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Blue Genes.
Damn...I wanted a cool souvenir to offend people. Not even a mug or a keychain?

Young love...????
Oh, I've taken a dump on a few windscreens in my day, but a paper cup is a new one on me.

Reggie White
Has this REALLY been substantiated?

Hmmm...I think I'll try that this week.

Mormon rapists
That would be worth reading as well--_Salamander_ emphasized the crimes more than the background. I wonder if I could "find" the Spaulding manuscript. The LDS would either set me up for life--or turn me down, saying they already had three in their vault.

Today, Monday 01-06-98, Valencia (1:124/9005) received the following files. Area HOLYSMOKE Echo Description HOLYSMOKE Echo DEMRTF.RAR 59,129 "The Demon Possession Handbook" (RTF) One Fundamentalists [hilarious] view of "demonic possession." Not to be taken seriously. DEMTXT.RAR 50,387 "The Demon Possession Handbook" (TXT) One Fundamentalists [hilarious] view of "demonic possession." Not to be taken seriously. 109,516 bytes in 2 file(s) Total of 109,516 in 2 file(s) File requests are welcome 23 hrs per day, any time

The challenge
What'd Heinlein's estate think of "Starship Troopers?" Goldberg and I have discussed "Babette's Feast" in here a few times. Seen that one?

Sexual Acts
Would that it were Barry Manilow (for us, not Isaac).

Eyer in Evolution
<Stanley Adams voice> FRIEND KLINGON! I need a fucking BARNEY watch some days. I now understand why my high school biology teacher had a Mickey Mouse watch.

Kochman's echo
in There appears to be no room for discussion in Bill's little world. It's either you accept his Biblical interpretations and agree with them, or you're out. He's much like Steve Winter, it appears. David Rice is in there right now, and I give him about ten days before there are complaints and the axe falls. I continue to archive the echo... Yep. We all just ran off to church. <guffaw>

"Wait. This just in. Police now say that it was *not* a dog. Repeat. *Not* a dog. "They don't know what kind of a _Crito_ it was.

Rabid Dogs & Cockroaches!

Blue Genes.
Authoritative, no. The items tend to be rather short, and most sent in by free-lancers, though the editors claim some fact-checking, so at least there's some source outside the book. or I don't remember that one offhand, but there's a *lot* of material to take in with one of those. (I also have the second 3rd PA, and two Books of Lists. I think I also missed DR's post. Endlessly fascinating. I've ran across somewhere a similar claim in

George = liar
Still shoveling against the tide, eh? <G> From where I sit, it not only looks like George never provides the actual evidence for his claims, but that he also can't admit when he's wrong, is in touch with fantasies neither of us could long survive with, and would do anything to try to get his point across, including fiddling with quotes (the fact that I can clean up his quoting so that the wrong attributions he keeps slipping in are

Blue Genes.
"Romance collapses back onto itself, with some help from German." Funny you should quote this, as I was just thumbing through the second one this past week. These tend to not be credible sources for facts, though: David Rice has posted the debunking of story about the guy whose testicle got blown off during the Civil War, and how the ball hit a woman and impregnated her. That's referenced in one of these, or perhaps their "Book of Lists." In

More George "bullshit"
Of course it's George lying again. Real software that does what he claims also does it to imbedded vulgarities, like in assimulation, shitake mushrooms, hello, etc. And, of course, as you pointed out, any such software would continue to do as much for the subject line as for the body of the message. George is just a liar. He doesn't mind editing quotes. Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret. Richard Smith

So, does homosexuality lead to shoplifting? And are you sinning when you eat pork or drink alcohol, both of which are forbidden by the Islamic faith? [Come on, pretend you're on the old 70s show. "Make Me Laugh."]

Scientific Buffooner
Well, we already hear from "Leading scientists Gish and Morris"...

Pacifists / Staal
Figures a loser like you would immediately seek solace chemically.

Re: Sexual Acts
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: Subject: Re: Sexual Acts (Ken Young) said: Sure, Kenny and so have thousands of other fundies. And you know what? They all have different ideas about what's contained in "the true Christian belief system <tm>". And then there are all those Catholics, who would argue that you've turned your back on the _rest_ of the Christian tradition, and so could not possibly have