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what R you talking about
Will Rogers said it best: You can tell a man that there's a billion billion stars in the sky, and he'll believe you; but tell a man that a bench has just been painted, and he has to sit down to find out. To make it topical: You can tell John Warner that there are thousands of Extraterrestrials roaming the planet right now, but if you tell him to watch his step, he has to bark his shins to find

I saw it. Very well done. I especially enjoyed the bits about FMS, etc. I bet most of the FTBs were trying to position their rabbit ears to catch the latest episode of Sightings from the Sci-Fi Channel, though. Ennyn Warner Aran Mundo pedo "doh" a minno Richard Smith

PA Murders
You would compliment him so highly? Wouldn't asking him to live like a sudra be more suitable for him? Wyrd wes eower weard Steph

Ms. I's comfusion
Did you want to be the one to point out to Ivy here that landing lights are NOT headlights? <G> Indeed! Ennyn Warner Aran Mundo pedo "doh" a minno Richard Smith

Please I just ate LOL! <G> Ennyn Warner Aran Mundo pedo "doh" a minno Richard Smith

Rev. 1:1
I always thought that the Alpha and Omega bit just meant that he liked going Greek. Wyrd wes eower weard Steph

Sexual Acts
The Hiroshima bomb (Little Boy) employed the "gun barrel" technique, whereby a wedge of U-235 was fired down a barrel and into a chunk of U-235 with a notch for the wedge. The resultant pressure would, theoretically, create a critical mass and the bomb would detonate. The Nagasakia bomb (Fat Man) employed the now more-or-less standard method of surrounding a sphere of fissile material (I'm pretty sure it was U-235, but it might have been plutonium) with explosives. The explosives,

PA Murders
Of course we have to go with Steph's opinion, since he believes it! <not!> <grin> I guess no one ever told him that having them be well known doesn't automatically put them at the top of the list of infamous murders. Or even almost begins there. I note he doesn't deal with what you said, does he? I don't believe I ever made such a claim. I'm not even sure you made that exact claim. Ah, well, where would we

So I saw. Goddamned motherfucking school wants me to learn COBOL, of all the shit-sotted things I could be learning. Still, it could easily be worse. I could have to take Ada or Pascal instead. --P. G. Simpson

Sexual Acts
In fact, HMS Hood was, I believe, the first (and only) vessel to be sunk by the Bismarck. Hood and King George V (fresh out of the construction yards and having problems with her gun turrets) encountered Bismarck and Prinz Eugen. Both British vessels fired their first salvos at Prinz Eugen, thinking it to be Bismarck. The rest was pretty much as you say. Hood was mostly a WWI design, with flimsy deck armor and a poor layout. I think

PA Murders
You're right, he IS clueless. Funny, he claims he had problems with that quote. Can't quite make up his mind. Of course, he also believes that Christ's end wasn't torturous, obviously thinking that since it didn't last his mythical two weeks, it couldn't have been that bad. What do you expect from folks that believe nonsense like that? I wonder if he even knows what the cause of death is in that instance Again, using for a

Sexual Acts
<grin> The answer is left as an exercise for the student. Indeed. Now I'm going to be attending graduate school. At night. Yay. Bah! Nothing but the finest parchment-styled paper there is for me. And I got two of them (plus a plaque) to boot. --P. G. Simpson

Moving, part two.
I finished this, by the way. Fascinating, but still depressing. I got my first taste tonight, two classes. The first is some sort of math for economics (we discussed polynomials tonight. The first test will feature calculus and some algebra, the second calculus, and the third matrices. I drool with excitement). The second was a marketing research class. I, along with a small group of people, get to design a research project to assist an optometrist (nice guy, we got

Sexual Acts
A plutonium BOMB, however, doesn't leave much of any plutonium after it explodes. In fact, to the exact extent that there is plutonium present, the bomb had unused capacity and was therefore a DUD. If the bomb was designed correctly and correctly deployed, ALL the plutonium would be converted into fission products similar to those of uranium, and energy yield. Likewise, the Japan bombs left little uranium on their dropsites. Again, they were designed to consume their nuclear fissile fuel

Homer & Co
So? There at least a million copies of the _Tommy_ album by _The Who_. Does that make Tommy real? And, did you ever count the number of manuscripts on Hinduism? Or Tsaoism or Buddhism? Also, bear in mind that The Illiad predates your book. Further, unlike your book, no one felt compelled to revise it and and add new chapters based on what they felt "Homer commanded them to do". AFAICT, Homer is the sole auther of his book. There