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Free The Ralphs Two!
They were both immediately swallowed by dolphins. <DARWIN>< The pro-choicers have already tried and suceeded in doing that. Jim Staal (Homophobic, anti-woman bigot won't tell us about this 'law.')

Sexual Acts
Which is about what I was saying to Ken. Good points though--you said it clearer than I did. --P. G. Simpson

PA Murders
I they up a But then you also believe in gods. <DARWIN>< Your descendants wont be able to make that claim. J.J. Hitt

Read your quotes...
I see I can quite happily leave this thread in your hands... Paul

Interpretations of biblical verse
<singing> "L o l a, Lola..." <DARWIN>< Nobody else could see him. I now know he was just pretend. Dan Barker

Oh, we wouldn't. We would being atheists lie and pretend. The poor little dear would naturally suspect but, lacking the brain needed to internalize the truth, come anyway. <DARWIN>< play a childish, immature game of make believe to quell the fright you feel. Like an addict who keeps shooting up to stop the tremors, you cripple yourself with something you don't really need at all. Robert Curry

Completely around the bend
Goat fucking grief. That gets distributed to immediately. <DARWIN>< He's one of my clients.... And I did talk to him in ICU at Baptist Hospital East. Trent Hall

Free The Ralphs Two!
And a warm pot to sleep in? <DARWIN>< Fredric Rice, HolySmoke

Melia the Liar
Besides, if some of us had wished him dead, he'd have disappeared by now. We're atheists, you know, followers of the Christian "Satan" god. <DARWIN>< for an Orthodox Jew to know people eat pork. Karen Davis

We're all laughing at you, Mike. Make us stop. <DARWIN>< Time for your medication! Fredric Rice I don't take medication Mr. Dumb Ass! And I am not even close to being a fundy. But what do you know? Apparently not shit! Bill Wolff [leaping back out of reach] Woah! Fredric Rice

Steve Asher: Flying Saucer lunatic
Who gets to claim this one? <DARWIN>< Steve Willis I'm melting, melting Kevin D. Mckenzie

Blast from the past: Lou's Pick Of The Week
Cal's brother? Seriously, though, I believe he's still alive on Internet newsgroups. <DARWIN>< Curry

Message of old
Vegetarians are too smart to fall for that. Now _eggplant_ maybe. <DARWIN>< present of me to her leather-clad butch dyke master to vivisect me like a lab rat for her species' tests and her sadistic pleasure, any friend is better than none. David Rice

That's one way to avoid the truth about your death cult. <DARWIN>< scientific community or from the 98% of the world's population who don't know how a light bulb works? Dave Hamilton

I'm back! :)
And we're left with the majority: the utterly insane fundy. <DARWIN>< out that god of yours. Dan Ceppa

Melia the Liar
Don't you think it's time to address your hatred of life-affirming religions? It's been several years and I'm sure you've been given enough time to think about your excuses. We can help you overcome that problem of yours. <DARWIN><

I love this job.
Tank These fuckers. They refused so now I'll add to my web site that The Skeptic Tank is endorsed by these fine Christians. <DARWIN>< Oooh. All caps. I quake in terror. Preston Simpson

I love this job.
I worked _hard_ to deserve at least an honorable mention. This ain't over. <DARWIN><

By the way: Catholics _are_ Christians. <DARWIN>< I think Jesus himself needs to be saved from the likes of you. J. J. Hitt

What happened?
Where did you run off to, John?