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Now, who could this be?
But of course. I have to wonder if the Staal family migrated south for the winter, got as far as Grand Rapids, then promptly forgot where they were going or how to get back. It seems to fit somehow... Sue

Birds & Dinosaurs (b)
If Linda feels as if any explanatory posts are needed, I would be happy to help out. However, I have the suspicion that Linda has all the explanatory posts that are needed. Just trying to help out. <eg> Sue

Suez Canal
Widely available on the net. Do a search on "non-canonical." _The Other Bible_, Willis Barnstone, ed., Harper Row, should still be in print, though it is more of an extract anthology (includes Nag Hammadi Dead Sea material, pseudoeprigrapha, apocalypses, etc.). Reproducing all that in full would take half a dozen very fat volumes, at least. It's not a parable, but a metaphor. You may now answer the question. Oh? And just who wrote and read these works? If

Re: Church & politics
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: Ed Mills <> Subject: Re: Church politics X-Ftn-To: Blanche Nonken Doesn't pot have some things in it that are somewhat carcinogenic in their partially combusted form? If that's the case, you could get Jesse Helms to back it. edweird See "" for details on FTN<=>USENET gateways. To get your favorite Fido echoes via mailing lists contact FIDO feeds, FTN

Opletal's whimsey
He actually did the world a favor by being abducted. The aliens figured that the earth would need another 100 million years or so before it would develop quasi-intelligent life they they could make into slaves. BTW, Email en route.

Higher Criticism.
That would not be at all bouquet by me.

In the case of Masada, this probably was a reasonable alternative to what awaited them from the Romans. Actually, most historians are suspicious of his own account of hiding in a cave and find little to question in the Masada account. The Masada speech is probably Josephus instead of Eliezar b. Yair, but it certainly rings true. It certainly is striking that Josephus put such a stirring anti-Roman speech in his mouth. Joseph did not become a slave. He was

Friends: A sad war story.
One flails wheat. Corn is shucked. Then again, the shucking part get's you back on track. And, no, you can't use "oh, shucks!"

Malaysian Mania, Part
Most likely, Jackson, that's a pollock you are eating. I'm not sure what they would be. Then again, squid has a relatively even shape over most of their body and they tend to be closely similar in size when caught en mass. If you have Boogger Kink in your area, the onion rings are like them, as they are processed chopped onion. I had them once, never again.

You sexy thing.
(God Dan) Sorry! But, I really did overhear it. It goes a long way to explaing why they sat in the front that overlooked that cemetery. LOL! As my story goes back a long ways, I can't remember if I heard that joke first or my experience with the real punchline. In any event, it's still funny.

Career paths
Look at yourself instead and see the coward in that mirror that stares back at you every morning.

Control and Manipulate.
And your point is?

So, just how much was your lawsuit for, Jimbo?

Fountain Pensive.
Is that a book? If it's an essay, what book(s) can I find it in? Thanks!

Jim Staal homecoming
I've heard that in the Story of English! Shouldn't that be t'ee and t'ou? From the pun thread with English pronumciation with Chinese getting started, it almost looks like they did the writing of the English versions of Chinese.

Birds & Dinosaurs (b)
No, that was the Defendent's Bench. And, most likely, you were found in the fecal position. Now, Mr Staal, do explain why prisoners are relieved of such articles as belts.

Re: Cult loonyness
is Haven't you ever heard of the Christian Scientists? They put out that magazine, "Christian Science Monitor." But the more fervent in that group believe that ONLY prayer should be given to the sick or injured. No medical help. No vaccinations, nothing. Just prayer. And every year, dozens of them die, needlessly. It has nothing to do with this (alleged) group of scientists you mention. Ross Sauer

Friends: A sad war story.
I He was a clothier but had no slacks.

I'm a past master at it. Which, however, do not pass muster. One of your problems is that you can't see past your eyes.

Evolution NOT Proven.
Bull, Applet. I first read about them in my father's college geology text, for a course he took in the late 1940s. Then how am I able to find items such as the following in the 1912 Enc. Britannica, "Cretaceous"? "It is, however, in the Deccan lava flows of India that we find eruptions on a scale more vast than any that have been recorded either before or since. These outpourings of lava cover 200,000 sq. m. and are from