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Psychosociopoliticalpaths [1]
The 16 points were a good description of the phenomenon, but I saw little that in any way gives a clear picture of the CAUSE. It is the cause that interests me, and has for years now. We tend to blame the parents (particularly the mother, unfortunately) for the aberrations, but I think that doing that only exascerbates the problem without really doing anything to deal with it. Until I see some clear evidence to the contrary, I think that

Hitler, Good Christian
Kindly please show us ANYTHING written BY "Jesus Christ". Not written FOR Jesus, but written BY Jesus. Got any?? Didn't think so. Sure do. At least, the Biblical tales written ABOUT Jesus do. Ignore the minoritarian bait of sweetness-and-light, and concentrate on the vast majority of what is written tyranny, despotism, hell-fire and damnation and you'll see that Jesus was JUST like Hitler. slack s.

About cars, I don't know. I can TESTIFY that they use VCR's that old. And they expect repair technicians to be able to KEEP them in use, forever!! You know the answer to that one: "Yes." slack s.

I'm back
Shoot, as soon as I showed up in BIBLE, he disappeared also. I don't really think I can claim credit, though. In here he'd been talking about the operation for carpal tunnel. Giving the keyboard a rest (computer or organ) would be legit medical advice. Look for him within two months, though. He can't stay away--it feeds both his ego and his need for abuse at the same time. We're the mirror image of his church.

Sunday Skool!
if Indeed (I warn I am working from memory) one Jewish tradition about the time of Jesus held that the tree of knowledge was a fig tree. Remember that is about the only sweet available, and that it had to be pollinated by hand

Constrictors have a crush
But to be absolutely certain you're giving yourself the right shot, you gotta grab that Dave Hamilton handbook and eyeball the spider's genitals. Sheet, give yourself airs. Don't grunts in the Army learn to cut throats? It's not like you're training to be a shochet. Well, my domestic-issue snakebite kit is about half a pound, and moulded to fit around one half of my ass or the the other. If I get really bored, I suppose I could yank out

Re: Hitler, Good Christian
Of course they do. Your mythology book is stuffed full of examples of mass murder in the name of god. Even apart from that, we have your imagined master's promise that if we fail to worship it, we are doomed to eternal torture. What is it with you christains that you cannot comprehend what a sadistic, evil superstition you cling to?

Fair-minded Atheism.
ROTFL! Is perchance Strom Thurmond the CEO?

The Prodigal Son Returns
How he found the airport in Oz is the biggest of them all.

Re: Sexual Acts
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: (J.J. Hitt) Subject: Re: Sexual Acts Organization: Jesus was a Liberal X-Ftn-To: Preston Simpson Damn... Curtis says he was never caught. I seem to recall hearing/reading that it was a team of brothers. I cant remember how it came to an end (one brother either snitched on or killed the other) but it did end. The "afterlife" thing is actually a common theme with sexual

Re: The Prodigal Son Retu
A combination of erratic internet access, a small hard drive crash, no access to the echo, and a lack of time. I was only able to find this BBS from a semi-impulsive Altavista search for "holysmoke", which turned up I believe I saw reference to that in a message. The guy's name is Pak, right?

If You've Got the Disease, I've Got the Kuru
"And Fundies who piss on the pillars of science But I really don't care, they can all kiss my ass"

PA Murders
Of course, those two are among an infinitesimal minority who would actually *enjoy* the attribution...

"its" and "too" ???
Copied from PHIL by Karl Schneider (1:170/170.6) On (27 Jun 98) Clarence Hogan wrote to Karl Schneider... I am quite aware that there is a rapidly shrinking small minority of scientifically ignorant people who refuse to accept facts, Clarence. Those who still *do* remain are almost invariably those who are not only incapable of understanding science; they are a distillation of the Luddite mentality of fundamentalism which seeks to keep its proselytes ignorant and stifle independent thought and

Internettin' yahoos
Don't forget the Auparishtica... I think you'll have to ask Jelly about that...

PA Murders
"...couldn't find Kansas if he started in Topeka..."

"its" and "too" ???
Copied from PHIL by Karl Schneider (1:170/170.6) On (29 Jun 98) Clarence Hogan wrote to Karl Schneider... Indeed. And from a philosophical POV it is interesting to study the refulas of anti-evolutionist nutballs to accept them. Nobody has claimed it 'evolved' on its own, since it isn't a living organism. There are no chemical reactions taking place in Webster's Dictionary, aside from a possible slow oxidation of the cellulose in the paper. Oh? Where is the 'brain' of

Re: Psychiatrists NOT Scientists!
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: (peter trussell) Subject: Re: Psychiatrists NOT Scientists! X-Ftn-To: Tyler Wunder This is where Laurie may have got Darwin saying that evolution is a progressive force. If I understand Dr Stephen J Gould's "Full House" correctly, Darwin stated some conflicting opinions. Dr Gould said Darwin believed local adaption but not universally progressive. p140 Dr Gould does go on in the next page that in the Origin

Re: PA Murders
Hi Judith... On 06-29-98 14:13, penned the following to All re: Re: PA Murders For information's sake, in my lower-than-average neighbourhood in Calgary the taxes are about $2400/year. In some neighbourhoods they pay that per month. They get fire and police "protection" here too... but several churches have burned to the ground lately and more than a few have suffered break-ins and vandalism. Not really much protection... Church-owned property here falls under the "Religious Land Titles Act" as well

End of world is coming hahah no kabooms either, rather sumfin scary me thinks!