deft editing) but finer branches off the copying tree. It's when past harmonizations are attempted, etc. that the nostrils of the true textual scholar begin to flare. They also worked up a definitive text of Homer's work, the same way that modern translators and scholars rely upon, say, Nestle-Aland or Westcott-Hort for

Probably so. The B1 makes you smell bad to mosquitoes. <G> There's a Dutch grass that works like that, too. I can't remember the name of it. I wanted some for here but it doesn't take heat very well. I've never seen a 4-legged grasshopper either. I wonder if the cats eat them before I get a chance to see them. Having only 4 legs, they couldn't get away as quickly as the 6-legged ones.

There are a *lot* of fascinating studies about what attracts mosquitoes and what doesn't. (Hey, big beaucoups in effective skeeter scares.) One variable you haven't mentioned, though. Plants do secrete alkaloids to repel insects. And you've been sensibly taking medication to maintain an apparent level of content, etc. above the norm here, even subtracting the fundy side. Then again, maybe you've been squeezing your fists too fast. 8-0

Re: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: Tyler Wunder <> Subject: Re: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death On 1 Sep 1998, Steve Asher wrote: As I understand it, this is one of the accepted ways of editing a person's quoted text; for "[sic]" signifies an error of spelling or grammar that the person doing the quoting doesn't want attributed to himself. For example, if I want to quote a statement from a book in which "there"

Sexual Acts
Yep, I heard a couple of CBC radio articles on that. Aleutian. One quirk about their culture I remember is that they had a niche for a "power man"--somebody who through exercise, diet, presumably secret thought exercises, etc.-- had physical strength several times the expected, but who typically died at half the average age. Somebody once quizzed Oly participants, or maybe it was just Oly wannabees. The scary Q (of course, I'm running on approximate memory) was: "If you were

John Warner
As you could all probably guess, I have asked John Warner's hub to cut his access to the SKEPTIC echo permanently. Please do not respond to his childish behavior and clutter up the echo even more. I do not know if George will be able to access this echo from another system, so if he stops responding to you, that may be the reason why. Unfortunately, that's what happens when an immature Sysop acts this way his users pay

The Bible
REALNAME: Louis Pasztor HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep asking until someone replies it. Does everybody in this echo beleive everything the bible stories or say??? So please answer, i don't like being ignored. -LordlMP

What? Dingleberries?
SO I HAVE THE LAST WORD! IN THIS ECHO AND NOT THE STUPIT MODERATOR! Silence is evidence of a superb command of the language. The irony is so delicious Ennyn Warner Aran Mundo pedo "doh" a minno Richard Smith

Re: PA Murders
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: Subject: Re: PA Murders X-Ftn-To: Bob Eyer You forgot to back up this assertion, upon which your entire tirade stands or falls. Very, very sloppy work. Better get crackin'. Hec Gated by the premier Fido Technology Networks gateway Providing USENET, Internet Email and FIDO feeds via Email, FTP. Other nets available, too. Come join us! See "" for details.

Stupid & Dum
Hello John! In a message to Moderator <08/30/19> John Warner wrote: Too many lines of incoherent rambling garbage. John Warner, you are hereby notified the TWIT FILTER has engaged automatically. Your messages will no longer be seen on this BBS. If you feel this is an error, please contact the Sysop at the address below.

Re: Velikovsky's Discovery!
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: (Ed Mills) Subject: Re: Velikovsky's Discovery! X-Ftn-To: Blanche Nonken A few months ago, Stacey tele-conjured a carney-like shitpipe specialist after I had exhausted all manner of chemical/mechanical warfare against a bad blockage. He roto-rooted like a maniac, finally extricating a cantaloupe- sized ball of semidigested poontons, which he deftly flicked off the end of his snake out into the yard. The couple pounds of shitty

The Jen You Wine Index
I don't think it matters. He claims to believe in the J/C Gawd, and makes a big deal out of being seen going to church with Hillary. He took vows to that gawd to be faithful to her. That makes what he's doing against the laws that he professes to subscribe to. Nope. He's also guilty of offending his daughter, who must spend her days with a bunch of horny college guys who would love to believe she comes from

Steve Asher: Victim of th
It's an interesting logic. Less than a lifetime ago there was absence of evidence of quasars. That means, with the rigorous application of your logic, there was COMPELLING evidence of the absence of quasars. Does this means quasars weren't actually there all along, and only materialised with the absence of absence of evidence? David Flechard

Steve Asher: Victim of th
I believe you have unearthed the crux of the discussion right here, Preston: The light bulb was imaginary until Edison made one! Same for every other actual object, including those which haven't yet been brought to fruition.

PA Murders
Maybe my memory is playing tricks, but I thought MCJ was a pseudonym Fields used as produced/director (what the hell's the difference?) of one of his own films. I'm sure I remember seeing it on the end credits. David Flechard