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Do you suppose MST3K has gone for the rights to the new movie yet? Sue

Harper, Kicking and Screaming [1/3]
44 double-D's placed in a triple-A cup. BTW, that Brahe, and that's not a Tycho.

Heathen Randi rant
to He doesn't have the calyoons(sp?) to do that.

To cover the bald spots?

Justinian I ruled the Byzantine Empire in the *500s*. The historian is Procopius, who wrote an official history and then a "Secret History" to be circulated after his death. J. B. Bury, _The Later Roman Empire_, vol. II, pp. 423-24 (Dover): "Procopius gravely asserts that he himself and `most of us' had come to the conclusion that the Emperor and Empress were demons in human form, and he did not mean this as a figure of speech. He tells a

Harper, Kicking and Screaming [1/3]
I know for a fact that the shepherds of these sheep tell them that if they don't occasionally receive some kind of abuse when they're out "witnessing" that they must be doing something wrong. Hence, we see folks like Applet becoming abusive to the few who are civil to him--the abuse validates himself in his mind, and he'll try to provoke it. In the case of another long-term regular here, I suspect that there's also a narcissistic fear of being

Stepin Fetchit
For really offensive racial stereotypes from Disney, the word is that you should try to locate their WW2 cartoons. It'd also be interesting to see some "Hekyl Jekyl" cartoons. Thanks for the additional infobits. Now if someone could give solid confirmation one way or the other about whether my memory was off about Boston Blackie. 8-)

Stepin Fetchit
See the message from Steve Q to me on this. Did the book say anything about whether my memory was full of shit about Boston Blackie?

Stepin Fetchit
My guess is that your best chance would be to sign up with one of the film groups that has their own extensive library, or perhaps one of the universities that has a strong media department. It only *seems* 24 hours long. The '73 Enc. Brit.'s Macropaedia "Motion Pictures, History of": "_The Birth of a Nation_ was a story of the gentle pre-Civil War South (Griffith's ideal of a serene, sensitive social system) and its violent demise in the brutal

Christians Unfight!
I wrote down--somewhere in my morass of paper--the address for the outfit selling the entire set. The company's name was ZBS (something like Productions, Inc.) What I'd really like to have is the full set of Ken Nordine's half-hour associative riffs on colors. They were also being sold at one time.

Jelly lets it slip out
Please tell me if I remember it wrong, but didn't Ken open his bisexuality here in holysmoke a few months ago? I want to know if the posting is just cynical, and what sex has to do with religion. I mean, I'm not gay but one has got to accept that the homo got feelings just as the hetero, or otherwise one's a chicken hiding behind a biblical garbage can, or something else for the day politically correct shit.

Dan's Thots
The notion has some possibilities, but probably only PK Dick could do PK Dick well. It certainly would be a hard act to follow.

Dan's Thots
I am not at all surprised, considering that he's also made several other errors about the movie. It's great to know there's at least two good PK Dick books still left for me to read, "Do Androids Dream. being one. What makes _Bladerunner_ almost unique for Hollywood (as opposed to written) sf is that it furnishes such food for thought and interpretation. Yours is a good one.

All There to Start!
Always thought Laurie is a girlsname..

Another Ken Young gem
It's Memorex.

showing hua
"Get a job or get out." Welfare. Phew. And they let him wander around loose? I was bored the other night and went looking for holysmoke on IRC. Couldn't find anyone there, but found Steve Winter. I never, except tangentially, ran into the great schmuck. I got in a few well tuned jabs before he tossed me ("no false Xtian scum allowed"), but before that when he warned me of his next move, I informed him that I was neither

White Wolf
Ear mites. That'll drive 'em daffy.

I am appalled!
Outstanding. Ain't the wonders of modern technology wonderful (at least when they, however grudgingly, work)? Thanks for your Email on that byproduct of reproduction. My sister is a nurse and thought it hilarious; as did I.

Clayton (NOT of Jackson and Durante)
I wonder if all fundies normally use JP4 as a hair tonic. Which is about as rewarding as chatting with a pressure treated 4x4. Even without the typos...

Blue Genes.
That's one of the nice by-products of being a professional planet raper. I get the lowdown on obscure, out of the way places and can actually find them. Also, many times, I can get into restricted areas of Nat. Parks, ostensibly to "do research'. Fie on crowds. Of the former, after Alicia trashed most of Galveston and the Boliver peninsula, I wanted to go down to the Blue Coast Highway and get some pictures. I was stopped (as was everyone