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Wonderful Hispanic Bros
If they really did meet Jim "Spic" Staal, can you blame them for that?

South Africa's Waco brewing?
I AND I VERSUS THE WHORE OF BABYLON [Mail Guardian, April 30, 1998] Rastafarians in South Africa want freedom of religion and the right to smoke ganja, writes Zebulon Dread Arthur Molisiwa is doing a masters degree in mathematics and his father is chair of a corporate giant; Moses Mlangeni holds a BSc in economics and is doing a postgraduate training course in busi- ness journalism sponsored by New Africa Investments Limited; Gareth Prince is a qualified lawyer. They

Bible shows Swaggart right!
do Well then, how do you explain all the polyester/cotton shirts worn by televangelists? And the BBQs featuring pork? And the shaven faces? Let's be consistent here, shall we?

Variations & Mutations.
What you forget, or don't know about, is that when Dr. Patterson was asked by letter about his claims, he replied as follows; "It is easy enough to make up stories of how one form gave rise to another, and to find reasons why the stages should be favoured by natural selection. But such stories are not part of science, for there is no way of putting them to the test." (Personal letter (written 10 April 1979) from Dr Colin

Fact or Fiction?
Dead end species do NOT evolve, they die! But then evolution is the very thing that has never been shown to occur at all anyway. It is no more than a fairy story. That depends on what you mean by aliens? Don't most evolutionists believe that, given a similar planet to earth that life is almost certain to have evolved there too? Now, if some life had evolved to a much higher level of technology than we have, as some

Variations & Mutations.
Why would anyone "believe" in evolution? It has never been seen to occur and even Charles Darwin admitted as I have already pointed out to you a couple of weeks ago that it had a serious problem with the fossil record. i.e.; "Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduate organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection

Why would anyone need personal experience with psychologists to know that they have a highly questionable reputation? It is generally agreed that most Psychologists suffer at least as much from the very personal problems that they attempt to cure! In other words most people know that 'shrinks' desperately need to see a 'shrink' themselves! Laurie

new play
I heard on the radio today that some New York playwright is penning a new play about Jesus that has the fundies up in arms. It seems that he's going to portray Jesus and the disciples as homosexuals. I can't remember this guy's name, but he has written several gay-themed plays in the past. Today was a good day.

Moral 2
Nope. I didn't ask *how* he'd draw the line. I asked *where*.

Sheppard and his actions
do Pity, these old post are long gone Richard. I doubt you understand the complication. Can you quote me saying that? I didn't think so. Tehran can be considered evidence for this hypothesis, and your mere personal opinion can not change this. It does not work that way..sorry. Rubbish. I still remember you making a fool of yourself defending that silly claim that Angela meant different with her usage of the word 'alien'. You cut into my post with that

love it
Who cares? that was one shithead that I could do without.

Coprophagic George
you Another repeat Sheppard. Try again.

The Fundamentalist Challenge! - repost
It makes me wonder if he knows about the backtal hole.

George's asinine twaddle
Again Sheppard, your repeating yourself. (another multiple post)

GJO's "worthless" words
some the Another post I have read before Sheppard. Quite pathetic really. You could address the replies, Einstein.

George's invisible list
the This one has come to me at least 3 times Sheppard. I've replied to it on a number of occasions. Pathetic.

Just the usual. Signs and demonstrations to protest the waging of war. If they came and took his family and shot them, I wonder what he would do. Wage war or protest it?

Tipler and Omega Point..
Another repeat post. It been up before and replied to. I would just like to show the MODERATOR, this fine example of multiple reposting which displays nicely, the arguementative abilities of one of your fellow skpetics. I'm sure you feel it is as constructive as Sheppard does.

CAUS Newsflash re Vatican
Hardly claimed a revolution had fell upon us. I merely stated to Ivy that it would be interesting if something came out of this, in the end nothing did. YOU claimed Majestic-12 was completely debunked, you used Klass to show this and I posted up LATER work written by Friedman to address these claims Klass made. YOU made the claim and you could not support them against additional information. Now you can not show me why Friedman is untrustworthy and

The Fundamentalist Challenge! - repost
Why? I thught there was plenty of work scrubbing hte men's rooms at truck stops.