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God Fearin' Parents
*ROTFL* We've never heard or seen the X-Files, The Simpsons, CBS-60 minutes, Seinfeld, Rikki Lake, Oprah or Springer, er.. or any of the other great products from Over There. No no.. I'm going out to take care of my reindeer now, then I'll catch one of the Ingemar Bergman reruns. Gheez I think the only thing we _haven't_ imported is KFC. But I could be wrong on that. /%/)+Eddy who owns the.. lessee.. the first eight or so

Sexual Acts
With the risk of sounding dry, but.. QED (from my perspective). I think the religious climate, as well as material, is very different between here and over there. I personally have a hard time imagening me having a fundy for my best friend. We would be totally incompatible, as being anti-religious is a big part of my life, and who I am. I hate religions with a passion. /%/)+Eddy

Hey. I got the sutuff...
Hail Satan! Well, I finally got your package (postmarked March 20, 1998) and the shipment of N-Linked Oligosaccharide Profiling Reagents (which are cleverly disguised as Kahle Horizontals). Amazing how this package arrived exactly 1 day before I was to leave on holiday. There must be greater forces at work here. (Yeah, like the Qatari postal "Service".) Now, I supposed I am indebted to you for life and will be forced to recant all I have ever said disparaging about immunologists,

No, Herr Dok. What the other Herr Dok to you about this Herr Dok was all in his imagination. "Nullius in verba". So there.

That's long enough. Yep. Always a pleasure. I'll see what I can do as I'm "leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again..."<THWACK! THWOMP!> Whoops, caught in Denver mode there. Sheesh. I'm better. Or the Aldebarian Snerzbat. You need a dumptruck load of them just to get a beer mat, much less a cold one. BTW: to Katherine, Blanche and yourself; your packages are taking up about 1/2 of my luggage space and now my t-shirts

Remember: you asked. Belief is defined variously as "faith in that which is unevidenced". Inasmuch as the near sphericity of this planet and it's habit of listening to the lecturer in celestial mechanics class and doing what the laws of physics demand is not a matter of belief; as they are both documented, evidenced facts. You may "believe" in these facts; but that belief is neither rational nor necessary; precisely as the converse is also a truism. Your "belief" in

Constrictors have a crush
Well, not now. Is an "invasion of herpetologists" like a "dunce of fundies"? be Odd. Usually these people develop a "head in the sand" attitude. "If I can't see it, it can't see me." so I try and stay as far away from the eight-eyed blighters as possible. In my line of work, I spend inordinate amounts of time out in the field; and that field may be on any of 6 continents. I've been bitten by so many different

PA Murders [2]
ol' Let's face it. It's easier to think that you've lost a job or gotten a bad grade because somebody else was prejudiced than it is to admit to yourself that you aren't really doing a very good job and need to do a better job of applying yourself. THAT takes work and a modicum of self-examination.

Arcnet?, but I'm sure a search thru Amazon Books would do just as well. Arcnet, hu? Just declare the whole site "Disaster Area Emergency Recovery In Progress", rip everything out and burn it. What could be the problem? /%/)+Eddy

PA Murders
A luxury home in the Portland area just sold. The taxes on it are $35,000 per year. I wonder how much of that goes to pay for police and fire protection for the church in that neighborhood that is paying NO taxes. Jelly is screwed if he thinks that religious practices aren't costing the government anything. And, I suspect he's talking about holding those practices in schools (again). Every minute spent in school costs the taxpayers money for teacher salaries,

"To Tell the Truth"
I've located our fine specimen BTW. Dan Sandberg, 2:201/645.19 Okay, so how do we lure him in? /%/)+Eddy

Liar Appletoon
See what happens when you spend all your time farting around on some boat? This is old news to most of here. Something about gravitational colapse... How this is supposed to liberate... um... "astronomical" amounts of energy has never been explained to my satisfaction.

Marcia Clark was TOLD that black women wouldn't convict OJ, yet she LOADED the jury with black women! I cringe every time I think about the money Clark has made off her incompetency at handling that trial!

"To Tell the Truth"
"Beamed to Earth by satellite...." I'm going to put all my money in hematite futures.

Psychosociopoliticalpaths [1]
That is tantamount to saying that we cannot determine whether a child has been physically abused. That clearly is not the case. It is more difficult to establish retrospectively, but some injuries are quite diagnostic--multiple cigarette burns on a four-year-old, for example. Not necessarily, no. Far more often than not? Yes. "Getting physical" is quite vague. We're not talking about a slap on the wrist, or a five-swat spanking three times in an childhood. Real physical violence by a parent

Need Head Examined.
Or a caucus. --P. G. Simpson

The Prodigal Son Returns
Glad to have you back, though as you can see, we're in the midst of a famine. Lean times for everybody, I'm afraid. --P. G. Simpson

PA Murders [2]
And we won't over-labor the point that BECAUSE OF THIS FACT, most of our Nation's Quaker Meetings take place in TAX-PAID spaces....... executed slack s.

PA Murders [1]
unless The corresponding figures for Focus on the Family, Inc., are in the $50,000 range. And I *know* who's paying for that I AM. And then there's the INCOME taxes Focus is evading, by not admitting its true nature as a for-profit religious publisher. Even TAN Books doesn't do that!! Where's Awendaw?? In SC, or in Holland?? slack s.

God Fearin' Parents
I'm glad to see SOMEONE got my messages!! (Phideaux's been an atomic bitch lately, as Steve Q. can attest!) The "Fourth Day" is what happens when someone leaves the Cursillo environment thoroughly fundified from hir Cursillo experience, and has Hector's Law come bite hir on the ass. Examples abound: folks return to World War III at work, kids become absolute bastards, etc. It is ONLY after one experiences and SURVIVES hir Fourth Day experience that one can truly