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Loving God
JJ, I have a question for you regarding ISP's. Here, in Qatar, all telecommunications (telephone, Internet, fax, cable TV, etc.) goes through our lovely monopoly called Qtel. Recently, they have instituted a proxy server for the dial-up ISP connection. They claim it's for "enhanced service and speed", but we all know it's for the censors (that's why I FTP HolySmoke as encrypted files). These coke-sackers now make it mandatory to use the proxy if you want Internet service. So I

Blue Genes.
It was more due to the raw materials they could use to make tools. The Babylonians were keen copper and tinsmiths; but good old iron implements were seemingly beyond their ken. This is due, in part, to the scarcity of iron ore available to them and their lack of understanding how to roast, calcine and cast same (one does not often develop a talent for making what is not available; just like you're probably not terribly well versed in creating

You people just don't ge
Of course, something that microscopic would be easily overlooked.

I'm leaving
It's time for me to leave HolySmoke. I'm going to return to the seminary and finish my studies of the historical Jesus Christ something the rest of you should really do. May you all learn Jesus before it's too late.

George the liar RUNS AWAY
I said that YOUR story was full of holes (true), that you were ridiculously ignorant of evidence demonstrating prosaic explanations for this story (true), that you were completely ignorant of Klass's report (true), and that you were a closed-minded fool if you went on blathering about a story without knowing all the facts. All true, much to your dismay. Besides your being a proven liar and distorter of facts presented here, you made claims you could not prove, claims you

No age has a corner on nonsense and to suggest that everyone now alive subscribes to that foolishness only demonstrates that you don't get out much. I'll bet you didn't find "The New Age Guardian" on the shelf in your local library. Before the advent of copiers and computers that sort of "thought" was produced on a mimeograph machine. Today the printing looks better.

Presumptions of the educated
You will, Fredric, you will.

Doubtful. It's difficult to plumb the depths of his ignorance.

"Quiet, Gladys. That's a sure way to get him killed."

Christians Unite!
Hey, nechevo. I speak Russian (at least enough to usually get me a cold beer in any Aeroflot spaceport) and read Russian only armed with a huge Russian-English dictionary cum technothesaurus. Russians just love ridiculously long acronyms in science. Don't forget Queen Wheema the Moist. It was a translation, but not done by me. Hell, that's a multigenerational work for me. I found an underground smutshop here in the Muddle Yeast. You should see what these crazies around here are

Fucking Mr. Putnam
Fish? Meat? Goat? Yeast?

Eyesore's insane fundy r
The only way to raise his ire is go to the Dublin and exhume them.

Chemistry is not a matte
Nope. They save that for later.

The Inquisition
Larry, Moe and Curly more likely.

Blue Genes.
All do? The refutation of that statement is found in the logical demonstration that there exists at least one true proposition. That such a proposition exists is a tautology, and therefore does not require appeal to any evidence to justify it. If a proof can be provided, evidence is both unnecessary and irrelevant. Empirical propositions, by definition, require only evidence to justify them. If a proposition can be justified without evidence, it is therefore not empirical. Evidence counts only where

I've already answered this one. Bob

But not on grounds of the Third "Law" of Motion. The reason why most physicists accepted Eddington's 1919 experiment on the bending of light in the vicinity of the Sun during a solar eclipse (Eddington found that the observed deviation was about twice that predicted on Newtonian grounds), was that the Newtonian prediction was based on the force given by, (1) F GMm/r*r, where M mass of the Sun, r the distance from the Sun's centre to

BE: -How would you specifically describe a phenomenon which violated -such a law? CJ: -A refusal by one object to fall toward or orbit a more -massive object that is not due to another, counteracting force -being applied to the object. BE: -Let's make this response a little clearer: Suppose you knew of -no such counteracting force, yet the object did not "fall" -toward or orbit a more massive object. Consider the expansion -of the universe if you wish. How

PART 2: BE: -Thus, the Third "Law" is not a law at all, but merely an analytic -explication of the notion of "force". It's not really based on -generalising from particular experiences (as is normally -understood to be the basis of induction). This would not be a "guaranteed" Nobel. It would only cause the Nobel Committee to laugh at anyone who proposed such a thing. The Third Law of motion is not an empirical hypothesis in the first place. The

COASTAL AMBULENCE is our form of Government here in Brevard County FL. The TAX collector has only a PO Box number 2500. The State of Florida does not issue a sales tax number to businesses that have only a PO Box, and Brevard County does not either. It is explained as a LAUNDRYMAT by their own fianacing at a typical 5100 number is Rockledge Florida. Now... they only thing wrong with our form of Government here, who takes people