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John Warner's lies . . .
Since the individual can't spell, or doens't know how to use a checker, how do you know he can access HOLYSMOKE? Regards Langston

UFOs r real B [1]
You are partly right, however the Harrier has nowhere NEAR enough range to cross the Atlantic. That's not true at all. It would be entirely possible to build a supersonic propeller-driven aircraft; it isn't done because it would be very inefficient. A turbofan engine has what is essentially a propeller enclosed in a shroud. The tips of props and helicopter rotors are subject to some significant and counterintuitive forces at transonic velocities but it isn't anything that can't be overcome.

Hitler, Good Christian
Cough up a materially-perceivable example of quantum nonlocality.... Jno B. (GenesisNet<-->Internet Gate) (ISP account) FidoNet: 1:100/435.1 GenNet 33:6250/1.1 Origins Talk BBS M.A.C., St. Louis, MO, (314) 821 1078

Sunday Skool. [1]
(1) Self (2) 'Logic' (3) procedural granting to the text the chance that it's a distortion of a scientific principle, rather than 100% religious balderdash; one makes the _procedural_ ("for the sake of argument") assumption that the text is a horribly twisted reception/version of something 'true' that the claimed-to-exist "God" tried to communicate, and one then mind-wrestles with it to see if it _can_ match something that a scientist would expect such a "God" to try to communicate (scientifically-sensible

Name change
So It is not as though we were exactly overrun by people named "Jitender" around here. I _was_ concerned, however, that replies to the single name might not reach you there in the wilds of Mombai. ( or

PA Murders
Only for those in basic training. If they are, may we expect your being silenced for having revealed it? ( or

IlLSD Messages
And you live in the country that seemed to discover altered states of consciousness. Have you ever tried any kind of meditation? It does not require spirituality it's sort of self-hypnosis.

Pseudo Science (b)
I have but a one-volume "Best of H.L. Mencken." No way in hell the present _Baltimore Sun_ would publish him. You bet. Fundies like to *drool* when they hear evil denounced. Having a church of one makes it easy to keep track of the finances.

Balanced Treatment.
I'd never heard of it either, but apparently it does exist at Biddeford, Maine in 1953. Sleuthing for further details Dang, I can't find any more than that, which was in the back of Merriam-Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. No mention in the older, but more detailed listing at the back of my older Random House Collegiate Dictionary. Not even mentioned in the '72 Enc. Brit. entry for Biddeford. The mystery continues. Maybe, weary of scandal, Miskatonic

Chestnut in search of a n
I missed these original remarks and have no idea who MH might be but each of the three sentences you quote is rich in foolishness. 1. The unevidenced flat statement that forty days of that kind of weight wouldn't affect "many features of the earth" is the kind of absurdity that apparently leaves otherwise intelligent people gasping. 2. A person capable of saying with a straight face "the surface of the ocean doesn't undergo drastic changes" deserves at least a

Balanced Treatment.
Am I unique in having never heard of the University of New England? Does it exist anywhere but in the frenzied mind of Laurie Appleton?

what R you talking about
since Who? I dont know this person, does he have access from australia?

For the Kiddies [2/2] 01/
Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull true. Oh? And how did you arrive at that wonderful conclusion? What you WANT to say is that, "there is more than enough evidence to evolution being true, but I am hanged if I admit if wasn't 'god dun it' in reality". it's an Anyone who knows how to use eyes to see, lungs to breathe, and has an additional advantage of being able to read or write can

For the Kiddies [2/2] 02/
(Continued from previous message) So you want all the scientists to stop their work and start looking for ways to explain how snakes can talk and axes can float on water? You want the doctors to devote equal time to figure out resurrection? You want the paleontologists to start explaining why human fossils and dinosaur fossils don't give the same result via carbon dating even though Laurie insists that humans and dinosaurs co-existed? Some people are trying to find the

People will Panic.
What don't you think the military would have such a team on stand by Since ALIEN technology would make such a nice arsenal for there weapons programs Well sorry to say david, but people will panic. No its a fact! There are different groups in the military, each group is trained to deal with such encounters.. such as recovery of crashed stealths, and other such test planes and even U.F.O.s Or do you think, the military

Mr Moderator. Person.
why thank you. i do believe in the existance of extraterrestrials. Cya soon bye!!

Sexual Acts
Or a palace, depending on your point of view. When the Taj was built, live-in tombs (buildings one lived one's life in, and were buried in thereafter) were "in fashion" among the wealthy classes. Shah Jahan wanted to build the grestest such structure ever built, and he succeeded his palace/tomb has never been equalled or exceeded. slack s.

Melia the Liar
No, it's up on the curb where it belongs.

UFOs b real B
NOTE: IceEdit 1.40 44764 All corrections deeply indented so that the topic thread can be followed easily Now whos showing off now! Yes you do since you did not read it... where did i say Fighter or stealths use headlights. No your the one Stating that they dont... You name them! lets see if your brain is working today

*CR* Food Spoilage Test
This is hilarious, but... seems to indicate that Laurie and Jelly are spoiled. Hmmm.