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Klass on Tehran
Tehran Event 1976. Points in conflict with the claims of Philip Klass. One of the articles, published on September 20,1976, in the TEHRAN JOURNAL,quoted a Mehrabad airport controller as saying that the UFO was flying at an altitude of about 6,000 feet over the southern part of sprawling Tehran, flashing red, blue and green lights. Yet Mooy's memorandum, based on information offered by the second F-4 crew, said the first F-4 crew had been 40 nautical miles NORTH of

<more Bullshit deleted> You understand nothing of the ACLU or American ideals. Both allow widely differing views on poltical topics to be represented. Both allow reason to sort out the crap from the useful ideas. This exactly what your superstition does not allow and exactly what frightens you so reguarding science. is a frightened little child using evil to puff himself up into a man.

Official Holysmoke campot
[cuts---- dr] Yep. I'm giving a workshop on my Goddess, Lilith. Sounds like lots and lots of fun, except the Arkansas part. Starwyn lives there, last I heard. I usually head towards DF a week or more before it starts, and I can get some sight-seeing done before the 'fest. I stip to just my boots and my hat, and go looking for fossils in the desert. After 110 degrees (f) in the day, I camp at 10,000 feet

Hitler, Good Christian
If you do not quote what you are referring to, it makes understanding you that much hardeer. There aren't any known teachings of "Jesus Christ." Hitler didn't need any justification for his behavior, though he used Christian mythology (mixed with Teutonic) to sell it to his followers. Many historians have pointed out that Christianity made the Holocaust possible: Christians had been slaughtering Jews for centuries. Hitler just systemitized the process.

Ken Young
Another plus is that he will cease to believe in his god. At least he will provide a few scavengers a hearty meal.

Liar Appletoon
Which I wish I were still doing. I'm glad Fredric recorded it for posterity. Well, golly! Has the world's cosmologists and astrophysicists been informed about Liartoon's breathtaking breakthrough?! I can imagine Liar's excitement over receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics for this amazing discovery of his. Er, ah, why haven't I read anything about it in _Nature_ of _Scientific_American_?

Why would you BELIEVE that which is demonstrated true? I acknowledge the fact that Earth is an oblate spheroid. I acknowledge the fact that Earth orbits Sol in a near- circular orbit. No BELIEF required. Anyone who BELIEVES these things should probably examine the evidence, and then KNOW these things. Belief is a terrible thing to have in ones' head.

Flat Earthers
International Flat Earth Research Society known as FLAT EARTH SOCIETY Charles K. Johnson, President Marjory Waugh Johnson, Sec. Telephone: (805) 727-1635 PO Box 2533, Lancaster, California 93539

Pol Halos
[cuts] Like I often say: you have ALL the fun! Off Costa Rica we went through "a sea of snakes." Bright (glowing) green and yellow. We caught one with a hook towed behind us, and we dragged it to death. A person at the Balboa Yacht Club (a place so degenerate, you would feel right at home) said the snake was "sure death" if it bites a small kid or old man. I wish I had taken it home with

"The Real Thing"
Yes, they have a site. I've been looking through their Freedom Of Information Act pages. The UFO page is at:

Marion Barry Comments

Scientology E-Mail Filter
[cuts] Yes, each "individual" site (carbon copies: so much for their "think for yourself" bullshit) has a home page and several pages linked to it, for a total of 22 "mailto:" links--- all of which go to "" and not even one of them to the person whos' name is on the site. I noticed this when I went looking for key words for my critic site at I just read where AltaVista as corrected the crime syndicate's spam

The Jen You Wine Index
No. Mommsen was 19th century. Sure! of Received and replied to. There has been a drop-off in traffic, though some days (usually Mondays) can top two hundred total. Some of it may be summer, but when the only two fundies here are Ken Young and Appletoon, there's going to be less interest. Also, in days of yore Rod Swift, Al Schroeder and Fred Rice were regularly posting huge amounts of messages.

Constrictors have a crush on you.
Hollywood knows that pandering to anti-intellectualism is more popular--and easier--than trying to show how science is actually done. The scientific mind is rather opposite to the Hollywood mind. OK. I hadn't seen the movie. I don't think Bakker can be accused of having "sold out," though. <G> "Any resemblance to any person, living or dead.

Pity there's a copyright law, too. [more cuts---- dr] In the DSM-IV copy I've read through, a diagnosis does not require every behavior, but a majority. There's a threshold, since human behavior is a continuum. Once the threshold is crossed, the additional number of matching behavior traits shows the extend strength of the diagnosis. [cuts---- dr] [cut, saved to disk---- dr] I got my figures from three police departments and a women's shelter. Police: Police:

The Prodigal Son Returns
His mother pinned a note to his shirt saying "Dear Cab Driver: Deliver this idiot to the airport. Thank you."

If You've Got the Disease, I've Got the Kuru
I volunteered once for an experimental vaccine for dengue (aka "breakbone" fever). That vaccine was bad enough-- really bad headache, and red spots all over--including my penis. BTW, dengue is endemic to Central America (and Puerto Rico, IIRC), and since the mosquito that carries it has shown up in Florida, we can probably expect US cases any time now. I once very briefly met a guy who autopsies AIDS patients at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He wasn't concerned about risk with

Amusing Inbound Mail
If this is (as i highly suspect it is) from Moose Jaw, Sk., I'd better take cover. After all, it's only about 40 miles away from Regina....

Re: Scientific Buffoonery.
I WAS BORED! Don't turn it into a fucking scenario and study in Holysmoke Regular behaviourism. I had a lot of time on my hands and I had read all the new mail, so I went back to where I know I _could_ spend some time, and I did. I can't take that bet, since it covers far too many people.

Re: Oh my.
Don't give me that shit. I think fast, I write fast and sometimes I have a lot of time on my hands. Time that I kill. I have the answer to that one: The one responding to the second one just to moan about how ludicrous the material was to begin with. You're blowing up the attention on this thing. Personally, how I justify spending my time with my responses (which I consider sparring, anyway) is that if he weren't