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Fruit salad bar
Only the one one top of your head. Who'd you steal it from?

Ufo nuts
OK, we can therefore automatically discount anything you say since you've been programmed by Channel One!

What a coinkydink!
NAMBLA bitch? Who dat? Btw, did anyone other than myself notice the origin of Mr. Brown's posts? Who else posted from there?

A Liar, and Tells Lies!
Thanks for the JW message. man, that guy is losing it. It's not a troll, the guy is just losing it. Shit, at least Russ Wertz managed to give good entertainment value when he was losing it. You're Canadian, and get to pick the language, and they're ice-picked damaged brains. .hmmm, will the language be PICK??

Answered Prayer
Typical. It's so simnple to give some gawd the credit. Hope you get to feeling better.

Friends: A sad war story.
And then demands his money back as it's supposed to taste like weasel shit. How about "Fundy surprise". Feces with the taste of crow. And I heard about a Weasel Dealing. Sells used cars.

Jim Staal LIVES!
This is just too ignorant for words.

Evolution isn't Magic...
Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull we Yes. And I can see you rejoice for the same reason Laurie does. You think it is a big victory for your side when someone says that science does not have ALL the answers. Well Jim here is a surprise, it possibly never will. Science is a process of learning and there is just way too damned much to learn. Did anyone have filters for drinking water five

Fossils Define Strata.
I've been lurking for a long time and saving OS/2 messages for my rendevous with. a genuine OS. unless I get my oldie Linus CD-ROM hypnotizing my old system first.

Unscientific Atheism.
my I had 27 hours of class time a week last semester, combine that with about 20-25 a week studying, and it leaves very little time for laughing at Jelly. My work placement should leave me with quite a bit more... Has anyone mentioned the Yucatan penisula to him?

Sins.A glad whore story.
He was a fuck-up in the Army, so he never made Sarge.

Bit Crowded!
Well, if you wanna dis your knee, I hope you don't mick your knee.

Dunno about rice, but you're getting wheat from here. Thank you. Next window please. It won't work in a democracy. India and Mexico are both out of control.

Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull fact WOW. Who are we getting rice from? Maybe that formula would work in this blasted country too. Jitender Saan Jitender.Saan@Lwbbs.Net ICQ: 1972645 Wildcat! 4: Good Wildcat! 5: Bad WINS: WORSE they still upgrade QMPro 1.02 20-1270 NAK NAK Who's there? #E) NO CARRIER

Personal Rights ...
Bwahahahahahahahaha I am Murray, the all powerful demonic skull Whom are you murdering? If either of you wants to die and you both see no objections to it then I see no murder. My take on suicide is, if someone wants to die, let him, unless you can give him the life he wants. Period. Sorry, I don't accept that. womb BULL fucking shit. Go read Carl Sagan's description of what you call, 'an obvious human'. A friend

Velikovsky's Claims.
On those, Veliskovsky used the triangular pegs.

A Liar, and Tells Lies!
I thought they could only choose from English or French... although I could see having a native language if the trial was moved to a reservation. Speak any Haida?

U.S. Gov "Service Mark"
You said it. No, I don't waste disk space on evcery ignorant thing you utter. It would take more gigs than were made this year. However, do you wnat to lie and make an absolute statement here and say that you do not believe that the bewast will mark us? Go ahead. Lie about it.

Femme Festaal
Then I must conclude that you have no answer.

But you had the tapes ready just in case? You'll be sorry. she'll be calling you from the backyard to come haul the trash out.