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Miss me?
Yes! Jim Staal needs your posts for study notes in order to complete his And English Major degree. How is your cat?

The Beautiful People
Doesn't matter. You can't overdose on them. It's fashionable today to be on two antidepressants.

From: JUDITH BANDSMA To: DAVE HAMILTON have When i was running a 2 node, Lan base BBS both computers were set to do a cold boot at least once a day. It stop the system from locking up. No idea, why it work but it did. No cold boot, you could bet that it would bomb at least once in 24 hours. If you did a lot of nip and tuck, you better do a cold boot, else

Scientific Method
So the following is your "or else"? ROTFLMAO! "distinguishment"? How 'bout "distinction"? Merely a description of the process as it exists. And you refute this line in what way? And your examples of such are where? And what observations do you have to support that hypothesis? Where is your counterpart to the accretion ring, gravtiational lensing, orbital velocity of 900mi/sec, etc? And the mathematics that describe your hypothesis are where? But you have none to support your hypothesis. Concensus isn't

Straw Men!
Salutations Patrick! [29-Nov-98 20:18:16] [Patrick Ford to Laurie Appleton] [Subject: Straw Men!] [big ROFL deleted] Note that deleted from the post was this: From LAURIE APPLETON 01-Feb-97 17:55:46 To Joe Martin 3:640/238 Subj EVIDENCE OF CREATION. DEBATE me _____________________________________________________________________ holding my breath, but it does serve as evidence of Laurie's methods. And, like his jaunt around Mt. St. Helens, it will be a thorn in his side every time he accuses others of lying to shed

"Just-so" Stories.
Salutations Patrick! [29-Nov-98 21:09:00] [Patrick Ford to Dave Hamilton] [Subject: "Just-so" Stories.] It works out the same as a literary "null" statement. Superfluous fluff! Joe

Re: Masada
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: (Blanche Nonken) Subject: Re: Masada X-Ftn-To: DAVID RICE *Something* happened at Masada; damned if I know what. Perhaps it was just another Roman Massacre. I'll have to look out for that special. Been there, too. It's a wonderful hike/climb you go up the Roman Ramp (the one they built, (supposedly) for reaching the mountaintop) and down the "Zealots' Path". The path is now equipped

Another word whose definition is a mystery to many who use it is 'penultimate.' Many times I've heard it used in a way that tells me the user thinks it means 'the absolute ultimate,' or some such, when it actually means 'next to the last.'

Re: Jim Staal LIVES!
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: (Blanche Nonken) Subject: Re: Jim Staal LIVES! X-Ftn-To: Sally Springett Properly made, it's a very nice light meal. That means starting out with decent-quality shaved beef, and using real, fresh ingredients. Blanche Nonken Penn State Master Gardener, County Cooperative Extension Gardening Questions? Just ask. Any opinions expressed herein are my own, unless I borrowed them. Unsolicited commercial email will be ignored, tossed, and/or

Thanks for supporting Hector's Law
Go back to sleep.

Higher Criticism.
Salutations Dave! [29-Nov-98 15:28:42] [Dave Hamilton to Marilyn Burge] [Subject: Higher Criticism.] Nanaimo! I spent a month there one weekend! Famous for bathtubs and squares I like it a little farther up island, actually. Qualicum Beach, Quadra Island, Campbell River and Gold River. Then there's the Cathedral Grove and Long Beach!! Joe

Salutations Dave! [29-Nov-98 17:41:30] [Dave Hamilton to Patrick Ford] [Subject: FAQ] [chuckle] I had a friend who dropped a 426 Hemi into a '54 MGA! It moved out like a turped cat!! Unfortunately, it handled like a grocery cart. I used to have a '79 Eldorado that made winter driving almost pleasant for the above reason. Joe

non-evolutionist evolutionists
I noticed early on that Laurie neither advocates (I mean that in the strong sense) nor defends (I mean that in the scientific sense) what he calls scientific creationism, and from that I conclude that his knowledge of scientific creationism is as great as mine. (This is not to say I claim any knowledge of it.) I simply don't know what Laurie means by scientific creationism, and a recent visit to the ICR web site left me none the wiser.

Back to square one. The issue here is whether free will is constrained by omniscience, not omnipotence. The statement "Omniscience would INCLUDE what choices will be made" does not mean anything here. That's one reason why I chose to suggest that Dave Hamilton be considered the omniscient being, who moreover need not be considered a creator at all. The fact that he (Dave) knows (putatively, of course) that you will listen to a particular radio programme on 20th December 1998

Unscientific Muddling.
Wildly out, for sure, but being wrong about things they have little opportunity to get right doesn't make the writers ignorant savages, it just makes them wrong. After all, if knowledge of the size or age of the universe were a criterion for intelligence, the discovery that Cepheid variables had subtypes which resulted in overnight doubling of the size of the universe could be said to have left a lot of ignorant savages behind. I argue in that case, on

Unscientific Muddling.
Not in the least. My faith, implicit or explicit, in any hypothesis is not an issue that affects the outcome of the primary question asked, any more than my implicit faith in an inverse cube law will change whether a force follows inverse square or inverse cube. Either the theory predicts, or it doesn't. If the theory predicts, the prediction is testable. If it doesn't predict, it's pointless calling it a theory. David Flechard

Word-Lab Analysis
Salutations Dave! [29-Nov-98 17:50:18] [Dave Hamilton to Patrick Ford] [Subject: Word-Lab Analysis] LOL! Without the quotes, Laurie's stats would read "flatline"!! Joe

Fruit salad bar
And thence immediately to the oil field to play hide-the-salami.

Get back into therapy, Staal. It seems like you've already been skipping out to the local bar.

Church & politics
Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull The point is free-choice, something your death-cult doesn't want anyone to have, ditto for your homicidal gawd. An individual's life is his/her OWN. Let THEM decide what they want to do with it. Stuff your gawds and your rules up your ass and stop interfering with the lives of others. If someone wants to die, let them die OR give them an alternative that THEY want and not what