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HolySmoke is now a refere
Hi Marty! On 05-27-98 07:02, Marty Leipzig penned the following to Fredric Rice (and All, To re: HolySmoke is now a refere We have to congratulate you once again, Marty. I thought your brave attempt at naming a new fossil "holysmokensis" was a high point in the recognition of your/our work here, but this takes the cake. I doff my Tilley to you and to all the other participants here! ROFL! BTW, Marty... although I must have read it at

Evidence you hate [1]
Nothing matters if you bring your money and your children.

The challenge
What a gracious winner! <G> Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Forwarded from Her Nibs . . .
That's the rumor, anyway. <shhh you'll scare the fish away It doesn't take long for someone to develop the file habit around here Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Bilge on tap...
I once went to a RennFaire in Modesto. Horrible, hot, dry, dusty, anal-sphincter of California Modesto. I wish I didn't understand how you feel, but I do. Worst place in the world to have a black velvet RennGarb. But "for your own good Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Jumping StarGoat, if you want the heaviest concentration of fundies per sq. [flat] earth, go to CARCINOMA. What used to be a cancer support echo has turned into a pentecostal snake wallow. I just got tossed for SUGGESTING that our dearly departed might just end up in cemeteries instead of the magical kingdom of heaven. If you are looking for dumber-than-dirt- fundies, this is the place. Check it out....

Sexual Acts
Egads! Did you have a truck you could take a bunch of buckets in, or was it a walk both ways? Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Taste Test
Sure looks like that candy coating has rubbed off Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Deja vu
He could be given holidays. So far he's been too dim to notice any pattern in when he gets told to take time off. My wife, who is the camp coordinator, thinks it's wonderful, and would help keep whatever area they wanted to use private.

PA Murders
to We replaced our flag (that used to sport the Union Jack) in 1962 or so. We cut our own Charter of Rights and Freedoms under Trudeau, I think, in 1982. We have been electing our own prime minister since 1867 without permission or approval from the crown. We still have a picture of the Queen on our 20 dollar bill and on some coins as we are a member of the British Commonweath. That confers some travelling ease on

Appletoon: boring shit
Hi Marty... On 05-27-98 21:32, Marty Leipzig penned the following to John Musselwhite re: Appletoon: boring shit He is a piece of work, isn't he... As long as he's there, we will be after him. If he ever does decide to leave EVOLUTION I'll probably feel the same sort of faint dissapointment I felt when my old TR-3 was running right. Archives? We don't need no steenking archives! No, Marty... the sad thing is I know you aren't kidding. sure.

PA Murders
If it's private, go for it. If it's funded by my money: no. Sacrificing chickens doesn't hurt them any more than making KFC out of them does. Can we do that in school, huh, Ken? I answered it, but I see you hid yourself cleverly from responding. a Why? Can't they pray quietly and make all the noise they want at home or at church? Schools are for *learning*. Why get your shorts in such a twist to make non-christians

George Runs Away - 1
More of your lies Opletal. Wota pity your lies fool absolutely no one in here. He 'fed' no 'explanation' to anyone Opletal, just rubbed your nose in what Klass had to say that let the air out of reams of your silly stuff on that pathetic fiasco over Tehran that evening. And even you should be able to grasp, if you try REALLY hard, that I'm not anything remotely resembling half this echo. And if you cant even grasp the

That would be Ken Young, Joanne Johnson, and who else, pray tell?

Tipler and Omega Point...
that of Wota pity I mentioned fairy tales in response to YOUR 'the verses in the bible' Opletal. At least TRY to keep up. Sure does when commenting on YOUR 'the verses in the bible' Opletal. At least TRY to keep up. Pathetic really. And its completely relevant that that pathetic collection of fairy storys were produced by illiterate goat herds Opletal. Its just a tad unlikely that illiterate goat herds were actually deliberately rabbiting on about any 'Omega point'

Sheppard spewing out the
Opletal Only in the 'mind' of someone who hasnt actually got a clue about how the phrase 'couple of miles' is used. Whatever educational institution claimed you had managed to demonstrate some fluency with english should be put to the torch forthwith. Presumably they only did that to get rid of you. Like hell you do. Anyone who actually understood that stuff wouldnt be silly enough try rabbiting on about ranges to one decimal place and would just use the

The challenge
Nothing about it in _Grumbles from the Grave_. I have yet to see it but Ginny would have to have authorized it. Nope but I'll check for it.

Eyer in Evolution
And I understand why my last Anglican priest had one. But I'll bet they were different reasons. <g>

Kochman's echo
Yeah, I see he used the word "cult" in an educated question. Nobody there will be able to understand the rest but that will be enough.

Abnormal psychology
Well, those are the ones who are distracted by the environment and who don't learn by phonics. ANY kid who taps her foot for 15 seconds is a candidate for Ritalin because the symptoms for ADHD are described in teaching materials. I was chatting socially with my GP about this last week and he doesn't prescribe it until the kid has seen a specialist, so there's a spark of light for you. My point, if I can remember the original