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Re: Eating Animals
Nope I do not...As I read it In context...Vs 18 is a continuation of Vs 17 and 19 a continuation of 18 Then he changes the to quote a scripture in psalms. Staring at Vs. 20....Then he (peter)continues his speaking in Vs 21. Hardly... And Yes I would like to find it in the OT however I have not yet...and there is a chance it is not there...(many things were left out) (shame too cause I would really have like

Re: Oat-Tea-Ate
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: (J.J. Hitt) Subject: Re: Oat-Tea-Ate Organization: Self X-Ftn-To: (Dave Hamilton) Uh oh... that would put him on my Permanant NOT-TO-BE- TRUSTED list. =20 Hell... I cant even remeber the story other than it being a Johnny-gets-his-girl while saving the world and fighting Bugglies along the way. I do remember that there were a lot of cameos from other mythologies and works of fictions. It

Ah... the faithful
It does not take a rocket scientist to understand...God will not tell people to hurt others...aint gonna happen! If someone hears from God it is for edification exhortation and comfort since the coming of Jesus. me in the NEW TESTIMENT where God tells anyone verbally to go hurt someone... Old testiment does not count as it is a record of Gods deliverance of the israeli which of the tribe of Judah, Jesus the messiah will come from...Jesus brought a

Cult Membership Continues to Decline
Presumptious...But correct in that I believe in Jesus of whom I have not seen...I believe in God in whom I have not seen and I believe in the Holy Spirit of whom I have not seen... It is called 'faith'

doubting gods
As usual ...someone missed the joke and took it as a fact....(yawn) why do I try so hard to tell good jokes when they are so wasted...

Your fellow christians
Very good You do have a mind...(apart from all the other posts I have read from you) (Hehehhe) Doh....

*more* Weining?
Hehehehe yes... I keeping trying to type the same letters zzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (clap, clap) Clap off! (clap@#&$NO CARRIER

Shut them all up once and for all
Well all one has to do is just look around... the perfection which many say was just evolution... Who created the direction in which it was to flurish? Why does anyone have the right to say that evolution was just an accident... that all of creation including human beings is just a process of animo acids and time. Why did we evolve as we did? Why not just masses of goo....a quagmire of fungui? And the biggest question why did

Jesus still has you in his hand...It is important only that I let you know.

False Christanic Quoting
Have anything intelligent to say???? Well...I am waiting.... and please take your finger out of your nose!

Re: Abortion is Love!
Hitt to Kimes, 1-30-98: BE: -It is highly doubtful that a child suffers a "trauma" of birth. The -notion of trauma presupposes a notion of pain; and there is no -evidence -that human entities experience pain until after the brain is well -formed--after birth. Kimes: doctor What does "=20" mean? Bob

Blue Genes.
You have got to be kidding.... There is no one here that is worthy of any form of discipline or discharge...(blink) Just because someone decides to gnaw and bite at the truth you call it lying and spamming... My God this echo should be named Lying and spamming....Give me a BREEEAAAAK. Sure sure....Believe me pal If I changed any lines in a sentence you would know it cause I would make you seem as if you were having an affair

Shut them all up once and for all
Are you sure this is the same god? How do you know that the god of Deuteronomy 10.17 is the same as the god of 1 Timothy 4.10? In order to establish that a certain subject is described in contradictory ways, it is necessary to establish first of all that the same subject is being addressed. The proposition 'x is A' and the proposition 'x is not A' do not contradict one another unless it is assumed that 'x' refers

Well.. supposedly we're born in sin..

BE: -So, that left atheist or agnostic. Now I see you describe the -people here as being "atheists". -The agnostic does not believe that God exists. The agnostic is -therefore not committed to any beliefs. The atheist is more -definite, however: He says that he DOES believe that God does not -exist. -So you have a problem. The atheist has a belief. Evidently, you mean to include here your belief that all four wheels will remain on your

I don't see the connection between your account of Bandura's behavioural model and your contention that there is no such thing as a mental power to produce an effect. Your discussion of Bandura does not even mention mental powers. If Bandura had thought there were no mental powers, he would have stated his argument referring to mental powers in so many words, making it unmistakeably clear that he thought there were no such powers. We do not have such an

Blue Genes.
It won't work Joseph...You tried it with did not work. You are trying it again. It will not work... You need to be somewhat more creative than that!!! (Sheesh) Debunked and angry cause of it!

Christanic Ignorance.
Nope C hrist is my Lord!

*more* Weining?
Of course Well then I am your Kaopectate....Thanks for helping the thread end in a positive mode.

Knowing is growth
Good... Is that with or with out light? One can walk in the occuring and still be in darkness as I walk in the occuring in the Light...