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Blue Genes.
Who? It's kind of hot out this night, almost like the heat in Spartan, Mississippi. I'd rather be in an air conditioned train heading to Chicago right now, mister.

Blue Genes.
Nobody misses Laurie when _he_ leaves.

Blue Genes.
Played inscrutabley in the movies by that Oriental chap, Peter Lorre.

Blue Genes.
LOL! My ex-broom rider was once asked by my Mom as to why she watched soap operas. Her response: "So that I'll know what to do when something like that happens to me."

Could he even get it in?
Area: CIVLIB From: Ken Young I believe that all bosses and employers should be able to fire a homosexual for being gay. However, I also believe they should be able to fire people for the color of their skin. He's lucky that he can't be fired for his species, as he has none. And they wonder why so many people consider their "loving religion" to be so evil.

Dan's Thots
Care for the hard cover edition or are you going to wait until I release the paper back one?

Toe Sucker
ROTFL! Well, I ain't got much, but I got originality!

Dating the NT 1/7
How about those disciples who realized that their godling was full of shit: Apostles Anonymous.

Echo Guidelines
Not 'just a book', but the book, John's personally annotated copy of the same. Strange, isn't it? The non-fundys won't stand for any book burnings. Books aren't out of bounds. Books are what break boundaries. All that is necessary is to read them.

Echo Guidelines
Ask Marilyn Burge about a "problem with a book". <G> After all, we are no longer 'us'. The books are our extension of being who we really are. They are what make us more than just 'us'. Destroying a single book is a loss that cannot ever be recaptured. Those bounded volumes of paper are really who we are: where we came from, where we are going and how we are trying to get there. (Thank you, Carl S.) MG

God nukes millions and mi
Trust me, my resume's are out and hunting. They think that the idiot is "god's gift" and can do no wrong. I've seen him belittle female customers right to their faces. Yes, I'd prefer to work with the likes of B&B far more than that sanctimonious piece of pond scum.

Case #4
In a nice Marinara.

The Fundamentalist Challenge! - repost
Woops! Too late. He done shunned 'em all.

Variations & Mutations.
I won't tell my pet carrot you said that. Not in my garden, I hope! I wouldn't want lysergic-laced purple tomatos coming up...

Case #4
Wish they would. Then I'd have a perfect excuse not to pay them any taxes. Since we were annexed into this city they send a person cruising about once a month looking for violations of city code...trashcans left out too long, yard not mowed, needing poopscooped, etc. He just happened to be cruising in front of the house when Rosie decided she needed to shit. I scoop the yard twice a day...morning and evening. That didn't cut any ice with

Jack needs to look in a m
Indeed? I'll have to keep my eyes open to see if she goes ballistic here. I've asked her twice for clarification of some of her terminology, but don't hold out for a sound answer, given what I've witnessed already Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret. Richard Smith

This is your eggs on brains
I have only made one CONNECT with my PBBS on 2 meter digital radio. Looks like a lot of activity out there, but no CONTACTS. I CB I appear to talk to the ground noise, and chatter, but because of it I am crazy. I did talk to someone really there once in a years time. Not doing too much better with computers. Trying out my computer and software and making CONNECTS, but it appears that I do not make

Humn. Resourc. Quackery
I'm working on an article for a management magazine on inappropriate practices by human resources ignoramuses. Not gender or race or age discrimination, but using unscientific measures in hiring, training, promotion SKEPTIC magazine had a bit by Randi on use of applied kinesiology at Lucent and graphology at some police department. Neither Randi, Skeptic, nor skeptical inquirer have responded to queries. I need people willing to go on record with documentable cases of such inapproproiate practices,

I'd forgotten about that. I'll call round one of these days and grab it. ATM though I have far too many things to do. Put a rum on it and I'll do it even quicker. Katcha, Buster

And they *still* don't believe Darwin. Katcha, Buster