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"Velikovsky's Claims"
He is NOT a raving madman, and I take to his wondrous ideas, but with the reservation that I would explore among them. My present reinterest is his "Oedipus and Akhnatan" which is a bit closer to records I can work with. With any package of views we can compile convenient pros and cons. Quoting supporting sources is rather meaningless unless you can pre-agree on credibility. Not everyone considers "Kronos" and "Pensee" the last word in cosmology. Also, Cornel scientists

This is the same fruitcake that in a message to ALL proclaiming an imaginary victory over me, informed us that libido is the Will to Serve, and that suicide is preservation of the self.

What If? (b)
The example below is nothing more than an example of just how deranged you are, Appleton. The smart money is on the fact that you are writing from an insane asylum. What you have provided is an indictment against your "creation science". You are too blathering dense too know that. When the men in the white coats come knocking on your door, just go quitely. They mean you no harm.

Interesting; he tempted me with "idiot child", which suggested something that might be heard in kindy, which led me to ignore him, but improved somewhat when he told me to "go fuck yourself". Calling me a "child-molesting pedophile" in response to attributed text originally from John Warner and telling me to "eat shit and die" convinced me that he was a worthy replacement for Voigt. However, I will take your word for it and give him a second chance. Cheers,

Asian Ancestry.
(God Dan) Absolutely. Besides, I've noticed that Appleton is afraid to converse with females. Now if we can get him afraid to respond to the othe 1/2 of the population, we'll be in business!

Bantam of the opera
Appleton isn't called the Great Barrier Geek for nothing.

Don't Know How.
As such, you should not have any qualms about providing such scientific evidence that you claim. While you are doing that, try providing the Scientific Theory of Creationism. You are rather lax in doing that. You do have a theory, don't you?

Jim Staal LIES!
"And that's why god invented milkcrates..." Bozo Staal

Opletal's whimsey
That's nice. Now, run along and ponder just how you just debunked yourself. Take all the time you need.

Jim Staal has intervened on your behalf, so I will give you another chance. I have not been demonstrating what "Xtianity can do to a human mind", more what comes from living in the local gay community for many years and learning how to be a complete bitch, if or when necessary. I was basically a diseased old slut, with little or no interest in Christ, Christianity, or Christians, but who developed an interest in prophecy in general and the

Talley's Confusion.
Wrong, Laurelie. Your Patron Saint Gish made the claim. You are lying again. When called on those lies you attempt to hide in a smoke screen. It is just too bad that what you ignite to cover your sorry ass is the Strawmen that you have huddled around yourself. Gish has never produced the 'evidence'. He cannot, as there is none to present to support his claim. Now, Laurelie, say 'ribbit' and hop back into your little pond. 8.

This damn freaking echo
LordLuMP is a moderator! Don't get on his case. Then again, this isn't his Echo, so screw him....

This damn freaking echo
He's a fucking moderator that reads on line. Give the boy some slack and 13 loops in the knot that he ties around his neck...

Five lines of blather and no appreciable point, other than to show a gross ignorance of the rules. He does seem to like you, though. <G> Ennyn Warner Aran Mundo pedo "failed" a minno Richard Smith

It should, hopefully, take care of any lessions between his ears in a perfect world, anyway. <G> He could have disguised it as a crutch. Hmmm. But then, it would fail to intimidate since it just looked like a crutch. Catch 22. Might not be a bad thing. At least don't invite him to the potluck and ask him to bring a fingerbowl. I just admire the succinctness of it all And it hasn't

At first I thought it more a matter of won't, now I'm beginning to think more in terms of can't. Indeed, I see no empathy in that regard from Fred, merely a certain amount of pique that must be vented someplace. What I truly find amazing/amusing is how he defends Warner in his earlier posts, and right now over in FN_SYSOP Warner is campaigning for Fred's ouster from this echo, because he thinks Fred is sick and profane. <G> First

This is a good 'un :)
Sounds the English teacher I should have instead of the one having us read _Last of the Mohicans_! There's certainly a great deal of hypocrisy about this from fundies. It's useless for them to pretend that their highschoolers don't know that their contemporaries swear, drink, try to get laid, etc. It bothers them, of course, that this is presented unjudgmentally. Swear words also have a peculiar power to disturb fundies, a power which is granted by them. That they're particularly

I'm sure he's been told about it before, so the title obviously escapes him as well. It's an interesting anamoly the denser the object, the greater the escape velocity something needs to get away from it, yet these things fly away from him incredibly swiftly. Don't even suggest that he's reproduced. <G> He's arguing over in another echo about Tipler's foolishness, and claims that people can be encoded by computers. You can't buy entertainment like that. Ennyn

He may need Warner to arrange another rectal probe. Well, you have to telegraph the obvious to Fred, and even then understanding on his part is iffy. Ennyn Warner Aran Mundo pedo "sigmoidoscope" a minno Richard Smith

You know, it's really antagonistic of you to not buy into the words you were ignorantly being labeled as writing. <G> AAMOF, there are local laws forbidding harrassment by them, since it had become quite a problem in the last few years. Return it? He didn't even _see_ it. It is his way. I see that Warner no longer supports him, at least according to what Warner posts over in FN_SYSOP: It's enough to trigger your gag reflex, isn't it?