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That answers THAT!
John Warner wrote in a message to Richard Smith All corrections deeply indented so that the topic thread can be followed easily <whining deleted> c/!/? c/, but/, but c/,,/, cx3/../ c/adressing/addressing c/all ways/always c/ALL/ALL. c/attack./attack c/child go/child, go c/deside/decide c/edwards/Edwards c/facts you/facts. You c/go/Go c/ha ha/Ha ha, c/hay who/hey, who cx2/i/I c/if/If c/in c!r!a!p!/in crap! c/its/it's c/just/Just c/maybe/Maybe c/me by/me by c/me../me

Internettin' yahoos
Its fun, is it not. Poor women, changes her mood every 5 seconds, and if the male is real luckly and reads it correctly, he can still breath see beating heart and blood flow. Some what, like a cat in the heat cycle. It does the motions and doesn't really understand, the why of it. I just know that statement will get me in shit, big time. I've been throught it with Mistress J.

Flooding Problem
I would guess, that god unknowen likes me today. Good to see the move work ok. I know we have all ready been throught that On another topic... See reguarding yourself... But if it takes big effort to type, why do you waste time on the Laurie wimp, from the out back. I have read your message, where you mention, it takes effort to type. But what the hell Dave, why waste your

Sorry to hear that. Excellent. It's high time I got a chance to put some faces to the names in here. Let me know when you've picked them up and put them on the BBS. Must get around to having my ugly mug scanned in.. Relatif Tuinn sing Put Me In My Little Bed, accompanied by the pastor

Re: George and his Sysop are liars
Hi Richard, Did Richard Smith really say something to Charles Veitengruber, on 27 Jul 98? Charles Veitengruber wrote in a message to John Warner No, I really don't. The only thing I can think of is that either John doesn't have the messages, or he has them and they're not available to George. I know that I remember George saying the old messages were gone, and, on different occasions, asking some one to post something or other.

Internettin' yahoos
Interesting. How exactly does something like this happen? --P. G. Simpson

Well. That. Never had much of a problem then either. Amazing what being able to produce significantly more decibels will do in such disagreements. --P. G. Simpson

PA Murders
<cackle> I can see that; but I have *never* heard of any collective known as the "Religious Left." The Religious Right, on the other hand, is something I've heard quite a bit about. Of the two, I know which I'd prefer to deal with if I just had to pick one. Heresy! Sacrilege! <g> Well. Talk about Christly. Some sense of humor. He won't get it. --P. G. Simpson

Sexual Acts
What, you're just sitting there floundering? --P. G. Simpson

Flooding Problem
<rofl!> Doesn't that work now? <grin> A somewhat cynical, yet oddly effective argument. --P. G. Simpson

Fundy Thinking!
It could go either way, but I think the latter would be more likely since he doesn't seem to be doing anything that isn't covered by already-identified disorders. --P. G. Simpson

Willing to See (b)
Perhaps. It wouldn't bother me if it was just him, but what I've seen from him suggests that he thinks *everybody* ought to be that way. Though he often tells people to do their own research when asked for more info than he provided, I suspect that this is not so much an encouragement to examination of the issue as it is a handy dodge to cover up the fact that he *doesn't* have anything other than what he presented.

<generic message subject>
The ceremony from which bungee jumping is taken (a somewhat religious ceremony that is supposed to demonstrate the jumper's masculinity, etc., as I recall--can't recall where it came from though) used vines tied to the ankles, with the result that sometimes the vines stretched and the jumper hit the ground anyway. I wonder if anything like that happens with this modern stunt. I know that some work was done along this line with explaining introverts and extroverts--it had something to

Internettin' yahoos
Always a pretty interesting thing to examine; the way the QWERTY keyboard is laid out, for instance, or the directions that faucet knobs turn in. Thanks. I'll definitely have to grab it. Wow. I knew tests were available, but not how detailed they were. It does indeed sound excellent, though at first glance it looks like another one of those "Why didn't *I* think of that?" ideas. Menopause involves hormone changes; therefore, adjusting the hormone levels to balance out those

Internettin' yahoos
Then that settles it. As far as I'm concerned, there's a need for such a thing and the politics be damned. I'd much rather offend 50 people and help one than let one sink and let 50 ride undisturbed. It's the same problem as with everything else. Sure, we need more jails/better ethnic diversity/whatever, but don't do it in *my* neighborhood. I'd like to see them sometime. It would certainly sink the idea that psychologists are a bunch of lukewarm,

Methamphetamine. slack s.

Mammoth Caveat [1/2]
Yes. Young has a rationale, as twisted as it may seem to those of us who aren't privy to the world as he sees it. I know that he's young, not more than 26-27, which could easily account for the insistance on uniqueness and individuality while being little more than a fourth-rate conformist. Indeed. Put this way: Laurie will go out on a limb and hang himself from it, but it's the same limb and the same rope every time.

Pseudo Science (b)
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Steph Parker Pseudo Science (b) wgah'nagl fhtagn. Thought you might find this interesting. The original's from Steph Parker to Karl Schneider. --P. G. Simpson

Balanced Treatment.
I wondered too, but it does seem to exist, it's listed in my Almanac as being in Biddeford, Maine with an enrollment of about 400. Obviously some sort of fundy school.

Genesis: The Real Thing
Well, you see, I have met the elusive J.J. In person. But I am too much of a gentleman to reveal J.J.'s gendural appearance on an open forum for the amusement of the curious. I prefer to sell that information (at very reasonable rates, I might add) in private. (