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Nightcrawlers, Part 1
Yes! Yes, he WAS! So there! And it went steadily downhill ever since. Have you seen it recently? If I see those two idiot cheerleaders (something applicable to Appletoon), I'm putting a brick through the 31". You wear Smurf Dr. Dentons.

The Onion
Depends on what you've been smoking recently. Nawp. I'm like heat. And heat sinks.

End Times
Let's see. That's 10 points for the pilot house, 5 points for the forecastle and another 15 or so for taking out the captain, first mate and mess chef with a single volley.

Bottom suckers
Bolshoi spaseebah, Ivan Riceovich. Let me know if you ever hear anything about/from these lampreys on the great salmon of life. the other's a fish.

20 Questions + A 02/
I can it Koff, koff... We had our first blue skies in something like two weeks this weekend. Visibility from this Mexican smoke is so bad I really am suprised that someone hasn't flown a plane into a landmark somewhere. And, yes, it's thick enough to fuck with radar. Every morning I check the NEXRAD images and they all come out looking like something Andy Worhol did on a bad day.

Abnormal psychology
to Teacher doesn't 'mention' Ritalin to parents...teacher DEMANDS that child be put on Ritalin and parents are threatened with child abuse suit if they don't comply. Scenario in SC.

Don't have that pic...send me a copy and I'll see what I can do.

Hoboken, New Jersey.

Sexual Acts
We used to hit them between the eyes with a sledge hammer, then hoist and slit.

PA Murders
No, Steve. He already told us that homosexuality leads to kleptomania. Pay attention!

PA Murders [1]
Preston is a college graduate, you nescient moron. You ain't good for much, Jelly, but you *are* good for a laugh now and again. Kinda like you and your 'mind', eh? one in BWAHAHAHAAAA....gasp, don't even know the meaning of 'bastard', do you, Mister Journalist? LOL! Just because you need medication doesn't mean everyone does, Jelly. You just really aren't very bright, Kennikins.

PA Murders [2]
As to evolution, idiot child, it ain't about to be 'taken out' as it's scientific fact. And the few loons such as you, Jimbozo, and Appleliar who cannot or will not understand that will continue to wear that peculiar shade of yellow that results from perpetually urinating into the prevailing advection. if Yeah, a short step from a slackjaw, knuckle-dragging cammie-clad vigilante moron bastard.

Fairy Tales Destroyed!
Actually, I think he has done quite a bit: he demonstrates to all capable of reading what a dishonest and bankrupt affair creationism is. No WOA could accomplish this half as well deliberately as he does unconsciously. (

Deja vu
Or at least warm and butter the nose first? (

He gets a stiffy from hearing the details. (

The challenge
When you are part of the 10 million, you have to. (

Evidence you hate
You are being a bit hard on the lads, most of whom are more frustrated than toxic. But then it is well not to take chances. (

PA Murders
Do you by any chance live in Adair County? I got married there once. Presiding was a geezer in a maroon cardigan whom the minons informed us was the judge: he concluded the service with the time-honored words, spoken in one continuous stream: "I now pronounce you man and wife young man I believe you owe me twenty dollars." (

God nukes millions and millions.
I think it's "our man" (nostro homo). So 'twas explained to me in a Conrad course back in '61. (

Evidence you hate
Still, it bothers me especially as a dad Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith