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Re: God Fearin' Parents
So I've heard. Sure thing. Half the country is into consulting.

Re: Survey results
I know. Very ..practical. Precisely. Heheheh.. We'll teach anyone to ask.

want Hmm.. I think the one you already picked up is still the best. One of the others looks altered, and the other looks in dire need of altering.

Re: "To Tell the Truth"
No. Does that mean I'm deaf, or that I'm just not reading my mail in Eudora? I wonder if I could even locate the "English please"-icon... Make sure he knows. Like by selecting a postcard that makes it painfully obvious. Doing so. Bah, backups are for wimps. People who can't stand a good crash shouldn't have computers. Like my mother.. She would die if someone manage to annihilate her ICQ-installation.

Re: "The Real Thing"
Not in normal shops, but I could check my local interpress..

Re: More Survey Questions.
Ooooh. You did a Jack Nicholson qoute wrong.. I wish I could put the qoute in its entirety on here now, but I can't remember it.. Something about "You want the truth? You can't HANDLE the truth!", from A Few Good Men.

Re: Need Head Examined.
Piss of cake.

Re: God Fearin' Parents
Yea.. we haven't imported Taco Bell, Damons, Denis, Steak'n'ale, Arby's, root beer, Welsh, skittles, fireballs, Dairy Queen, Holiday Inn et cetera, et cetera. But the list of what we HAVE got, is longer.

Re: God Fearin' Parents
No, he's sent Odi to Abu Dabi too. I'm surprised he's never tried sending Jon there.

Re: Jaded Psychologists!
Of course. Since I would exterminate them all on sight, they must be a pest. (To calm some of the more slower of mind: I _do_ have self-distance, I'm just able to choose not to use it. And I am usually aware of using generalizations when I do. I still like to use them, though. I suppose it has to be my constitutional right to do that, or something.)

Abnormal Psychology
Yes, any allergy that affects the CNS would raise the anxiety level in the autonomic system generally even if the reaction was to a local skin site. A state of arousal without obvious cause could bring an observer to the conclusion that there's a psychsomatic basis for it. After Freud, about 1/2 the population was variously diagnosed as neurotic following this strategy, some even by doctors. There's a strong component in diagnosis of conscious patients of taking at face value

False Claims.
But the book says two of each kind, male and female. Would that include eggs? How would Noah have been sure he was doing a good enough job to include eggs from species-adapted tapeworms by choosing the right pair of fleas? Boggles the mind that people believe this shit...

Due South
Hi Joe... On 06-29-98 00:50, Joe Seatter penned the following to re: Ally McBeal It's actually CTV, Joe... the "other" network. A list of DS pages can be found at: The Official Due South page is: EVERYTHING you wanted to know about "the full mounty"... John

Brownie Points
I'm a little unclear about whether you didn't receive either. The brainwave post was quoted in full by myself and at least one other replying to it. As for the phalanx/self-control post, if you haven't received it, I may be able to repost. Do you have any Data to support that?

Sexual Acts
I read a piece by a British serial killer, also homosexual and who also kept parts of his victims, that he and (in his opinion) also Dahmer were keeping them out of an intense lonliness, that at least this way their, um, beloved would stay with them for a few days. You will post it here? There certainly seems enough interest in the topic among us. Latin America has had some serial killers. The holing-up- with a rifle (as opposed

Fair-minded Atheism.
Perhaps by now you've seen my message to Applet, "The Plane Truth" for more on Flat-Earthers.

In fairness to Heinlein, I can't recall reading anything by him that advocated wife-beating. I rather have the sense that he would think it somewhat dishonorable. If I had to guess, I'd guess that he thought spanking kids was a dandy idea, but would draw the line at anything beyond that.

Fact & Fiction.
Yep. Specifically, "Jesu Bambino". The phenomenon is so named because it normally appears around Christmas time and goes away in a couple of months. (

Fair-minded Atheism.
Not at the Headquarters. He is more of a hindquarters kind of guy. (

At least he does more for his fellow man thereby (if they can but get past the taste). (