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Re: PA Murders
He also remarked a few months ago about how the Bill of Rights do not imply to states, especially the ones involving Freedom of Speech and Religion. Frightening. But the corpse is still stinking.

Re: The Prodigal Son Retu
Another incarnation of Leonard Bernier ad/or George Mooth?

the Never mind the fact that yeasts are naturally occurring parasites on the skins of ALL grapes. I'm wondering just how much LSD was ingredient into Jelly's obviously over-active imagination. slack s.

Sexual Acts
Curses. Now you've piqued my interest and I'll have to go and do some research on this. For some reason, this doesn't surprise me. It's vaguely reminiscent of Karla Faye Tucker, and seems to make a certain sort of sense. --P. G. Simpson

God Fearin' Parents
This was indeed a change wrought by the Second Vatican Council. Prior to V2, one had to be a deacon or better to have ANYTHING to do with the Host with his hands. Afterwards, one may help _distribute_ Communion by application to one's Bishop. This enables one to help pass the majik cookies around. But it still takes a priest to majik 'em....... slack s.

Pseudo Science (b)
And, for further proof (as if any were needed), you have said the same thing about others, myself included, yet you continue to respond. Do you actually enjoy being exposed to the entire world as an insane liar?

Let Asimov Explain it!
You are insane, Laurie. I've just now decided not to reply to any more of your delusions. Oh, before I forget: Fuck you.

God Fearin' Parents
Or "Ultreyas" in the Roman Church. Here's where our basic experiences differ. I point out that I made an Anglican Cursillo by authorization of my Catholic Bishop, because of space restrictions in the Roman Cursillo in my area at that time. My Cursillo COMMUNITY, however, was that of the Roman Church. In the community of the Roman Church, we have the Italian term "risorgimento", which means both "re-confirmation" and "renewal". Risorgimento was the spirit behind the Second Vatican Council, which

PA Murders
Of course. They lack the ability to get published for their own sakes, unless it's as a case study. --P. G. Simpson

Appleton, LIAR
Since it has become obvious that Laurie is uncurably insane, I suggest that it's counterproductive to have any communication with him. I also suggest (albeit with some reluctance, since his inability to post additional lies may result in his returning to abusing young children) that we just ignore his idiotic tripe. I intend to do so.

PA Murders
And better neighbors. --P. G. Simpson

Brownie Points
I assumed you'd know we weren't talking ANHYDROUS conditions here...... pool slack s.

PA Murders [1]
Forwarded from "Holy Smoke!" Originally by J.J. HITT Originally to SEAN MCCULLOUGH Originally dated 2 Jul 1998, 0:53 That's the way it USED to be here in the US. Until a certain event occured in a city of wooden buildings known as Chicago. Now-a-days, fire fighters put your fire out NOT to protect you or your property, but to keep your problem from becomeing your neighbor's problem. The subscription system is fine in rural areas with

Fact & Fiction.
"The Child", a reference to the baby Jesus. The "El Nino" phenomenon normally occurs right around Winter Solstice and Christmas. "La Nina", or "the little Girl", was coined by meteorologists for the oceanic phenomenon exactly opposite to El Nino: the warm waters staying in the western Pacific Ocean where they belong. slack s.

If You've Got the Disease, I've Got the Kuru
Ah, then urges by fundamentalists to make people more moral may also form more such folks? <G> I have a friend like that. He can be a hoot sometimes, and total drag others. I haven't seen him in a few years I wonder if the drinking killed him or if he just continues on Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

I don't know why I bother. We all know that Stupid will just sidestep the issue and post some lies that make Sagan look like a creationist.

Ain't got enough
Her brain does.

By having the prosecuters not allow an all black jury. When they allowed that, they instantly made it a case of racial equality rather than one of homicide. If you are going to spend taxpayer's money to prosecute this clown, at least do it intelligently.

Internettin' yahoos
"But wait a bitthe oysters cried, before we have our chat. For most of us are out of breath and all of us are fat. "No hurry" said the Carpenter. They thanked him much for that. "A loaf of bread", the Walrus said "is what we chiefly need. Pepper vinegar and salt besides are very good indeed. And if you're ready oysters dear, we can begin to feed. "But not on us", the oysters cried, turning a little blue. "After

MA and PA Moiders
our Yes. Several UU churches have offered to pay regular taxes. None that I know of HAVE done so yet, however. The problem?? If ONE church is so taxed, ALL of them MUST be, in order to satisfy that rather troublesome Establishment Clause in the Federal Constitution. And the legal fights that, say, Focus on the Phallusy could throw at the County would cost the County more than the Unitarians would be paying. (El Paso County/Teller County, Colorado)