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"Nurse" the Baby.
Don't you know? What do you want to know for? The odd one out would be a chicken, because all the others are adult forms of animals! Now is that clear to you? By the way, did you hear about the American woman who was horrified when an Australian male asked if he could "nurse" the baby! Laurie

Dating Questions.
Since neither you nor any other evolutionist have any explanation of the origin of life yourself, then I understand your problem here! You are obliged to resort to a supernatural explanation, which is the only alternative. Even evolutionists admit that; "Creation and evolution, between them, exhaust the possible explanations for the origin of living things. Organisms either appeared on the earth fully developed or they did not. If they did not, they must have developed from preexisting species by some

My set-up bypasses the introductory screens, but included in the QWK mail packed there is the following notice: Richard Helm, Des Moines IA Dale Shipp, Co Lillian Ackley, Sayre PA George Pollak, Charlevoix MI Rev David Rice, San Clemente CA Fred Ball, Williston SC Walter Luffman, Medina TN Thurston Ackerman, Medford MA Arnie Sossner, Hurley NY Jay Emrie, San Antonio TX Brent Rasmussen, Tolleson AZ Steven Gray, Orlando FL David Meyer, Wyoming MI Frank Scheidt, Midland MI Max Chamberlain, San

Opletal's whimsey
ROTFL! "Owwww! My foot! My foot!" Tipler's hoax requires that a very long string of unlikely assumptions be true.... any one link makes his hoax fall to pieces. One such link is his requirement for an infinate amount of energy, available throughout the entire c-boundry simultaneously, performing an infinite number of calculations. The "finite time" George referrs to is from the point of view from an outside observer--- an impossibility, since there would be no "outside" from the collapsed c-bountry.

Re: Opletal's whimsey
I have seen replies to George for messages I assume George sent to me, but not the original messages from George to me: but then my access to Doc's Place has been severed for the past three days. You're damn right: George has no idea what is meant by the word "theory." Tipler's conjectures can be at best described as "Madman rantings," or perhaps "hoax" is the more accurate word. These past six days I've been going over Tipler's Apendex.

More Americans United News
I think you are misunderstanding the legalities of the matter. Churches, as tax-exempt entities are not allowed to endorse any candidate for any political office. They are in danger of losing their tax exemption if they do so. By offering to help the governor with his campaign in exchange for him authorizing taxpayer funds to be used for church projects, he has muddied the water vis a vis the Wall of Separation between Church and State, and the church has

Re: Servant of the Lord:
Does he have one? I bet she has to get on top. Those guys don't usually do concerts. Mostly coke heads and mj smokers. They're not really a violent lot.

"Just-so" Stories.
Only science that lacks evidence. So where's the evidence? None here. Got anything recent from him or are you just quoting your mindless RQB blocks without understanding the positions of the people you quote, as usual? How about posting your source's evidence? Maybe HE has a scientific theory of creation even if you don't.

"Nurse" the Baby.
What's the diminutive form of armadillo, Laurie?

Plus that charming smile that was installed by the 2-iron while trying to putt.

Author Geller
From: Subj: 'Jerusalem Post' Review of Geller's 'Ella' JERUSALEM POST (10-9-98) ``FROM METAL-BENDING TO A THRILLER'' By Dennis Eisenberg ``ELLA: A PSYCHIC THRILLER'' By Uri Geller, London, Headline Feature. 340pp. Whatever this book is, a thriller it is not. The unhappy heroine is a mistreated, abused, ill-educated 14-year-old year girl who lives in the British city of Bristol. Everyone treats her like a moron, even when she starts making a fortune for her parents and all her other hangers-on

Ufo nuts
Do you understand what a theory is? The way you've used it in this message, you sound like a creationist who "thinks" it means a conjecture or guess.

Ufo nuts
You are confusing sensation and perception. Sensation processes raw input data and forwards it to the brain for processing. Perception is highly subject to interference from extant assimilated information in the interpretation of the environment. The hundreds of optical and auditory illusions experienced by almost everyone are samples of this, and we know exactly how they work. Any decent third year course on the neurology of sensation and perception will make the distinction and demonstrate that the olfactory and taste

I know. You were an inspiration to me!

Jim Staal LIVES!
Why? This is an old argument. The old 'christian terrorist' gig. They are not acting as Christians.

Rock 1
How could I forget something that hasn't happened? Besides, where in the annals of history has such a flood come to be recorded? and who recorded it if nothing survived such a flood? This is a question... not an explanation for why layers of sediments have been extensively modified (tilted) and eroded before a second set of layers were deposited on top. So, am I to take it that you can't answer the question? Just say so and admit that

Rock 2
That's an outright falsity! Elephants were not introduced into the Americas before the coming of the white man, probably less than 2 centuries. Dinosaurs have been on this continent before it *was* this continent. The incident to which YOU refer has also been shown to be false. THe same AREA does not equal the same STRATA. Using YOUR tortured logic, humans and dinosaurs co-exsisted because here in Alberta, human remains and relics are found in the same area as T-rex

Rock 3
Since you edited the question I will restate it for clarity. you edited some pertanent points.) Deep in the geologic column there are formations which could have originated only on the surface, such as: rain drops; river channels; aeolian dunes [Kocurek Dott, 1981; Clemmenson Abrahamsen, 1983; Hubert Mertz, 1984]; beaches; glacial deposits [Eyles Miall, 1984]; burrows; in-situ trees [Cristie McMillan, 1991]; soils

Rock 4
In other words, you will skip the questions for which you have no answer... Let's examine what you leave out... Here is the original: How was the fossil record sorted in an order convenient for evolution? Ecological zonation and hydrodynamic sorting fail to explain: (1) the extremely good sorting observed. Why didn't at least one dinosaur make it to the high ground with the elephants? (2) the relative positions of plants and other non-motile life. (Yun, 1989, describes beautifully preserved

"Velikovsky's Claims"
"some" can be very destructive! ...oo...dave