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Where are all the Chicks? 1/3
It carries better odds than the powerball lottery, and can be nearly as lucrative if a person has incentive. Not too bad. There has been a recent billboard campaign by a local fundy group with the message "homosexuality is NOT a family value". One local politician (I can't remember who) got into trouble for expressing their view that these people should not be allowed to do that... alot of people take the first amendment seriously around here. There has been

PA Murders
It depends if they were breast fed or not. BTW, you forgot the 't' just before the

Sexual Acts
That is now on my list of 'must watches'! It's sounds stupid enough to be good enough to at least rent.

I'm back! :)
Certifiable madness that's unintentional comic genius! Some of the tribal chiefs liked to invite both Catholic and Protestant missionaries to the same supper for yuks. a Yep! I already cross-posted one of Harper calling Hoffman not a Real, True Christian for substituting grape juice for wine. Haven't checked back for the past couple of days--too busy catching up in here and other FIDO echos. It'll be interesting to see the responses to my post giving evidence that a *lot*

2 PA Murders
Semantics, semantics. 8-) Not necessarily. Egypt was mixed race, like the US, with the south (Upper Egypt) being much more black than the north (Lower Egypt). No matter. They still can't handle bog men!

I'm back! :)
Maybe the Second Coming. After all, Jesus did say the Queen of the South would be judging people then.

Where _DO_ little gods come from?
You may find this interesting--it is a piece of an article (itself a piece of a book) in the Atlantic Monthly of last April. Wilson talks about the empirical approach to cover rationalism and science and the trancendental approach to cover the mystical and the emotional: The Biological Basis of Morality Edward O. Wilson The Atlantic Monthly, April 1998, pp 53-70. Ethics and Animal Life Let me now suggest a still deeper significance of the empiricist theory of the origin

Lightning Death.
Ah, I did find it, thanks. Oops!

Secret Tunnel in Pyramids
This is true. However, many of these claims of prehistorical astronomical expertise rest on the fact that the "observatory" is aimed at a prominent star which often supposedly figures in folklore. Precession tends to refute such links. If they want to claim accurate prehistorical "solar" obervatory sites, that's quite a different story.

Applet's Post
My roommate, myself and Lois who lives next door. There are only 3 houses on our road. No, Applet. We don't "swipe" things. Why do you ask? Are YOU inclined to 'swipe' things? Your ignorance is overwhelming. The ACLU defends anyone whose civil rights have been violated, whatever hir location on the political spectrum. They recently forced the state to reverse their position and permit incarcerated prisoners to have bibles which they had previously been forbidden to do. No, I

PA Murders
Sure, why not?...he left his brain at the 'frontal-hole' door...

UFO's in general
Unidentified flying objects? Yes. Unnatural? "not of nature; not conforming to the laws of nature"? No. No. Assumes positive answer to question 3. No. Assumes positive answer to question 3. Fallacious logic on your part.

Gee, I guess George lied
That and the same effect dowsers and the ouija board take advantage of. Shame on you limiting the options to known science. <G>

Y2K mania
Area: MILITIA Date: 28 Jul 98 23:04:00 Public From: BILL SMITH To: ALL Subject: 2000 From the pukes at JoinTogether! Americans Buy Guns in Fear of Millennium 7/23/98 Fearing a major worldwide computer shutdown on Jan. 1, 2000, some Americans are stocking up on guns and ammunition and heading to rural towns to protect themselves from war zones in cities, Reuters reported July 17. "I would not allow my family to be in New York City for millennium weekend,"

PA Murders
to From the neck down, at least...

Sexual Acts
That would make sense, as the one inside his head doesn't fluctuate.

Sunday Skool.
a No. It is not. It may offer some temporary diversion, but in the long run, getting a kick out of watching people fight leaves a rotten taste in the consciousness.... Peace Jno B. (GenesisNet<-->Internet Gate) (ISP account) FidoNet: 1:100/435.1 GenNet 33:6250/1.1 Origins Talk BBS M.A.C., St. Louis, MO, (314) 821 1078

Sexual Acts [2]
(name-scan brings up:) it Mess with people's neural connections and give them 'visions' (or even just 'hints' or 'preponderances' or 'intuitions'). Logically, there's nothing around but quantum mechanics' 'nonlocality' that could be imagined as an enabler for this very idea.... "How does he do that?" If the universe is fully nonlocalized, such that every particle is 'aware' of every other and capable of adjusting slightly to accommodate that info, AND if there's enough of the 'stuff' to provide

Another Christian Heard From
Restoring the quote at issue that you, unaccountably, left out in your response, even though you _do_ refer to it in that response--the bit about "It is fairly central to the religion, that is true." Fortunately, that is not my problem, since I do not accept that book (I _do_, however, "except" it, in your choice phrase). But I am not the one who thinks Christianity to be a Good Idea--you are. It is your problem to sort out the

Ken sacrifices himself!
Yah. That word in the 'commandments' begs to be defined clearly and for always: does it translate as "kill?" or does it translate as "murder?" --And, of course, since WE use the same sort of waffling definitionism in our own society (we "kill" our enemies, but we "murder" our neighbors), what damn _difference_ does it make anyway? The dead person's just as dead whether he got "killed" or "murdered".... Jno B. (GenesisNet<-->Internet Gate) (ISP account)