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Sean Connery is one of those men who definitely improves with aging (not that he was all that bad when he was young!) OLXWin 1.00a ...Mary used a turkey baster.

Abortion is Love!
As I live in pain daily, I would sure like to know just how he figures that works. And I am certain that I'm not the only one in this echo that feels that way. Unless, of course, he's gotten his personally wiring twisted up and can't get it up unless somebody's waling away on his ass with a riding crop OLXWin 1.00a ..Domestic violence: good old Traditional Family Values.

<sweetsmile> What I'm worried about is just what sort of stuff JJ is likely to take a liking to OLXWin 1.00a A bigot will not reason, a fool cannot, a slave dare not.

Re: Presumptiousness of A
N Now, Judith, be fair--I live at the other end of TX. <innocent look> OLXWin 1.00a ..I think. Therefore I am DANGEROUS..

Well, he was willing for his ego to take a mango'ing. OLXWin 1.00a ..Rush Limbaugh-Every republican homosexual's dream date!

Re: Princess Natasha
Puts me in mind of the time that my sister tried to make puff pastry OLXWin 1.00a can call it dishonest and I don't care.-DT

I find my self in complete agreement with you. Fabio is stomach turning. OLXWin 1.00a ...Piss everone off! Nuke the Gay Baby Whales for Jesus!

Judith's Banned Book List
short Smurfs seem to be a whole different story <blandly innocent look>. OLXWin 1.00a ...Support Drawing Down in the public schools.

Re: Presumptiousness of A
N 'The Princess Bride' OLXWin 1.00a ...The Popemobile: proof prayer doesn't work.

I heard the same rumor, but had already mostly discontinued using it. About the only time I turn it on anymore is when several people here in town are arranging a get together. <G> OLXWin 1.00a ..Sure, when...OINK FLAP FLAP FLAP...I'll be damned!

kick butt and take names
And More likely the Snippy Horseman OLXWin 1.00a ...Oh, no! The creationists are mutating!

I feel sick
From: Tricia Hague-Blackford Conference: 36 Christian To: Duncan Reid Message: 296 Reply To: 294 Subj: Gays Date: 01-28-98 Time: 21:38 Gidday there Duncan! 27 Jan 98 at 19:35, Duncan Reid writes to Tricia Hague-Blackford: Well firstly, you have set yourself up to believe that they are needing your help, that they are not well, not normal, not nice even. Have you ever just tried to be friends with them, without trying to convert them to your Faith?

In a second
If Staal thought he could get away with it here, he would try it.

Keep talking like that in an international forum, and it'll soon be impossible, bigmouth!

The Inquisition 2/5
CURTIS JOHNSON spoke thusly about: The Inquisition 2/5 Your post ahead of this goes unanswered. I am serious about the use of foul language, Curtis. I will not respond to such posts. I think a lot of authors have some doubt as to who exactly put the pen to papyrus in their writing. Was it Paul? I think the evidence is still strong that it may be. Was it one of his personal followers who act as scribe? I think

Break out a keg
It is no cause for celebration when a fundy hurts her/him self. It _is_ a cause for celebration when the fundy is prevented from hurting other people. It would appear from this string of messages that you got up on the wrong side of your PMS this morning. I am sorry about your friend's health, physical and mental, and I applaud the feelings your staunch defense of her here reveal, but I cannot see that it is anywhere written that

Does not the OT say something about the man, being rejected? I will let you search the OT for the traditional places where a messiah was fortold. And Abraham writing the Gettysburg Address is also "an obvious crock." But the example above of what you see as an inconsistency in the accounts of the crucifixion/resurrection is actually authenticating, because it indicates that there was no collusion among the authors to say the same thing. Before this thread is over, I

String Cheese for Jesus!
There's one fucking hell of an understatement. He made my spelling look professional. Or as evil as Staal.

Re: Chemistry is not a m
I don't think he uses the word "random" but I would have to re-read it to see. So what? The absence of a discussion of the origin of the universe need not include randomness, unless he is discussing the formation of all the chemical elements in the first moments of the big bang, or in the remnants of a supernova. If he did not go into the details of randomness in this creation, then it does not prove that randomness

Point of Order
You use relish with your sodomy? How does that work?