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We have found that this one is particular to fleas and fire ants. Don't know what it would do to termites as we don't have any and haven't had any. It has not harmed the crop of ladybugs or any of the other insects (other beetles, etc) as far as we can see. Of course, if I lived in Jelly's world, the lack of termites would be evidence that the nematode works against them, too. <G>

Fact or Fiction.
Well said. That is how we can be sure that mammoths that STILL have flesh on their bones cannot have been in Siberia for any great amount of time. That is how we also know that Siberia has remained at sub-zero temperatures continuously since those mammoths were first snap-frozen. Well, micro-organisms do! Do you call all such things 'germs'? How did you arrive that that figure? Modern experience in snap-freezing provides the evidence! The following explains; "In the case of

Fact or Fiction.
Hi Karl, (Re: yours of 20-Jun-1998, "Fact or Fiction.") On (20 Jun 98) Laurie Appleton wrote to Dave Hamilton... Your comment is, as always 'devastatingly' funny! Nonsense. Let me explain it again for you; "In 1961 a petroleum geologist discovered a large, half meter thick bone bed. As the bones were fresh, not permineralized, he assumed that these were recent bison bones. [some argue that they were mammoth bones, but this is irrelevant anyway!] "It took 20 years for

Dogmatic & Closed-minded.
Do you really mean to say that those sciences have nothing to do with evolution? What has that got to do with self-corrections? What has been "corrected"? They are wholly new speculative hypotheses, which have never been properly established as real science at all. There is no doubt about there being a "continuous flow of articles" in such censored, (quaintly called "peer-reviewed) evolutionary propaganda rags. The most that can be said for most of them is that they are more

Fact or Fiction.
Fancy you, of all people talking about idiots! So there was your golden opportunity to point out what dramatic and devastating evidence that has been discovered SINCE then, wasn't it? How strange that you failed so dismally to present anything what ever! Perhaps you know as well as I do that NOTHING at all has been found except that the evolutionists have admitted that the problem looks much WORSE that they thought before. i.e.; Michael Behe, Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Dogs on the Ark!
So how does this alter the fact that Eldredge has admitted that the Creation scientists almost always won? Fancy admitting that the evolutionists could not seem to win, even against so-called "bad science". My my my, evolution must be worse than hopeless as science, mustn't it? Eldredge is still admitting that evolutionary "science" cannot even handle quackery! Evolution has indeed been so "scrutinized" and it has STILL failed so dismally in all those hundreds of open, public, scientific debates! Laurie

Done Like a Dinner!
Hi Karl, (Re: yours of 22-Jun-1998, "Dogs on the Ark!") Fancy something so "well-established" being 'done like a dinner' by creation scientists in that decade of all those hundreds of open, public, scientific debates? However Niles Eldredge DID call a press conference and it resulted in the following fascinating statement on the front page of a leading newspaper as stated by molecular biologist Michael Denton in his book. "The punctuational model of Eldridge and Gould has

Fancy anyone continuing in membership of such an anti-american organization. Don't you know that; "Investigative Committees at both the state and national levels have repeatedly issued official reports warning of the ACLU radicalism. As early as 1920, for example, a Joint Committee of the New York State Legislature took the testimony of many witineses, including Roger Baldwin, and reported: The American Civil Liberties Union. in the last analysis is a supporter of all subversive movements; and its

Theodosius Dobzhansky.
Neither Morris or myself, but a distinguished and well known evolutionist, Theodosius Dobzhansky. However most evolutionist that I have come across don't seem to know anything about their own great authorities anyway! The only thing that they seem to know is that they 'came from monkeys'! 'Dobzhansky, in his review of that book, [L'Evolution du Vivant, Editions Albin Michel, 1973], stated:' '"The book of Pierre P. Grasse is a frontal attack on all kinds of "Darwinism." Its purpose is "to

Outside of Science.
Ever heard of Museums and Universities? Mind you in such places, what the public sees are nearly all just plaster casts, since the originals are nearly always stored in specially secure vaults and many leading evolutionists themselves seldom see them! However, ordinary Monkey, Apes, Gorilla, Orangutan and human fossils are of no interest to evolutionists at the best of times. They are virtually a 'dime a dozen' as you might say. The funny thing is that the fossils that are

Very good. So lets look at the new discoveries about genetic analysis eh? "If the divisions in nature were really as orderly as nineteenth century biologists insisted, might this overall orderliness be confirmed by the new field of comparative biochemistry?" "On the other hand, the new molecular approach to biological relationships could potentially have provided very strong, if not irrefutable, evidence supporting evolutionary claims. Armed with this new technique, all that was necessary to demonstrate evolutionary relationship was to

Willing to See?
Hi Dave, (Re: yours of 22-Jun-1998, "Lardhead!") You can see it all around you. "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth." (New International Version, Ps. 19:1) Then again, even arch atheist materialist Richard Dawkins admits

Psychiatrists NOT Scientists!
More 'dodgy dodgy' stuff eh. My my you seem to know nothing else! Where is your documentation? Even you spelling is stupid! I am always happy to find evolutionists so ignorant of their own religion that they roundly condemn their own great leaders! Laurie

Struggle for Survival.
You could not be THAT ignorant that you need to ask, surely? Again it seems hardly credible that anyone outside of the funny farm could make such an absurd statement. Communism is (alleged) scientific, atheistic, socialist, materialism! It would be hard to find something more OPPOSITE to the belief in a Creator/God! Marxist communism, paradoxically, was the world's most gigantic and hideous example of monopolistic capatilism that the world has ever known. Th greatest multinational company was chicken feed by

Jaded Psychologists.
Hi Luke, (Re: yours of 24-Jun-1998, "Jaded Psychologists!") [much piffle deleted here] The accusation of 'Brainwashing' comes from evolutionists. Here is an example, from a noted evolutionist Dr. Derek Ager; "I should, perhaps, say something about the title of this book. Just as politicians rewrite human history, so geologists rewrite earth history. For a century and a half the geological world has been dominated, one might even say BRAIN-WASHED, by the gradualistic uniformitarianism of Charles Lyell. Any suggestion of 'catastrophic'

Blind Watchmaker.
Dodgy dodgy! There is no such thing as a complete vacuum and thus the observations of some phenomenon in those experiments tells us nothing significant at all and most certainly nothing that could remotely be a basis for the nonsense of the alleged Big Bang! The very existence of the whole universe is scientific evidence that there was necessarily a CAUSE for this great effect. Science itself it totally dependent on the principle of cause and effect! It is the

Blind Watchmaker S
It hasn't, even if you claim that some people think that they have "improved" their way of thinking about it! More than likely Newton way of understanding it is still by far the best, even if Einstein's wild claims have been widely and wrongly popularized! If that is a genuine question then you will not mind first telling me which of the following books you have read. 1. THE NECK OF THE GIRAFFE, (1982), Francis Hitching.

I disagree. Even red-hot leading evolutionist Prof. S.J. Gould points out that; "In fact, the catastrophists [Creationists, Christian scientists, L.A.] were much more empirically minded than Lyell. The geological record does seem to record catastrophes: rocks are fractured and contorted; whole faunas are wiped out." "To circumvent this literal appearance, Lyell imposed his imagination upon the evidence. The geologic record, he argued, is extremely imperfect and we must interpolate into it what we can reasonably infer but cannot see. The

PA Murders
Incidentally, it also allows him to discreetly empty his bladder into a jug--very important for elderly judges.

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