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Variations & Mutations.
As opposed to all of yours that are right handed? It's no wonder that you don't fit into this universe, Lardhead.

The challenge
LIS was a show I watched while I was waiting for something else to come on. I didn't care for it too much, as it wasn't "Star Track." I -do- remember some of the stories (like when Smith got the Midas touch) and some of the characters, like the dreadful green woman ("handsome, pretty handsome, Dr. Smith"...yecch!) Francine York as the yummy matriarch behind the "planet of female supremacists," Thor and the Valkyrie, Michael Rennie as the Keeper, and Fritz

Pretty scurvy, but he should have realized that a sorghum might mean he should get some vitamin C.

20 Questions + A 02/
Could be. You never know for sure with this town. --P. G. Simpson

We have, but we're about overdue for a repost. Question is, did it really happen?

God nukes millions and millions.
Okay, okay. You've got me over a barrel. What does it mean? No, you don't. I'll drink to that! <guzzle> --P. G. Simpson

Nightcrawlers, Part 1
<rueful grin> This is what happens when your country has a time- honored tradition of blowing the shit out of other countries. Or the tourist traps. Yes. Restraint is best. Lure them in first, *then* mangle them. --P. G. Simpson

Loving God
With the Maximus limit allowed, too. Got it Justin time.

The challenge
<cowbell going off> Goddammit, am I good. <laughing>

Thank Goat for small favors. --P. G. Simpson

Doing the nasty, xtian style...
Damn. And me a carnivore. --P. G. Simpson

Pacifists / Staal
And quarky, even though he doesn't know his top from his bottom.

Christian Rapist Clergy
Send email to the Head Demon and find out when they do back-ups.

PA Murders
It can very well be. Both prayers and human sacrifice are usually undertaken with an eye to influence the recipient of the prayer/ sacrifice to behave more benevolently towards the person making the prayer/sacrifice. There's little difference between the two, other than the method with which this effort at influence is carried out. So sacrificing you for religious purposes can be protected too, can't it? --P. G. Simpson

[] [All] [HOLYSMOKE] <+[Re: Consideration] [31 May 98 21:58][*][0]*> Just a quick comment. The mailing list mode is very fast! Take a gander at this (one of your messages): Time sent from you: 31 May 98 21:58:26 Time into FIDO: 31 May 98 21:59:38 You sent it, this system received it, processed it thru the gateway, created entries for the other mailing list participants, created an echomail packet and tossed it into my message base in 72

PA Murders
Wrong. Atheism rejects religious beliefs, just as agnosticism does. Both are more in a philosophical than a purely religious vein; the fact that they do not require religious displays (since they're not religions) is moot. To argue the point from your side of the fence, posting religious displays representative of *all* religions would trample atheism, since it would have no clearly defined and immediately evident display. Then you must be prepared to go to jail. Or be shot by angry

The two parties involved say that they *didn't* have an "affair." Starr's reasoning is that ML was induced to perjure herself when she swore that she didn't. Why was he looking in ML's sex life in the first place? This goes to the Paula Jones case. Her lawyers in that case (which was dismissed) had wanted to portray her allegations as fitting into a pattern of behavior by Clinton. Hence a lot of questioning of women who'd worked with Clinton.

The challenge
Thanks. --P. G. Simpson

Noxious Nixon
Well, yeah, he certainly -sucked- as a president.

PA Murders
What? "I'm not responding to anybody's posts if their names begin with S?" "<squawk!> That's your opinion, Jelly want a cracker!" Or perhaps "Homosexuals are hurting themselves, therefore they're the victims." What a bunch of shit, coming from a so-called Libertarian. <snort!>