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hello again my freind
You don't sei.

I think I'm going to rework your GOO. Place the picture on a bed of zeros.

IRC Hardly!
Demons are a lot like AIDS. Takes more than casual contact to catch one. <G>

Real men eat
Even I, a veteran of the EtOh wars of Tau Ceti 5, do not know how to 'crink' bourbon; although I do know how scotch can do that to an imbiber.

Shut them all up once an
Warm Miller Lite. Whattdya expect? You jackplane off your taste buds with that loch water and humic acid derivative and you still think you can taste anything?

Which god?
What was he fiddling with then?

Oddball Chinese UFO Cults
What irony.

Time dilation
You still don't get it, George. Your claim of "1000 light years in less than 1000 years" is NOT in accord with EITHER observers on Earth OR observers on the ship. NOBODY will observe the ship as having made the trip at superluminal speed. Nobody's arguing against time dilation here. But time dilation does NOT allow any observation of superluminal speed, as you originally claimed. You were mixing an Earthbound measurement of distance [1000 ly] with a shipboard measurement of

(no subject)

What about this?
that Because numerous examples exist of diseases transmitted by banked blood which had been supposedly "cleared" of those very diseases. I'll see if I can't dig some up for you. I have some lists of the same hereabouts. (If you have ever seen my desk, you'd see the reasons for the delay. And, alas, they are available to me on paper only. At this point I need to _gently_ remind you that I was expressing *my* choices and

Bourbon vs. Scotch
You have requested a full case of it from David Worrell. Either you drink reasonable substances like Scotch and are plotting against some enemy (highly unlikely), or you want it to drink yourself, which is the far more likely scenario. I will admit having drunk J.D. I live west of the Mississippi. Many bars hereabouts still consider J.D. as the ONLY potable there is. And, in my college days, there were times I was THAT hard-up for EtOH. As

Shut them all up once an
Kindly please submit some evidence for this "hell" thingie. Those whose names begin with "Glen". slack s.

Presumptiousness of Athe
Sorry. Josh McDowell AND his sources are ALL well-established liars. And the "evidence" isn't, as you will be shown below. A school for the thorough indoctrination of beLIEvers, and you expect us to go along with it becaause the name ends in "College", Chuck?? Why isn't this Bible school an accredited university, Chuck?? And I know damn good and well it isn't. Accredited universities take GREAT pride in that title, and ALWAYS bandy it about to get more paying students

Presumptiousness of Athe
"God exists". That's LIE enough for anyone. Got any REAL evidence that I'm wrong here, or just tons and acrefeet of more lying "FAITH"??!!?? slack s. "Faith is beLIEving what you [should] know ain't so!" Mark Twain

Shed some speed of light on the subject
You do every time you report the original "bet," nut. And you may start providing a list of people who "disagreed with you" about the effect of time compression at high speed.

Shed some speed of light on the subject
Repost your first rhetorical "bet," George. Then explain why you had to modify it to exclude external references. While you're at it, you may also provide a list of the people in this forum who disagree that time compression effects exist at high speeds. Funny how you can't back up even your most mundane insane notions, huh?

It's Appleton this time.
'Tis really far too bad that we lack the legal right to cut Appletoon's feed the way it SHOULD be cut: By way of his Medulla Oblongata. slack s.

Strange Alien Mind Powers
More illiterate, freakishly disjointed ranting, I see. If you don't want help getting your spams' spelling corrected so that it approaches some measure of literacy, just say so. My offer of assistance is still open.

Shed some speed of light
When you're ready to answer questions honestly, do get back to me.

Shed some speed of light
Illiterate again.