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I'm going to ask you if you can scrape up any evidence for your god. Post it here. I await with baited breath.

Ask your almighty god, Willie. don't realy on pitiful humans who starve others to death for political gain. ask you fucking god what he gets out of letting people starve to death? You are beginning to make me ill.

Case #3
The origin of the saying "A whale of a tale"............ slack s.

Where is your catholic god, Willie? Doesn't he tell you why he starves whole populations? Can't you ask him what sins are performed for Leukemia, Hodkins, Alzheimers or another long host of names of diseases that visit his imperfect handiwork? where is your god when his creations need him?

What the cat saw
The problem with STAAL having guns is that he'd use 'em ON his kids. slack s.

clinic bombing
to Some server-meister ought to CREATE And then place all of Putzman's posts in it. slack s.

Case #4
The La Cabeza De Cristo Tortilla Oven!! New From SPAMCO!! Now ALL your Tortillas can have the Face of Jesus, baked right in!! Only $19.95!! But wait, there's more........ Now THAT would be ENTERTAINMENT!! slack s.

In what way is your religion necessary for this? do you not know itout of common sense or did you need the Pope to tel you.

Re: By the way . . .
Non sequitir, Willie. It may point to an event. Where is your evidence (or indeed any evidence from QM and the like) for a first cause?

Barry Manilow
You're wrong there, you know. If there's one thing that IS present in the Barry Manilow sound, it IS oil. Dr. Leipzig could probably derive enough from one 24-hour broadcast to replace all the Texas and Oklahoma field depletions. slack s.

Re: By the way . . .
At last, a glimmer of hope.

Case #4
None taken. I was, at one time a regional spelling champion for the local Spelling Bee in elementary school. I type quickly and do not bother to do much spell checking with or withoutsoftware. Condeming my typing is not offensive. Your views on a godthat refuses to help his people sicken me, however.

He just might be doing that. A wrapping Origin line, at least with traditional Fido technology, is a serious risk of non-delivery of the message. If somebody's still paying voice LD charges to move stuff from Oz, it would matter. (At which point some Echomail Chiefs need to improve THEIR education, and Internet the stuff!! slack s.

Very xtian of him, but an empty gesture. The nazis took anyone that hadat least one jewish grandparent.

Blue Genes.
That was me. Chucks is what you over there call chickens. I didn't realise that you did not use the same word as us for chickens. I think that a lifelong association with millions of brainless birds has permanently damaged what poor excuse for brains that he was born with. I would not be surprized to learn that as a kid he was severely mentally challenged. And if you look closer at his utterings you will not be surprised to

Your Probability Problem
I doubt seriously whetheryou will determine this for yourself. You seem to have this mutual admiration society going. Laurie has been caught lying on numerousoccaions. I seldom bother to postto him any longer. Debate with someone that has the opposite view is fine, but liars don't count.

Presumptiousness of Athe
One befitting a BASTARD. Kind of like "FITZROY". Especially if you consider the above...... slack s. Kilroy Was Here!

Off Topic B.S.
The irony of a complete moron mistakenly complaining about what others don't know is highly amusing. Wouldn't it be best for you to tell your priest masters to shove it an get yourself an education instead of an occult-based ignorance?

They must have been self-performed abortions then. Medical science has complications arising from abortions down to near zero. Get an education.

Death Penalty [1/2]
Sure. this is the crux of the problem. Not what we are in favor of, but what is necessitated. We have manufactred a long delay in executions that cost plenty to insure tht our decisions are correct. However, as you point out this is the side issue. A short list of things that we are in favor of being legal but not in favor of existing are: 1. Abortion 2. Euthanasia 3. Capital Punishment 4. Tax dollars spent for drug