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Yhea, but I've a much greater need for someone to do my howsework. Wyrd wes eower weard Steph

Outside of Science (b)
At least I know that you aren't the one building a beer barge!

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death Links
OK, so I exagerated a little. The major point is the main thing and the rest is just detail. Wyrd wes eower weard Steph

Pagan and PISSED! :)
You don't even have the charcoal, UFO-nut. Too bad the quote "Apologies for the HTML coding' are from you, Ashole. And, you fucked it up. Quelle surpris? Non!

Rev. 1:1
and written in the tagline files:

PA Murders
They confessed in English? Wyrd wes eower weard Steph

Monkey Murders!
What I meant to imply was that the west produces sufficient surplus food to feed the third world (it would not be practical to actually do this for a number of reasons) therefore it would be possible for the third world to grow sufficient food to feed itself if they used the same modern farming techniques, especially considering that Europe does well enough with almost twice the population density of Africa. Wyrd wes eower weard Steph

Sexual Acts
They probably want that piece of land for similar reasons to why many Indigenous Australian peoples want want pieces of land in the middle of some of the harshest desserts in the world because it is their land. Wyrd wes eower weard Steph

Sexual Acts
That appears to most definitely have been the case. Did any ever come close? IIRC there was a movie about what may have been a real event in that Churchill was to be assassinated. In the movie, at least, the person posing as Churchill allows himself to be killed, all the time affirming that he, the imposter, was realy Churchill.

Outside of Science.
If Laurie is the retired chicken farmer of popular belief then he probably wasn't educated past the are of 14. Wyrd wes eower weard Steph

Sexual Acts
[snips] Such are the consequences of a society that require that tradition stand as written. Tradition has it's place. And, one of its requisites is that the tradition itself has to be replaced from time to time.

But it doesn't mean something delivered by car (as it says in the original quote), which is what I was referring to. Wyrd wes eower weard Steph

This is a good 'un :)
[big snips] Neat!

Tour de farce.
Which is why it's beeing cut down. Could you compost that better? I almost seems like you are dumping that out.

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Lestoi we forget. (_Lestoi_ is the Greek, which the Romans also applied (as in Josephus) to the Zealots.)

Sexual Acts
The Emperor was such a figurehead for centuries of Japanese history that it was virtually inconceivable for him to take direct political action. Sorta like England, where everything is done in the name of the Queen, but she's got precious little to do with it. It's even more of a pity, because he almost certainly would have been one of those recommending surrender before the A-bombs. Heydrich. The retaliation (destruction of Lidice, Czechoslovakia) may have, I speculate, cooled such attempts

PA Murders [1]
I can come up with quite a few possible pro-Christian interpretations of that work, too, if Kennykins is interested.

More Church/State Separat
You're thinking of GATT--General Agrement on Tariffs and Trade. GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Yechh!!!! I saw Ivy's back once while she was naked, and that rendered me impotent for months! If I saw her from the front, who knows what might fall off! <G> Ross Sauer

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Judith Bandsma.