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Chief Rat!
Most recently on the postman, but the less said about that, the better. (

Sexual Acts
What does a Staffordshire Terrier go to, anyway? Maybe a big 12 pounds of hellish savagery? So much for the south-of- the-border view of Canadian police, formed on the legend of the RCMP, as big, tough, fair, and annoyingly polite guys who deal with such threats, if they bother at all, with tweezers. I cannot argue the last point, however. There is nothing like a bullet through the brain in the subduing business. Pepper spray just doesn't measure up to

Chestnut in search of a n
Neither do I--I didn't save this one, probably because my response was boilerplate. I rather like the idea that the upper surface of a fluid (which by definition conforms to the shape of its container) mu somehow change in response to an alteration in the shape of its lower surface. Yer just in it for the blood, eh Springett? Actually, my take on him was that he was unlikely to be around very long--bash him once with the strata piece

Balanced Treatment.
Biddeford, Maine, according to my outdated Almanac (1994). (

Fact or Fiction.
I would guess that he is basing this on the fact that the less contact that indigenous Australians have with 'White Australia' the less disgruntled they are but I would have thought that this had more to do the treatment that they receive rather than their bloodlines. I know that I would be mighty pissed-off if my people had been treated as fauna for nigh on 200 years and if the 'special treatment' required to provide the basic rights that

We need to get some fundy to post the guidelines about when to use the big number (all the Christians in the world) and when to use the little number (the Real True Christians<tm).

I'm back! :)
How could anyone believe that Mary was a perpetual virgin when the Gospels clearly state (Matthew 13:55-56) that she had four more sons (James, Joses, Simon and Judas) and an undisclosed number of daughters after Yeshu with no mention of any special significance concerning their birth? Not when you consider that until fairly recent times the word 'virgin' simply meant an unmarried girl (it was just assumed that an unmarried girl didn't have sexual intercourse which resulted in, after a

Sunday Skool (b)2
We're sure. Therefore the rest of your post is meaningless, since it did not address the basic fact.

Kitts in Oklahoma.
Well, there you have it. You are incapable of managing such timescales conceptually, and you're arguing with people who are capable. What we disagree on is the word "meaningless." It is only meaningless to someone who cannot comprehend the meaning. It is a normal part of the history and future of the universe in reality, and people deal with such numbers every day.

Dogmatic & Close-minded(c)
You were far more effective in 1959 when we did not know the answer to that question. We are now in an age where physicists and mathemeticians do know the answer, but you don't. You lack the common scientific background to converse.

Sober Science Needed!
Don't feel bad Laurie. My german shepherd doesn't understand it either. Hopefully your children will have the capacity to grasp it.

Sexual Acts
Of course. The rest of them can soft-sell their stuff and get a decent market share. They grow up and live their own sheltered lives, leaving behind the need to live other people's.

I'm back! :)
Wouldn't it be a 'kick' if this whole religion were using, as a 'miracle,' the fact that Joseph and Mary had to find some way to avoid their "dallyings"-before-marriage being blamed on them? (*grin*) Jesus not only should have been a woman, science-logically --genetically-- speaking, but also he should have been a _clone_. Jno B. (GenesisNet<-->Internet Gate) (ISP account) FidoNet: 1:100/435.1 GenNet 33:6250/1.1 Origins Talk BBS M.A.C., St. Louis, MO, (314)

We're fastidious about finding patterns of cause and effect. Have you ever seen a baby wave its arm just as the curtain blows in, then frantically keep waving its arm trying to make the curtain blow in again? Once it gets frustrated and gives up, it simply puts the phenomenon in the find-out-later category. As the pieces of the worldview puzzle fall into place, the missing parts depend more and more upon linking correctly to the parts already saved. The

I'll assume for the moment that "table salt" (sodium chloride) is meant. I can't think offhand of any plant compound that uses sodium *or* chlorine. (Animals, of course, use sodium in nerve transmission and in the bloodstream to maintain osmolality--i.e., the right pressure of fluid within cells and tissues.) Since plants can't go around looking for a drink of water whenever they need it, they have the problem of keeping water in their cells and tissues--IOW, avoiding wilting. There are

Chief Rat!
Every response to Appliar provokes another response by Appliar. (Every action produces an equal, but opposite, reaction....) (*grin*) Why do you people _bother_ with this idiot? All you're doing is helping him to continue. It may be "fun," but it's gotten quite, quite 'old' after all this time. If no one reacted (in infinite regress), he would eventually disappear from lack of 'food.' Jno B. (GenesisNet<-->Internet Gate) (ISP account) FidoNet: 1:100/435.1 GenNet 33:6250/1.1 Origins

Brawley's Funny Side!
Both of which should indicate to y'all why I have him twitted and why I never react directly to him. It's not worth it. Once one learns that a thing is utterly pointless, it becomes intellectually nonsensical to continue doing that thing. Word to the wise. Jno B. (GenesisNet<-->Internet Gate) (ISP account) FidoNet: 1:100/435.1 GenNet 33:6250/1.1 Origins Talk BBS M.A.C., St. Louis, MO, (314) 821 1078

Mammoth Caveat [1/2]
is The 'explanation' (as if any were needed) is most likely simpler than that: Appleton is insane. Jno B. (GenesisNet<-->Internet Gate) (ISP account) FidoNet: 1:100/435.1 GenNet 33:6250/1.1 Origins Talk BBS M.A.C., St. Louis, MO, (314) 821 1078

Chestnut in search of a n
They're like candle-flames, hence "wick"-ed. Jno B. (GenesisNet<-->Internet Gate) (ISP account) FidoNet: 1:100/435.1 GenNet 33:6250/1.1 Origins Talk BBS M.A.C., St. Louis, MO, (314) 821 1078

PA Murders
I'll add sugar to my morning coffee if I haven't had dinner the previous night but, like you, I would rather not have additives. <DARWIN>< you'll have is a warm cockroach. Marty Leipzig