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Steve Asher: Beer Nut
You did it now. I'm calling Steve a beer nut from now on. Thanks for the contribution. <DARWIN>< secrets of the universe... YOU cannot be trusted with the important knowledge. George Pope (to Fredric Rice)

Have You Accepted The Lord?
<laughing> Yes, if you're Jewish. <DARWIN>< If he did, it'd probably come from under his testicles Marty Leipzig

Sexual Acts
They believe that any attempts to make them behave and obey they law is "persecution." They should visit Turkey or Afghanistan to learn what persecution really is. <DARWIN><

Bob Eyer is Hal White
Nope. I can't recall which idiot did that but he seemed to think that it was some subliminal message that was going to turn us all into brainless cultists like he was. <DARWIN>< Christians during Communion. Marty Leipzig

Fresh Fish
The last time I took it spelunking, I ended up with poison ivy on my arms and legs. <DARWIN>< What better cause is there than freeing people from the mental slavery that you and your compatriots try to inflict upon them? Preston Simpson

Chestnut in search of a
Floods don't wipe away many hills, Sally. Trees, maybe, and structures, but not much else. The ocean floor doesn't completely change after 11 months. The atlantic grows by less than an inch, and the pacific shrinks. Yes, some features are erased by landslide and volcanic eruptions, but no moreso than on land. And there was an earthquake in Anchorage earlier this century that caused a bit of a change in the scenery there. If you looked at a map of

Let's go fag hopping!
I wonder if Lisa's murderers would be willing to finger the lawn dwarf in exchange for their freedom. <DARWIN>< No, you weren't. Atheists can think. Don Martin

Naked Pentecostals
Yes, the _empty_ thing to do. For the most part. Guarenteed to deflate their stiffies. I got mine. Finally. I had hoped we could travel up in caravan style, actually. I have all the time I need and then some. I've got something like four weeks of vacation time available. <DARWIN>< i'm in heaven. Christopher Calabrese

Hitler, Good Christian
I've got his eye. <DARWIN>< Christianity. Ken Young (Utterly incapable of noticing the irony)

Blast from the past: agnosticism
I remember that! Man, that was a _long_ time ago! <DARWIN>< rearanging their prejudices. David Rice, HolySmoke

Have You Accepted The Lord?
It was obviously written by Kockman. <DARWIN>< Then when I was put on trial by angels, I just knew I was cooked, if you know what I mean. Bryson Hughes (needs a doctor, huh?)

Scientologies Latest Move
I've got the whole series covering the events. I just wish that the United States would have the guts to admit that the cult is nothing but a fraudulent business. <DARWIN><

Amusing Inbound Mail
Why, one might just conclude he's a fucking raving lunatic beer nut! <DARWIN>< and he'd get nervous and leave. Debra Murphree, refering to Jimmy Swaggart (Penthouse magazine, July 1988)

There's a fellow over in "religion" maintaining that small amounts (unspecified) of salt added to soil works as a fertilizer for plants.. Any comments? Is this likely? For humans we know, for example, that A.some elements in small amounts are health-promoting, though in large doses, toxic--e.g. selenium. B. Other elements, like mercury, I gather are poisonous at all levels, though possibly the effect is too small to matter at the lowest doses. Could salt, for plants or some plants)

Screaming Lunatic / SRA
It doesn't happen. It's a common way to demonize an "out group" and has been claimed of Jews, Turks, the Irish, any damn near anyone the majority wishes to set up as an enemy. Actualy Satanists number less than 5,000 in America and the FBI's report several years ago covering "occult crime" found that not a one of them ever were arrested for anything greater than drunk driving. The freakish cultists among us like to pretend the majority of the

I'm back! :)
Hell, at the time the myths were written, it happened all the time. A virgin girl could have a dozen babies and still be a virgin. <DARWIN><

On one of the very early COPS episodes, the cops chase down the scum bag and dragged him out of someone's yard. A woman in the house yells out "What are you doing on my property?! Who the hell are you?!" The cop yells up, "We're the police, mam." "What are you doing on my property?" "Chaseing the bad guys, mam." "Well get the hell off my property!" <DARWIN>< After all the rain we've had, what road ISN'T?!?!?!

Monthly Echo Guidelines
Steve, you _will_ believe in Jesus. You _will_ bow down and worship Jesus. <DARWIN>< until Reagan was dead. David Rice

A Missionary
_THAT_ one I got. <DARWIN>< James A. Haught

Chestnut in search of a n
Yes. The atheists are commonly referred to as wicked, resulting in the acronym WOA (for Wicked Old Atheist). They are said to perform no good deeds and are also said to be after everyone's children. --P. G. Simpson