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Presumptiousness of Atheism
Is that true, Chuck? You actually had evidence for one of the Christian god constructs and you lost it?! Whata maroon!

One would guess that he believes that. The general public have this strange idea about treatments, that damage done by the disease is always reversible. It's the hospital programs that doit, I guess.

Dating the New Testa
My money's on Wholly Smoke coming out of his ears and then, again as usual, through his keyboard. slack s.

clinic bombing
Willie's ace here is thta he church will never let us break thething open and look at the stuff inside. We can scream about thixotropy all we want, butuntilthe thing is investigated, Willie canmake his empty claims with the knowledge that hewilllikely never have to recant them.

Break out a keg
Obviously, this was False Stupid Bitch Fundy Scum, since her god seems to have deserted her. Ask Willie Putnam what her sins were to have this happen to her.

fine. Or, more to the local point, the welfare of their silly-assed myths...... slack s.

Barry Manilow
On no account will I.... Yes. Did you ever see the Letterman Show when Drew Barrymore was on/ She stood ont he his desk and showed him her tits. They replayedit over and over. If you look closesly, you can see pretty much everything, even fromthe back shot they took. Just thought you'd like to know.

Chemistry / SPutnam's insanity
For what other reason would he do it? It's a long trail of fudnies with arrows inteh wall and targets painted aroundthem.

Deboer's Ignorance!
Not only that, but LOOK AT THE DATE! It's from the '90's! the NINETEEN-90's!!

Invisible material
So just WHAT WAS it made out of, invisible silly putty?

Oh, I bet they do spend some of that on food for the poor. But you might point out tohim that a church, indeed a mulit billion dollar organization is not required for him to go to thelocal market and buy a case of canned soup to deliver to the local food bank.

I also point out that ALL the Biblical ideas about humans and their numbers come from a SLAVEHOLDING society, and an assumption that slavery is the norm and acceptable. In the United States, it IS now prohibitive DESPITE the same tax contributions. We have (of course) far too many people having far too many children; we have almost NO adults having none (our 10% homosexual contribution here is far out- fired by those who STILL insist on having more than

Presumptions of the educated
If I had evidence for the existance of a god or goddess, I would have held onto it better. Whata fucking loon!

special rights case
even "Baked Alaska" slack s.

Area Fido Holy Smoke OIX.TH4 Msg# 330 Rec'd Date: 04 Feb 98 16:37:32 From: Jim Staal Read: Yes Replied: No To: Jan Deboer Mark: Subj: Peephole revelation On (02 Feb 98) Jan Deboer wrote to Jim Staal... So you've been 'gifted' with 'special revelation'! GUFFAW!

Presumptiousness of Athe
URL's?? slack s.

Atheists, Agnostics and Humanists
And, just where is your evidence that religion is the default?

Case #4
IOW, Billy, you have as little faith in miracles as your Pope does.

Case #4
That shows a lack of faith in your god's ability to save you, Billy.

What about this?
is Humph. And after I went and told Shelby that he quaffed liquid Drano, and asked YOU to pay WHISKEY prices for it. Teach ME to stick up for YOU. Seriously: Sue and I have a disagreement about certain PERSONAL choices. I *CHOOSE* to maintain the same standards regarding blood transfusion INTO ME that I demand with other organ transplants. Sue finds my degree of caution in choicemaking ludicrous; that's her right. I *never* asserted any right to HER