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9-The List
Fred Rice (Wild, dangerous aka Damocles atheist) <rofl!> My doctors told me I was cured! Honest! A rabid skeptic and rabid atheist both. *Doug Schwandt Caught in a Shameless Liar Who knows how loop running for 'god' many times he's in circles run in and out Joe Shedlock, Nashville, TN USA Raised Roman Catholic In aka BenAlias Former Atheist Now #holysmoke between Agnostic and from spring liberal Methodist 96, in F_Holysmoke since winter 96 Moderator, local (Nashville) FidoNet

Satan in the old testamen
It's not unusual. FIDO is a strange and hungry little beasty. It is a reference to Venus, the Morning star. His name to the Canaanites was Shaher. He had a twin brother, Shalem, the Evening Star who spoke the word of Peace to the dying sun. They were the sons of Asherah. There are also connections to Castor and Pollux--who were born from the World egg laid by Leda. There is an old Persian legend that Shaher or Lucifer coveted

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Rod Swift, aka Perth, Australia religion/philosophy echo LoveCub Freethought watching: 2 years, participating 6 months Date of birth 20-Nov-1972 Scott Taylor Prospect, Sometimes Never South Pagan Absurdist, bothered Australia, founder of the remembering. non-existent Sometime in Cult of the early 97, Rubber Chicken. AFAICT. sometimes in a world of my own. Ambition: To be Ken Young's Evil Jiminy Cricket. PeterTrussell, Manchester, NH atheist Lurking for a aka bnemesis year, now on #holysmoke. Ronald Vass Brantford/Ont. devil's advocate lurker

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*Bob Eyer No place that's Pompous Jan 98 willing to own Asshole up to it. Quentin Fai Lethbridge, Born again Since Spring Alberta, Subgenius of '93 Canada, (Atheist) Eh? B-day May 4th Fane (Matt Broken Arrow, Religion:Agnostic Read:Two Years Weese) Oklahoma, U.S.A. Spirituality: Post:Very Freeform, Dreamwork Infrequently Brian Fields Marysville, PA Pagan Just got in... (Summer, 97) Christina Marysville, PA Pagan Just got Fields in... :)(Summer, 97) Rodney Detroit, Tue, Thu, Sat A couple of Foremski MI

it his <G> So if you don't like what's been testified to, you're just going to disregard it. Even when Swaggart gets himself caught with hookers all over again. OLXWin 1.00a Reality is intuitive

Shut them all up once and
N And I'm a Nun <snigger>. I wonder--think we have a chance of convincing him that Marilyn is a trance channeler? OLXWin 1.00a RESPONDEZ S'IL VOUS PLAID Honk if you're Scots

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*Andrew Masten Puyallup, WA Fundy Bull Shoveler A good while *Kevin OH--No, he's Atheist Kevin isn't with McKenzie, not from France us much, due to aka DrnknAngl his heavy academic load. Mimi Milstein Randburg, S.Africa Agnostic <1 year *George Mooth Around the Bend Slave of God Much too long and Spam John Calgary, AB Atheist (and Musselwhite, Canada part-time deist) aka RevJohn *John Oliver Windsor, Canada Opposes xtian bigots back again Mark O'Neill Brisbane, Agnostic, and a born

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Gwenny the Pooh Woodland Park, CO Pooh Bear almost 5 years (Gwen Todd) USA Dave Hamilton Newcastle Left of Xtian 96 Ontario, Canada Mike Hardy, Silver Spring, former evangelical 1995 aka Hepcat Maryland Christian turned Open-minded agnostic. Jason Harmon New Prospect, SC, Atheist 1 year USA b'day 3/25/80 *George Harper Denver CO ChristoNazi- New enough (is no longer Full of bluster, to howl and with us--he's bigotry, and whine that managed to get bullshit. He he doesn't himself kicked.)

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Thylanes Out running Lurking Pagan about 3 yrs Silverwind around in the woods *Preston G. Memphis, TN militant agnostic Simpson Richard Smith Sacramento, CA Wiccan/Gwyddon 10 months Patrick Snyder Grand Rapids, Semi-Deist sorta Month or so MI Animist kinda with (Jan 98) Agnostic overtones. Doubts religion and atheism equally. *Norman England I am a Christian, New enough Solomon but over here we to worry about get to keep our the size of the sense of humour. echo. Sally

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Christopher DFW Ah.. atheist, secular New, but Hughes, aka METROPLEX rationalist, mild holding his LoveBear discordian POPE, own (Winter ex-Subgenius. of 96-97) b'day 20-Sep-74 Roger Hunter Boulder, CO Atheist/Agnostic 1 Curtis Johnson, Bummermore, MD Raised fundy. Now: 1/2 year aka Spongecat Loose cannon with a loose canon. *Jesse C. Jones The State of The Anti-Heathen He's run away. Self-Righteousness *Brian Kolacy, Atheist Forever aka Mephisto Marty Leipzig Houston, Texas Atheist of the ~5 yrs. Novyy

Interesting foil to your usual style OLXWin 1.00a Republican? Just say NO!

We still have them, and my size estimate was based on the ones that invaded my yard last summer. As for the colors--well, they aren't so much bright as intense--think of a oxidation reduction glaze. They are indeed beautiful, even if the grub stage is happily totaling my front yard. of If you cut the palm, and did a really messy job of it--it's possible that you were seeing bits of adipose tissue. didn't No, they are horribly destructive in

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Jim Canada Somewhat mid 1996 Germiquet xtian aka Germy idiotchild Thinks that a good hard slap is the way to keep a woman in her place. *Martin In a state of The fervent foe An oldtimer. Goldberg, denial of the of Bourbon, aka Glodbreg existence of superstition, consistent and bad science. spelling. *Darryl San Angelo, TX Takes being a In and out of Gonzalez mindless fundy to reality, his the limits. mind, and the echo. HTTP://MEMBERS.TRIPOD.COM/~DJGONZA/index.html Mario Gonzalez

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WHO'S WHO: THE ALIGNMENT LIST: Entries marked with a are my own, all others are from information supplied by the listed person. Name Location Alignment In the 'Smoke: *Sue Alexander Madison, WI USA. agnostic and Over a year aStaalist *Styx Allum, Eugene, OR USA. Agnostic The Creator(tm) aka Styx and Moderator of Holysmoke *Laurie Australia Worships the God of He's been Appleton Lies and Deceit with wandering his whole body and through the

What About This?
He's a good example of a man who just seems to get better with age. OLXWin 1.00a Remember, practice safe sacristy; wear a conundrum.-M.L.

Re: Ms. Spence, Re:illogi
N It is This is the ultimate abdication of responsibility for your actions, Annette. OLXWin 1.00a Reagan made movies. Gingrich believes them.

Don't worry, it can grow back. <G> OLXWin 1.00a RIGOR MORRIS The cat is dead

Satan in the old testamen
in of glory of the the and Isaiah 14 Odd then that that passage should be an almost exact crib of a much older pagan dirge to the morning star. While there is a connection to a Babylon king, that's not overly surprising as Shaher and Shalem were the 'torch-bearers' or attendants of the Sun-king. The pit its self had a lot more to do with the return to the Mother-Goddess than it did with any 'cold, dark' death.

Re: Which god?
I So it's your god's fault? OLXWin 1.00a Real Family Values Dance the Spiral, Turn the Year!

doubting gods
Ah, the Enchantress album. She does have a beautiful voice, doesn't she. OLXWin 1.00a Sacrilege: "telling an idiot the truth".