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Laurie Appleton
He's a piece of work. I simply cannot fathom what passes for a thought process in such specimens. Fuck that! He's all ready in the full control of the Great Whore of Babylon and the evil J2P2; so what's a few more leash holders? Thank you. Life can do that to one sometimes. Although it's an intercoursing, hemmorhaging good time. Made with rotten avacadoes with an itchweed cluster; washed down with cold SumaCola. Someone please Hilti Mr. Horshack to his

Heathen Randi Rant
stuff Either you uploaded your REP packet twice, or your sysop's system is spitting dupes. Steve Quarrella, Moderator

Might I recommend the services of a Dr. Langston Goldfinch in New Orleans?

Actually, no.

Sputnam's Insane Ranting
Thanks for the recommend. Proust is now moved back to his previous position in the nebulous future of my reading.

Nope. She was going to change into something more comfortable "I feel refweshed.". I'm a one-man riot. I remember once, I got caught at Schiphol Airport for 22 hours and went to the casino, went to the pubs (I'm one of the few people on the planet able to organize a pub crawl in an airport), and went to the cinema. I saw the then out-for-like-8-months movie: "Twister". (Not a bad flick, I thought, but they needed a real metereologist

*Including* hyperbolic and parabolic orbits. Purely radial paths intersect the object they're radial to! And just, pray tell, is the mass that you think that the universe would be orbiting about? To repeat my statement that you snipped out, that you would think that the expansion of the universe is somehow an orbit clearly shows that you do not understand either. It is not just "my way"--it is *the* way of the universe. These are also the terms used by

Xtian Killers
For one who goes on and on about his 'dutch' heritage, Jim is remarkably ignorant. Scratch that. Why should this subject be any different than all the others. In Dutch, douche (same as the French spelling) means shower. (Bad is bath and was is wash.) Duits is German and Nederlander/Nederlandse refers to things Dutch. The word 'dutch' itself only exists from English bastardization of both the Nederlanse and Deutsch (German) words for GERMAN.

One Pissed Off Harpy
Sometime this morning between 5:30 and 6:30 am, someone hacked the 3 Harpies Ltd. domain and caused our client pages to default to a password dialog box with such lovely sentiments as "BOMB TIME, BITCH". Neither this domain nor any of its sites have ANYTHING to do with Holysmoke. The main page was left alone but all the client sites have been hit. BUSINESS sites of people who have absolutely nothing to do who the Harpies are when they are

Blue Genes.
Damn. Subliminal StarTrekisms. "He called me a fundy. So, I popped him good."

and Or, one could simply eat the evidence.

Case #4
Better to talk to the local Mormon bishop about him. As a person, I'd probably enjoy sitting down with him over a bottle of beer and a plate of kielbasa. He's certainly had a long and interesting life, and things didn't seem to end for him when he was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when John Paul I died (I'm thinking in particular about another formerly-active pope, Pius XI, who had to

Mystery Babylon 4 of 4
"Everybody's doing the Appleton RAG!" Gesundheit! Asher claims so, but his stance is that he simply provided the reading references and has little or no familiarity with the books in question. Therefore, the list is evidence of...Asher's ability to capture text from one computer and send it all over the place on another, with foundationless claims about "Mystery Babylon." Plus, as I mentioned, the description of "A Thief in the Night" would better describe David Yallop's "In God's Name."

"God" doesn't show up
Gee, this takes real insight and divine guidance! That would be apocalyptic! Regards Langston

The Inquisition
Among other things, hayyup. See, the problem is that Putnam never defined "good" and "evil." It's pretty hard to assign "good" to a deity when you can't even define "good."

Oh, he did, although I don't think he topped the pitchfork motif. Interestingly, I don't think we ever saw him type in lower case. It was ALL CAPS OR NOTHING. [Strang] For all we know, it's already been done. Folks tend to like to write about little-known kooks. My understanding is that not only do the temple rituals resemble Masonic rituals, but the symbols on the garments are themselves Masonic symbols. Unfortunately, I am unable to verify this, first-hand,

"I have found," said a hooker named Hickel, "That the Chinese are kinky and fickle." "They screw me and beat me... And hungrily eat me, And the worst is those chopsticks, they tickle."

Second coming
Neither do the men without a lot of 'reminding'. OLXWin 1.00a "Dragons live forever, but not so little boys."

Its proper etequete as you mention: Its proper J.I.C or ASCII or ANSI communications as per the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva Switzerland. Go into Dunkun Donuts and ask the cashier for your order and coffee and say "Also tell me just how terrible it is for someone to touch you pussy." That way it will be a proper two way conversation. Go into any supermaket and bring your carrage to the check out stand and say "OK tell me

Re: Case #4
Probably not. People don't usually go around creating short-arsed gods.... Actually, according to mythology he was "tall of stature and fair of brow".... Whatever that means.