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Case #4
A couple of years ago some Canadian beurocrat wondered out loud enough about the effects of viewing all this smut on customs censors. So they commissioned a team of psychologists to do a study that compared their sleep patterns, sex lives, eating habits, you name it, with customs agents unexposed to the same perils. The study concluded that our brave officers are completely unaffected by spending about eight hours a day viewing pornography. Nobody seems to have made the leap

Orses for courses....
No doubt that's nothing but bone there. With my neck tatt, I had the advantage of being an ex-rugby union forward, so my neck is fairly well muscled. Then again, when I broke my hand in 3 places last year, I didn't know about it until I went to see a doctor about it a week later not because of the pain, but because I couldn't move 2 of my fingers....

You people just don't ge
Ooooooo.... What a 'Ardman he is.... I think James should take a bit of advice I read in a comic once: "Look out Pa! They's got them that book learnin'!"

Wrong Messiah 'foretold.
Hey! I recognise that Pooh tag.... I thought I'd lost it for ever when I replaced my last HDD.... MY HERO!!!!

Re: Orses for courses...
Yeah, but.... Aw fuck, okay, I won't watch what topics I stray into.... That's why most tatts should be reworked or touched up every 10 ten years or so or removed when they stop looking like they should.... A flag?! How gauche!

Barney Movie
to I don't want to go to the US, I want to go to Ireland and sit in a pub for a few weeks.... Hang on.... Do I count as a thinker? Oh? You think I'm going to clean the picks of charcoaled fundie off of the footpath?

Atheistic Knowledge
Typo, that should read 400, not 40....

Old Testiment Wins Again
Aren't we all?

Child abuse
Oh yeah, there're enough of those vile smelling little bastards kicking around. Oh well, his system, he can put what he wants there.... Besides I don't think Fredric really cares.

Creation Science.
Yeah, an E augmented 9th. Notice that he had no problem with the name you used for him?

A problem with definitions?

Case #3
ROFL! I know my mates who serve in the Army swear by their issue bibles as the best arsewiping material bar none. I also serves as a suitable substitute for cigarette papers.... I must ask them if they use the same page for both....

Re: hello jello!
Well soon enough his last abused brain cell will die and then his fucking head will implode....

Re: Sputnam's Insane Ran
Heh. It's sad to think that he gets all of his info from the one source.... Well, sad for him. I'm happy to know that all his fucked up "facts" come from the one source Imagine if he got the same kind of shit from varied sources? I suspect most of Willy's spine is over his head too, what with his head being up his arse all the time....

True. Some parts of Sesame Street are priceless when under the influence.... Well thanks a fucking lot!

Case #4
Good.... I've got to ask you this Relatif to what?

hello jello!
Quarter whats?

Re: Sagan wants to use the telephone
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: (J.J. Hitt) Subject: Re: Sagan wants to use the telephone Organization: Self X-Ftn-To: Blanche Nonken Yeah... that is one of the points where I actually do agree with what Jesus said: "if you blab about it, it dont count". J.J. Hitt Houston, TX Gated by the premier Fido Technology Networks gateway Providing USENET, Internet Email and FIDO feeds via

I imagine you've met smokers who say they smoke because they enjoy cigarettes. I've yet to meet one of those whom I believe. Once they admit they are sick of the ball and chain of addiction they have taken the first step towards the threshold of making a choice to change. These people have a lot in common with fundies in possession of the Truth.

Censorship . . . ?
This last line implies that you wrote the following. If you did, did you stick (*)s in the words, or were they changed/editted? If they aren't your words, nevermind. But if not, I'd like to see if Jimson is editting your posts Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith