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Dan's Thots
In a way, I'm using JAM. However, I convert it to BW format for reading/replying. Takes a bit longer but I do like the features in BW. Plus, I can create fully separate message packets for both my and my daughter. Now to configure her so that she has her own damned tagline files. (She likes scanning mine, but I'm going to make her collect her own.)

Educated people go to "He
They pay a lot of ex-sports stars to be stupid. They think that's what the fans want. Most likely, a year or two on the air is part of their playing days sports contracts. The few that I recall really doing a good job announcing were 'Dandy Don', Frank Gifford and Alex Karras. As for humor, no one could beat the off-beat humor that Karras threw at Howard the Lip.

State of the State
I would have thought it might be because they had a presentiment of what he'd fob off on the public. "We'll try to stay serene and calm When Alabama gets The Bomb." -Tom Lehrer, "Who's Next?"

Blue Genes.
Or as Daniel Wilks would say: Don't have a human, cow.

Dan's Thots
Thanks. I recall from my long-ago chess-playing days that there are a many openings with cool names, but didn't recognize that one.

Dan's Thots
Indeed--many Oriental and Amerind peoples would not have disgust at eating dog.

Asher's cowardice [1/2]
to Not much surprise, considering that the Vatican had no territory involved, and that the US and UK were strongly Protestant. Another ally, Italy, probably had no real desire for the Vatican to gain political influence. France had always historically opposed Vatican influence over its own politics. As I pointed out, this was a concern of Wilson's, and the Petrograd Soviet. Another prophet that the Versailles accord would lead to war was John Maynard Keynes. The Versailles accord hardly followed

The Fundamentalist Challenge! - repost
Gee, it is right up front. Isn't it? (snicker) Sue

God nukes millions and millions.
Neither can heterosexuals of the same gender do so, dipshit.

God nukes millions and millions.
You have been tap-dancing around it for weeks by saying that homosexuals can't breed and then modifying it to homosexuals cannot breed with each other. I ask you... has anyone here said that a male can genetically breed a child with another male? Sue

God nukes millions and millions.
Can a heterosexual couple with one infertile member procreate? What is the difference? Sue

Happy today . . .
Lepzig <lot's of god damned fucking deletions. See following.> Approximately 72 lines of needless quoting edited out, not including those last 3 lines of yours that I did quote. The better question is whether you have access to an OLR to stop sending those 72 lines that had nothing to do with your question. Thanks for looking into it, Peter.