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Oh gee, Willie, that's really rough. We've never had anyone here have to do that before. Especially not when they are just on the verge of providing promised evidence. A hard drive crash? How special. Don't forget the major reason...WAAAAAAAAAAY too many questions that you really don't even want to try to answer. Oh, if you had all these computer problems for the last month, how is it that others saw you posting in other echos?

Nut rant
[nut rant axed]

patricide is fathers but parricide is close relative which could be father, mother, sister, whatever. there doesn't appear to be a specific like fratricide for brothers for sisters. QOFM. Chris

Van Impe is a Dildo
BWAHAHA! Van Impe Intelligence Briefing?? Sheez. You've got to be kidding. 'Van Impe Intelligence' is an oxymoron, moron. [Van Impe excrement flushed] Do you not see why it is that Van Impe is a foaming nut?

Cult Membership Continues to Decline
A typo.

Cult Membership Continues to Decline
of I did make one typo in my above, you idiot. Look carefully above and see if you can spot it, fundy nut. That's your first lesson.

Evidence (can you smell God!)
OT be I see you are LYING about your claim that every book in the bible has a jesus prophecy in it since you will not tell me where the jesus prophecy is in the Book of Haggai. Well, where is the jesus prophecy in Haggai, LIAR?

Shut them all up once and for all
Hello Bob, Saturday January 31 1998 05:00, Bob Eyer said to Joseph Voigt: To the shag: Hope all you like, but you will never find anything rational in the shag's views at all. That's like hoping that pigs somehow can fly. The shag is an idiot and is incapable of rationality. You're hoping for quite a lot. Oh, really?? This is news to me. You sure had a prissy fit over my views on 'foul' language, as your fascist statements

Now the dark
Hello Fredric, Friday January 30 1998 22:32, Fredric Rice said to Joseph Voigt: Langston: he Langston says he will never again send me netmail for my sin of forwarding his netmail here. Now isn't that special. He is still angry about his deception being found out and is now trying to be 'friendly' in this echo, under just the Langston name, of course. I wonder why he isn't being deceptive characters anymore? I notice that he is being very quiet

Ah... the faithful
That's ALL you know? It figures, fundy loon. How nice. You are prime testimony for idiocy.

Is the jesus hand invisible? That's what I thought, dolt.

Blue Genes.
any It already did, you fucked idiot. In case you haven't noticed, the moderator has already moderated the Loon for editing my quotes. IIRC, he did the same thing with you. So, it seems you are just foaming about something that has already been taken care of, you fucked idiot. Incoherent, dolt.

Shut them all up once and for all
Hello Bob, Sunday February 01 1998 02:56, J. Shaughnessy said to Bob Eyer: Now check out the shag's rant and see if I am correct about the shag. Well, Bob? What does his moronic rant tell you?

Someone claiming to be Melia is posting again, but I'm not convinced it's him as he appears to have done a real 180 degree turn-around in his beliefs Then you can also meet Katherine and JJ I have an artifact deck that the other players really hate, and a black and green weenie deck that is very effective Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Shed some speed of light
And time-dilation effects on very long journeys are irrelevant for that VERY reason... commerce. And how would you know what occurs on the home planet, George? No, a crew CANNOT cross 1000 LY in under 1000 years, George, since FTL travel is impossible. Depending on velocity, time will dilate for the crew, but it will still take more than 1000 years in the 'stationary' frame of reference to make the journey. They are not FACTS, George. Only the time-dilation effect

Sign Here.
but Nope--I don't fish. It's hard to find places to go fishing in the desert. <G> OLXWin 1.00a Religion without a Goddess is halfway to atheism!

Why Creationists Are Wron
N I think you'all are talking about a hydatid or hydatidiform mole-the 'watery mole' of Southern legend. I wonder what his opinion would be of the viability of the talc tumors that show up from time to time. OLXWin 1.00a Real Family Values with liberty and justice for all.

Satan in the old testamen
It's not unusual. FIDO is a strange and hungry little beasty. It is a reference to Venus, the Morning star. His name to the Canaanites was Shaher. He had a twin brother, Shalem, the Evening Star who spoke the word of Peace to the dying sun. They were the sons of Asherah. There are also connections to Castor and Pollux--who were born from the World egg laid by Leda. There is an old Persian legend that Shaher or Lucifer coveted

12-The List
Lee Woofenden I am from MA. Swedenborgian On since '93 or Christian '94, when I have the time. Looks like you got your information from Dan Ceppa. He is hopelessly lost when it comes to my alignment. *David Worrell, TN Small Dicked Too long for aka Azirafel Misogynist (tm) other's comfort -about five years. Ken Young, Lost touch with A Real True White Man Under a year aka Patriot reality--he's Christian Virgin Sex off swinging Expert(TM) on a limb someplace.

Re: Ms. Spence, Re:illogi
N It is This is the ultimate abdication of responsibility for your actions, Annette. OLXWin 1.00a Reagan made movies. Gingrich believes them.