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Hector's Law hits again!
Now just watch. Jimson will prove the corollary as well Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

English Major
I bet most of us just wished that he'd learn ONE language Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Go Reggie
Psst to Karl: If you pander to Jism, you know what that makes you, right? <g,d,rlbh> Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Ooh, changing the subject line, how banal.
'ullo Curtis, On 27 Mar 98 you were yakking on about Ooh, changing the subject line, how banal. weren't ya? LOL! Can't wait for Jimbozo to get hold of that one! Hehe...I don't think the missus would like that! regards, jAMBO! /dESiDONiAN/

Blue Genes.
Whichever way you use the terms it is (by and large) considered offensive by the people (or person) you are referring to. regards, jAMBO! /dESiDONiAN/

Dr Quack [2]
'ullo Jim, On 29 Mar 98 you were yakking on about Dr Quack [2] weren't ya? Thankyou. The problem is the lack of evidence of ANY sort. You have not submitted any evidence for the so-called skeptics to disprove. regards, jAMBO! /dESiDONiAN/

When? In the bible? "This is the word of the lord?" The "lord" could be a lying, scheming git. How so? regards, jAMBO! /dESiDONiAN/

The Mormon equivalent of the end of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

Blue Genes.
OK, I got you. Thanks for the explanation. How'd he get "IUsers" out of it, though? Is that like Fred Rice and his "iJBS" or "iJCJ?" Where I come from, they are known as "VTs" "Viable Targets."

Dr Quack
Ford's knack for golf.

Dr Quack
I had this conversation with him years ago. I -think- I may have attempted to explain the term "recursion" at the time. His response was, then, and will be, now, "Because the Bible says so." Of course, the Book of Mormon "says so," too, but for some odd reason, Fundamentalists become scientific when dealing with the Book of Mormon. They don't apply their same analytical standards to the Christian Bible, though. <scratching head>

Heathen Randi rant
That's one on which I'm working right now, sorting out "Messages to Save" and "Messages Which Need Responses." I'm wondering when I'm going to have to do battle with the people who want an Echo Policy.

Jack the Ripper
How's the guy who pulled the Ripper diary hoax doing?

He can suck my Yellow Submarine if he doesn't like it here. --Steve Quarrella, moderator

"Hell" is the operative word. My last two years of high school English were spent working with literature, and grammar was minimal. My tenth grade teacher was probably a dominatrix bitch from Hell when she was younger, and I usually dealt with her bullshit by having a few beers before going into her class at 8:30 AM (I could NOT do that now if I tried). She was really something else, and I did my best not to pay attention

How about the Word '97 Easter Egg, in which you put in "Zzzz", run the spell-checker, and get 'sex' as a suggested replacement.

Case #3
Although they did try it out in reverse gear once.

Atheistic Knowledge
Sorry. All I have is real money. I don't light cigars with that.

Andy Cummins? that pointy headed little creationist. Tell him we're goiving away BMW's.

Re: Scar Tissue
RFC-Message-ID: <> RFC-NNTP-Posting-Host: RFC-X-Comment-From: JOHN MUSSELWHITE From: JOHN MUSSELWHITE<> Hi Ross... On 03-30-98 03:45, Ross Sauer penned the following to Charles Veitengruber re: Re: Scar Tissue The point may be moot in the near future, Ross. A couple of weeks ago geneticists reported that they have identified a gene (or genes) that may be responsible for contributing to "chronic pain". Research on the discovery is underway right now and the news reports I heard indicated an effective gene therapy