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BIOSim and hard drives
Oh sure, you think we'll believe your jock strap reaches to the ground?

PA Murders
Why do you need to pray out loud? Surely your god isn't so limited that he can't hear your silent prayers? ROTFLMFAO. It's your bible, dumbass. ROTFLMFAO. the When should one pray out loud then Ken? I'm willing to bet he did considering what it states. How much poison have you drunk lately oh lordly one? of Does that include "atheist religion"? ROTFL. stop Does that include "atheist religion"? ROTFL. Evidence of your god? Relatif Tuinn tomake it your full

PA Murders
ROTFLMFAO. It's your bible, dumbass. ROTFLMFAO. Relatif Tuinn in which Abraham is alleged to have ridden on on the way to give that speech. William Putnam (No, we're not surprised.)

snip Aren't they always? Relatif Tuinn you tell me we haven't got a hotel room?

Creation Science (b)
Remember that I-net message you'd cross-posted from a Laurie Appleton in a teen chat room that you said gave you a funny feeling? And the discussion about whether it was *our* Appleton?

God nukes millions and millions.
I was jokingly thinking of "NostroMO." 8-)

Yeah, word choice is the trick. I still chuckle at Day Brown thinking that no one else could figure it out or manage to do it--after all, that's what his entire delusion that it prevented anyone from editing his posts was based on. I wonder what fights elsewhere he'd started when someone's OLR text editor was set to shorter margins than his own. Anyhow, I guess he'll just have to archive posts and remember what the fuck he

The challenge
Not familiar with "The General." Was that Buster Keaton? Which one was the film where he did that INSANE stunt where the facade of the house dropped on him, with him standing on the ground precisely where an open doorway fell? I once saw a Candid Camera show from the 60s where they sent Keaton into a diner to make a fool out of himself while eating a bowl of soup. Even as an old man, he could still put

hello again my freind
Nah, Tonto's Expanding Head Band. By doing the Lindsey hop? All the way to Charleston? I've done all that jazz.

Fred Hoyle.
I can't capstan it. maybe you're bight.

HolySmoke is now a reference source for college!
We're not worthy! We're not worthy! Can you shoot me a copy of your [updated] magnus opus at for As Fred says, this is a family forum. ROFL! I WONDER what ol' Jesse's reaction would be. Maybe he'd get into a lather about 'diabolical' again.

Sexual Acts
The COOL part of all this is that I don't see a reply from Mr. Young. Of course, I'd be foolish to expect one. One more for the archives...

Fundy Deliveries
Ah, good. I can put it on my business card, then? "Steve Quarrella, Atheist" Maybe they'll come back some day and explain it. Are there ANY theories as to where they are and why they're not around? I learned from one of the best, Lee Jackson, the former Hack Report Guru. He won the O. Henry Pun-Off in Austin a few times, and I used to have to spend eight hours a day in a technical support room with him.

Christian Rapist Clergy
Watch for a file announcement, coming soon. <ominous laughter> The cool thing is that he indicates that Satan doesn't waste his time with backwards messages in rock music. Hooray!

Sexual Acts
I think he meant "Barry," as in "Barry Goldwater."

PA Murders
Ever read anything about the St. Patrick tale being a relic of the goddess cult that has survived into the modern day (Superior male god runs off goddess, who takes the form of a snake or've seen these before)? I saw a reference to this in a book I was reading some time ago, and your comment made me think of it. That's "President William Gates." "DAAAAAAAHH!" Cato

Energizer Bunny
I see that you've already gotten a laurel and hearty handshake from Mr. Tipling, who is otherwise a fairly decent guy in one or two of the Mac echos. Too bad he's into this end times bullshit. I give you about a week and a half before Bill Kochman gives you the heave-ho. Be certain to advertise HOLYSMOKE before the door hits you. <g>

Abnormal psychology
They never seem to have an answer for the suggestion that maybe, just maybe, their all-knowing deity knows that they believe just to save their own asses and not because they love the Lord with all their heart.

"Fido Eats Phaedo. Dog Bites Man, News at 11!" The jury's still out on that one. Only Day can convince them as to what s/he's doing.

Unless you're deliberately quoting the great philosopher, George Carlin, it's "dj vu." It's French for "already seen." Carlin's alternative, vuja de, refers to the feeling you get that nothing like what's happening to you right now has ever happened to you before.