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Sexual Acts
The same reason he didn't create popcorn for sex.

Stepin Fetchit
You're the third of three against me. I concede, and take solace in having been cautious enough to tack on the "I could be wrong" to my original statement. Boston Blackie was before my time. Since I can't recall my source, the question them becomes one of whether my memory played a trick, the source was mistaken, or whether it made a joke I didn't took seriously.

Blue Genes.
Never sweated through a Chicago summer, eh?

Dan's Thots
An on-line one?

Dating the NT 1/7
Not to be confused with those finally tired of the past: Antiquaries Anonymous.

Wonderful Hispanic Bros
The possibility that it was intentional had also struck me.

Eyer in Evolution
I had no idea that two idjuts could make that much out of semantic arguements. Steve or someone in Memphis are the only places. I don't post there much. we have only two or three fudnies that we've literally torn to pieces although neither of them seem to have noticed it. Trent don't post much. when you catch him on something, he claims that his "time is about up, he has to go" or "this isn';t worth responding to". what

The Fundamentalist Challenge! - repost
I have this vision of him and his wife of 15 minutes with out a sex education course between them, attmepting to get her pregnant. It is not a pretty sight as Jelly attempts conception by ejaculating into a cereal box. "did that one work, Sugar?" "I'll have to wait nine months to see, Grape"

The Fundamentalist Challenge! - repost
When I went to work at my present job, we all went across the street for a feast at the local Wendy's. we sat down, laughing about the intelligence of the help there having had all our orders screwed beyond belief. I made the observation that it didn't take even much greay matter to be a manager there. Everyone at the table got real quiet. I didn't know it at the time, but one of the girl's husband's not only

Dan's Thots
<nitpicker's note: The correct spellings are "Giuoco Piano" and "Alekhine". The first is properly pronounced 'joke-o' and the second 'alley-ekh-in'.>

Echo Guidelines
And now having read this, _I_ am also there with the rest of you, too. There are just _some_ things that one shouldn't do....

This made me laugh my ass off!
Not that many, if you stay out of Dallas and Houston. When someone cuts you off on the freeway between cities look for New York on the tags. I've driven the long distances from north to south Texas with hardly another car to get int he way.

Blue Genes.
Maybe so. However, wouldn't a die hard First Amendmander justify this as his right to make the film?

Hell Michigan
in There's two towns in Mass. called Hell and eithe Heaven or Paradise. Yep, I was once at the cross roads there. Wish I had remembered to bring the camera.

love it
I wish that the guy that did the drive by photos has thought to just rig his doorbell, take a shot, and run. I know someone who claims to have done the photos. too bad he wasn't man enough.

Well, I do have a peter and try not to do it in a jiffy. And, no jokes about Jelly. Astroglide is far superior. I may be doing such a trip again soon. It depends on a few things, but a move does look like a strong possibility. It may even be a lot farther than yours. No fair trying to get on his good side!

Xtian Killers
"Take him to New Jersey".

Staal's Ignorance #12765342693
It is hard to make 'sense' of senseless mindsets, but I'll give it a try. Pedophiles are into inflicting pain. Pain can be both physical and mental. If they prey on little boys, they have the added 'advantage' of satisfying their urge to inflict both kinds of pain at the same time. In addition, many are relating sexually in the same way somebody related to them sexually when they were small. Since that someone went the man-to-boy anal route, they

Lawrence Singleton
I doubt Ford had much to say in the matter of 'his' pardoning of Milhouse. Even an idiot would have waited a bit longer in signing that document. BTW, IIRC, Nixon was then able to actually run for another term as president.

love it
There needs to be something to blasheme against, Bozo. BTW, you are still a stupid fuck.