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Television / Newspaper accounts
The whole nation was shocked at the McMartin Preschool verdict. Everyone thought they were guilty because the media said they were. Several papers and television stations got sued afterward for their part in claiming the people were guilty. <DARWIN>< 'Hey, good lookin'! We'll be by to rapture you later!' S. Quarrella

Steve Asher: Victim of the mellinnium
What a fucking lunatic! I've started calling these people "victims of the mellinnium." After it comes and goes without their gods and flying saucers showing up, yes, they'll disappear quietly in their occult embarrassment and we won't hear from them until decades later. <DARWIN>< your calculator and convert the temperature in hell from Celsius to Rankin units. David (Christian Soldier)

Sexual Acts
Sean McCullough: Israel would not exist had it not been supported by Jews worldwide and sympathizers who were in favour of their settlement of at least part of Jerusalem. Iran, like other Arab countries, has an advantage over other industrialized nations: if it can get oil onto a ship, it can make money. Most "Western" countries must first mobilize their raw resources, then add value to them in order to export them. Some anomalies exist such as Canada, who gets

So have all the other "holy books" you can point at. People are willing to believe their mythologies are "accurate" we know that. <DARWIN><

Who are these Jews? And why are they hiding this record from the world? <DARWIN>< and pain of atheism. Robert Burke (Christanic death cultist)

Stupid people
You and David are discussing a static radioactive source applied to iron sites and photomultiplying electronic devices. One can purchas iron sites with wells dimpled into them with radioactive materials painted into the dimples. There's usually three of them though some people have five; two on either side of the forward sites and one on the rear site. <DARWIN><

Creationists never win
Appleton's masters are lying to him. No Creationist ever won an argument against a scientist on scientific grounds. Never. Not once. <DARWIN>< Christopher Calabrese (a fundy)

DSM Casebook
I don't recall ever getting the impression from you that all psychopaths are killers. I knew one who made a fortune in the insurance business. I do think, though, that they have the capacity to kill if someone becomes an obstacle to them or if the have an additional disorder of some kind. That's pretty horrible to contemplate. I sure don't envy you.

Lost the Plot!
Ah, sorry :P Chimmy EMail [Text] Desidonian Coder WWW Discordian Hacker Pager (01426)648-381 (Numerical) Evol 1 ICQ 11385647 (Auth. required) Free Kevin When two tribes go to war, one is all that you can score

Lost the Plot!
Yay! [PaulW runs screaming from the echo] Chimmy EMail [Text] Desidonian Coder WWW Discordian Hacker Pager (01426)648-381 (Numerical) Evol 1 ICQ 11385647 (Auth. required) Free Kevin Real Programmers don't play tennis, or any other sport which requires you to change clothes. Mountain climbing is OK, and Real Programmers wear their climbing boots to work in case a

Lost the Plot!
Please add me to your truth filter while you're at it. <DARWIN>< Found it? He seems to have *broken* it. David Worrell

Steve Asher: Insane flying saucer nut
His castrated leader told him so, I'd bet. <DARWIN>< less attention in Sunday School. Marilyn Burge

Laura Slessinger
I wonder how old she is. Perhaps she's getting more fundy with age. <DARWIN>< things at higher latitudes. Curtis Johnson Don't tell me you believe in UFOs or some such things? Laurie Appleton (He's a Christian Creationist. Who wooda known?)

Pedophile / Ken Young
No, I never thought of that. Even doing that could be considered fileing a fictional report by some unethical lawyer. <chuckle> Does the NABMLA bitch wear a full beard and look totally insane? In fact they caught the evil little bastard within a few days of it being shown on AMW. The house he was hiding in was filled with child pornography. I wouldn't ever do something like that thought I would be tempted. No, I would much rather take

Mike Melia
Naturally you're disgusted. He's heard about Crowd Pleaser. Isn't that curious? Yes, with his teeth clenched tight knowing how naughty he is. <DARWIN>< only ones I can think of are Catholics, and since I only consider born againers to be Christians, that wouldn't include Catholics. Ken Young (_This_ is what happens to Christian's brains.)

Chestnut in search of a n
You must have seen the dictim of Jesse Jones, former fundy lawyer participant here, to the effect that "atheists, for the most part, do no good works." Taking this as a cue, we began referring to ourselves as wicked atheists from time to time, and I coined the pronounceable abbreviation WOAs (Wicked Old Atheists) that has come into some currency here (he says, vanity under full sail). (

Hillariously Funny
Interesting but... I don't get it. I much perfer the Muslim view of sex. <DARWIN><

Silicone WHAT??!!??
What _IS_ it with these fucked up humans?! <DARWIN>< be/become inimical to anyone NOT under control of the same authority.

Some More Melia
<laughing> That goes into the quotes file. Thanks! <rofl!> <DARWIN>< do not have a clue about doing good, your post aptly reveals the underlying hatefulness that drives you here. I am praying for your soul, Stevie. Jesse Jones (Fundie talking about HolySmoke)

Derek Maddox
Did he bring Hector with him? <DARWIN><