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Blue Genes.
They're high on my shitlist as well. 6 months to pay their damn back wages to a contractor. Phuck 'em. ...the door. I've had a sort of attitude change here of late. instead of beating my head against the wall, I just remember the ExPat mantra: "Wank, wank. Another buck in the bank". It keeps me going through long, tedious and totally mindless meetings.

Self-righteous gits
A ball-peen hammer? A Hilti? Bosch Power Fastener?

Happy today . . .
Only if you drink scotch in the rain.

God nukes millions and millions.
Fuck no. And why could not 2 males and 2 females breed?

Oil Company
Thanks. In the meantime, I'll see if I can dredge up anything on the net or from the O&GJ.

Virtual blinds him to reality.

Dating the NT 1/7
Or after they get all written up and inked in: Animators Anonymous.

I'll see your "odd" and raise you a "fucking bizarre". Into Lake Iodyne.

Dating the NT 1/7
Whoa. Pretty. Colorful. <as the walls begin to melt>. Or those duckbilled types: _Anatosaurus annectens_ Anonymous.

Dr Quack
Whack-a-, boop boop a, and yippidee-do. "Well what the hell we spozed to do, ya moron?"

CAUS Newsflash re Vatican
How do you rate what is a possibility (note correct spelling) and what isn't? I mean, is it a POSSIBILITY that Fred and I are actually Phil Klass writing under two aliases, and that Phil/us works for the CIA as a special operative with the mission to make Art Bell look like an idiot? But what do you consider _ROCK_SOLID_PROOF_? Everything to you is "could be" this or "might be" that.

Or the dunning for payment in South African currency: the billage of the Rands. "What is your name?" "I am Lancelot of Camelot!" "What is your quest?" "I seek the grail!" "What is your favorite color?" "Blue!" "Right. Off you go." "Oh, thank you." "THAT'S EASY!"

Re: CAUS Newsflash re Vatican
independantly receive the pictures directly from the Mars orbiter and II> decode and release them. That would be sufficent proof for me, no II> matter which way it showed. who in Heck, even then there is no guarantee that he is REALLY pulling in the data that he claims to be pulling in. If this conspiracy encompasses all of NASA, certainly they could find a way to pull up a false signal on a computer. That's the problem with her

OOPS! Back of the line for you. Tell 'em to "Fuck off?"

Sexual Religion
A fundy god wouldn't, but that is not the only variety available; Check into Dionysianism. *This* son of God, actually had balls, and had no perjorative notions about using them. AFAIK, he knew there was no difference between the ecstacy of sex or prayer, and maintained that they were both the gift of God. Why else would people utter the name of God during sex? There are two things men share with God- the power to think, and the power

Lawrence Singleton
"Good. Very good. What is named a Spanish a little...very, very little"? Sounds as bad as my Arabic. Wish to thank extend, best wish and true. Be careful ordering lunch in a Mexican cantina...unless you're wild about goatshead soup.

Dating the NT 5/7
This all makes me shekel, riyal'ly.

Look behind the tandoor on the left. Bring your ID, cause they'll even cardamom.

Dating the NT 1/7
Or those tired of stones from above: Achondrites Anonymous.

Blue Genes.
I herd that. I'll tell this to the second French priest, the abattoir, and let him ruminate over it.