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More Things George Can't Answer Honestly
up You do that every time you repost your original "bet," nut.

Staal's Child Abuse
Fredric, our generation faces a perplexing reality indeed. Our parents had the FULL, UNFETTERED LEGAL RIGHT to beat us as they saw fit and proper. WE, on the other hand, must needs live under far more restrictive and CIVILIZED laws. And the new restrictions, which chafe neither of us at all, chafe Staal most severely. (The change of law in question occurred in Colorado in the early 1980's. Before 1981, even TEACHERS in Colorado schools had the clear,

That too!! slack s.

Secret Handshakes
It is my understanding that their appearance at McNichols Sports Arena in Denver filled only about one-quarter of the house and PK has to rent the WHOLE venue anyway. <<sniquor>> slack s.

Clinic bombing
Hogwash, Dave. I'll believe that about the RCC when I see a public, audited statement of Vatican finances stating that they're broke, worldwide. Fuck, Hec, he's worse than that. He beLIEves things from Catholic sources that the Pope hasn't even passed judgment on yet!! He accepts the claims of French Catholic believers WITHOUT question on the alleged "miracles" of Lourdes, for just one example. slack s. Vive le Monsieur Anatole France!!

Blue Genes.
When will you face the FACT that people own their own lives, and DO have the inalienable RIGHT to do with them as they see fit?? And please don't claim that some God-thingie or other has any prior right in this matter unless and until you provide HolySmoke acceptable EVIDENCE for the existence of said God-thingie. Or are you of the gravely mistaken opinion that Metro Hospital OWNS its patients?? slack s.

Case #4
So some far-too-bored electronic technician finally slapped a bunch of parts together and made a version of the joke, complete with an old o'scope to catch the reaction. The tech missed a bet, though. A Polaroid attachment for the front of the scope would have been a real money-grabber. slack s.

Abortion is Love!
Which means you ought to do with your spirituality what I do. It's the same thing that J.J. Hitt does with hir gender. (NEVER mention it in the Echo.) slack s.

The one with the pretty red berries which make that tasty wine!! slack s.

Case #4
Note his Fundie Shuffling away from my question: "Why has there been no Holy See approval of a Lourdes miracle occurrent since World War II ended??" slack s.

Presumptiousness of Athei
Simon, home from a second stint in Africa, was much taken with that image but quibbles that, unless those stuffed animals are remarkably large and stuffed with lodestone, it's more like three Taras.

Perils of speechmaking
I don't see why not. We just have to wait until he dies. Someone will then confidently aver that he was a _wonderful_ president. I think it was good of JFK to speak at Hubert's funeral. If that's the only slip he made he's pretty good. Why must ghosts be held to a higher standard of funeral oratory than ordinary mortals?

Laurie lies like a cheap throw rug.
<<thorough keyboard baptism in commercial-grade Columbian Coffee) This boy has one of two problems: either he is on far too many drugs, or, as a fundie, he is on far too FEW. I'd recommend MORE drugs for Laurie. "Here, Laurie, chug this gallon of Scotch and talk to us in two hours!!" Mark, 16, 15-18 In either case, the requirement is that YOU chug a gallon of Scotch. Not Bourbon, but SCOTCH. I am assuming YOUR opinion of Scotch

"Special Rights" Lies
Cut back on the habaneros, J.J. slack s.

Marty's Greatness!!
Laurie's trying to light Quartz. With a BIC Lighter. At the bottom of the Challenger Deep in the absence of other technology. You forgot "As someone with YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION in and with the region's cultures and peoples..........." Not redundant at all. The Church is a PRIVATE teat. [g,d,rlamfh] Outside of Laurie's cranium, that is........ Oh, that's right; how silly of me!! Laurie's cranium houses a poor quality vacuum!! slack s.

Puny weakling God
You do know that one of these fields of yours has made the FAQ, don't you?? slack s.

Tent, Part 8
Take ME to a Felafel Queen, and you'll HAVE your un-associated gas field!! slack s. YES, I *do* know what felafel is!! Give me a triple Beano, straight!!

Apples of yer Eyer
He uses those, he'll shoot his ARM off. The one holding the gun. That's right I'm betting his shoulder joint will fail before ANYTHING gets into his head........... slack s. RRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPP!!!

Steve Asher
If they have a Commodore VIC-20 in there, the lockup has better brains available. slack s.

No, no, no, no, no!! No, no!! You want Doc Glodbreg to get the camel INTACT!! Camel Plus PMS, Goat deliver us!! At which point our good Doctor Martin would have a suitable weapon to attack with!! slack s.