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Control & Manipulate?
Even better for your `John and Jane Doe,' Martha actually means "lady," and Andrew, of course, comes from the Greek _andros_, man. Mary is the Greek form of Miriam, who was the sister of Moses and also a prophet(ess). (We can see one symbolism right there.) It was a genuinely popular name at the time because of Miriamne (another Greek form of the name) who was the last of the Hasmonean royal blood and who was married to Herod the

Say Stevie...tell us again abouthow El Nino is a sign of the atmosphere warming again. ROTFL!

It *all* ties together! Awk!
And the one on the Rapture: _Hang 'Em High_.

I'm too poplar to. Yew are barking up the wrong tree.

Jim Staal LIVES!
Even the Bible admits it doesn't know how a snake can crawl on the ground, but science has figured it out. That way lies paranoia.

Re: 'Back to Genesis' mad
Posted any confirmable evidence for deities and supernatural beliefs yet, or is diversionary flaming the extent of your capability? edweird Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 45 Silver Xpress V4.4

Re: Cowardice? No--Scien
LOL! AAMOF, I am very personally acquainted with the Irish scientist who blessed my life with the knowledge that the likelihood of an occurrence is in inverse proportion to its desirability. Sounds like a tale from Lake Wobegon. edweird Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 44 Silver Xpress V4.4

Re: Fidonet's Skeptic Ech
There seems to be a large segment of Fido that's invisible to the rest of the universe and vice-versa. I've been able to access most of it through and Alec's gateway, but when I want a response to be seen by ALL, I have to launch it through both connections. Appleliar didn't see me until I started using docsplace. Now he's got me properly twitted since I sent him a nice blasphemous ASCII message. If you'd like to

Re: Hector's law in spade
Th* *nly r*q**r*m*nt f*r m*mb*rsh*p *s th* d*s*r* t* st*p dr*nk*ng. N*, w**t... th*t's *lc*h*l*cs *n*nym**s. *dw**rd Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 44 Silver Xpress V4.4

Being fucked in the ass by the corporate welfare agency known as the IRS. edweird Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 44 Silver Xpress V4.4

Jesus created the universe? When did this little revision take place? edweird Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 43 Silver Xpress V4.4

Flat Faced (c)
#Evolutionist Tactic #xyz. If you have no valid answer then trot out a Straw man argument! Your argument seems to be that if the computer manufacturer warned you NOT to plug a 110 volt machine into 240 volts then the manufacturer is a "sick twisted" manufacturer if you defy his warnings and blow up your power supply! Straw man! Laurie

Talley's Confusion.
You should know, as well as I do that they were *NOT* Gish's bullfrog proteins at all, but that was a claim made by an evolutionist, Garniss Curtis, in a statement directed against the "protein clock" evolutionists with whom he disagreed. When he was "called' on the matter he then tried to pretend that his statement was a "tongue in cheek" statement. Such is the level of deception and quackery of evolutionists, who add further infamy to their nonsense by

By *Definition*!
You can't help doing it, can you? I don't give a shit for the quotes you trot out. In fact, I don't actually read them, I just delete them as soon as they appear in the "reply" screen here. Give it a go. See if you can do it. See if you can provide this "scientific theory of creation" instead of this quote overload mode you have. Tell me how statistically improbable it is that you will actually post a

Don't Know How.
Hi Peter, (re: yours of 15-Oct-1998, "Don't Know How.") <From: (peter trussell)> Right! It is based on the scientific evidence. On the contrary, the scientific evidence clearly points to the necessity of a supernatural origin of life, even if you only go as far as Sir Francis Crick's idea in his book entitled; Life Itself! The Genesis record is written as sober History and the only objections to its historical accuracy stem from the wild and speculative philosophy known

Big Bang and Neutrinos.
How devastatingly "nice" for you. Any your point is....? Ah, the man whose "science" is squarely base on his own definitions of what is "true" and what is "false". It is a form of living in a land of illusions and the antithesis of real science! Since your "definition" of "nut-case" and "debunked" are no more than your own highly subjective imagination, then they carry no meaning at all in the real world! Dogmatism is a sign of sick science!

Facts Changed.
Wrong. It is a case that you too must; "have a mind that is closed to any facts that show that your "science" is little more than a fairy tale". Clearly you need to open up your mind to the world that is outside of your narrow evolution world and more Velikovsky is probably the very thing that you need! i.e.; of Geology; they served as a manifesto or credo for all his followers, whether called uniformists or

Truth or Humbug.
It is evident that you are just pleading for some more of Velikovsky then! So here is another instalment to keep you happy; <quote ON> The theory of uniformity, or of gradual changes in the past measured by the extent of changes observed in the present, has, as Lyell admitted, no positive evidence in the incomplete record of the earth's crust; consequently the theory, building on 'argumentum ex silentio', or argument by default, required further analogies. "Suppose we

Truth or Humbug.
Hi Alec, (re: yours of 20-Oct-1998, "Truth or Humbug.") [Laurie Appleton] [Ray Swales] [HOLYSMOKE] Then fancy evolutionists admitting that they were done like a dinner against "content-free" excreta! Well, that does seem to be the way you try to do things! Anyone would think that Punctuated Equilibrium had necessarily become the presently accepted evolutionary explanation, then wouldn't they? It is a commentary on the unscientific nature of the whole evolutionary fairy tale that no such thing

"Just-so" Stories.
Naturally! Where else could all the material have come from? If it was all there in the beginning then where did it come from? However, don't become too depressed about such matters, since even a scientist of the stature of Robert Jastrow have problems with all this too. He writes that; "The Universe, and everything that has happened in it since the beginning of time, are a grand effect without a known cause. An effect without a cause? That is