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Me? I think not. I have seen the future and all is saline.

Water shame. Martini should take a good look at himself.

Easter Festival
Eider want to talk about it anymore.

Religion fails every time
of it I know little about the Mor(m)ons. I do have their bible around here somewhere tho. Something about 9(?) golden disks and indians from memory. I`m sorry to here that, mate. Any chance of finding the truth? Relatives of the saucer nuts who killed themselves would be a great starting point. of Yep. Just before they outfit him with a wrap-around coat-of-arms and send him off to the funny farm. We have a BIG problem in Australia

Brawley is alive and well in ATHEISM if you want to jump in there.

<sigh> I still have that thing on The Babble Code here for you to scan. Infact, I have a beer on it ATM. I`ll get it to you one of these days.

Re: Satanic Parents [1/3]
Actually I have, but running across was good for laughs. Nick.

Re: Satanic Parents [1/3]
time" t and th Hell Ou Hahaha, yup, my favourite is the "Inviting a guest over to play" part. Can you imagine a family like that at a PTA meeting? Nick.

Asher's cowardice [1/2] [2]
True. He said that we were 'one nation under gawd' and therefore he didn't regard atheists as good citizens (and, by implication, worthy of his consideration in policy-making decisions).

Jelly lets it slip out
That would probably be the hard-core libertarian position, but not one that I would espouse, despite my libertarianism. The libertarians would say that it is in their best interest to hire the best person for the job (i.e., the one who would make the most money for the company), regardless of race or sexual inclinations, but that if a person wanted to trash their own business on the altar of their own biases, it is theirs to do with as

Brother Stair
Someone gave the silly bastard a million dollars last week. Meethinks the whole world is gonna be hearing a lot more Brother Stair soon.

State of the State
Poor NC. They've got Steve Winter, Walter Bartoo and Jesse Helms. We've just got Strom Thurmond, David Beasley and Fritz Hollings. Not the same caliber of nut at all.

Re: The Weeping Photo of Shirley MacLaine
Well.... I didn't really feel any great need for it... but what the hell..... SURE... (now I just have to find something just as weird to repay you in kind with)... Besides, I just moved into a new place and haven't yet splashed the new address around so Danny Wilk's Conspiracy of Cow Fuckers can keep an eye on me: Prophet J.J. Hitt 7575 Bellaire Blvd. Apt 3D Houston, TX 77036 (giggles... I'm listening to Brother Stair while I type

State of the State
Q: Why did his parents name him "Fob"? A: All the other good monosylables were already taken.

L. Ron Hubbard's "History of Man": The Science of the Clams.

WELI commercials
We had a radio in the maintenance shop. St. Raphiels Hospitals were doing commercials ever 10 minutes. I believe it was Marge Curtis who was a nurse and said. We just gave State Senator Steuart McKinny Euthinasia. She said RUSS is next. I went over to the buffer and started buffing. The piece came out of my hands and hit me in the Balls. I saw a flash and then Dominic Vitalli came walking in. After that I went down

Case #4
Well, scratch Charleston off your list. We're having a real problem with homeowner's insurance because of the dogs. Our benighted city adopted a 'resolution' accepting the -fact- that dogs over 20 lbs. are dangerous. The insurance companies are using this to cancel people. Doesn't matter that we've NEVER had a dog related claim (hell, we didn't even have a claim during Hugo) and that the dogs are a deterrent to vandalism and theft. Instead, I found myself with a warning

Sexual Acts
Which, of course, comes immediately after infantry.

Jack needs to look in a m
That echo has pretty much devolved into a chitchat/joke-repost echo. This, of course, did not stop Ivy from getting hysterical when David Bloomberg entered a few months ago and called her on a particularly illogical claim whereupon she went ballistic and even other conferees were struck by how quickly she became shrill and nasty and went for the ad homenim comment. Salut! Origin: Jack Sargeant, the Lyin' King

Re: snappy
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