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Opletal's whimsey
The infinite computation is theorized to occur in a finite amount of universal time. I hope you not saying that somehow, this collapse is slowed to allow these computations to occur? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Thoughts after death...
Are blue jays 'you'? Are they less intelligent than 'you'? It's too bad that blue jays do have a concept of time. As such, your need to be "very complex" has been roundly debunked. Now, Georgie, get yourself an OLR and teach LordLUMP how to use it as well. It should keep both of you busy into the 3rd millenium.

This damn freaking echo
And, just how many people leave notations in their signature lines as to what OLR system they are employing? Only idiots attempt to read message areas this large while on line. (Hi!, Opletal!) Besides, he was alos told to contact his local sysop for the imformation. Just how emabarassing would it be for the idiot stick to have left a _single_ PRIVATE message to his sysop had the whole thing have been a scam?

This damn freaking echo
Please stop quoting 200 lines of messages just to add a pointless one-line response. _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

Big Bang Neutrinos (b)
There is a team of researcher which claim otherwise. Yes. No not know. Accelerating charges is a certain guess. 1/4 x^4 49/5 x^5 constant. How about y x^x?

Okay! B
So now you're reduced to quibbling about just when John Warner made a false, baseless and slanderous accusation? A friend of John Warner would not try to keep parading his embarassing assholeness before us like that on such a slim technicality. John Warner himself, however, seems like such an idiot as to do that.

Re: Mr. Laurielyingpileof
Coupla years ago my sister in law had her kid's bar mitzvah at a super orthodox synagogue. The reception was on site there and was strictly kosher. You know the sort of thing...tuna and chicken salads with loads of jello, along with bread and the ubiquitous pickled herring and onions with sour cream. I took a long walk and smoked a cigar rather than eat lunch. That's pretty bad for me.

So, why was the Bible written with a "primitive eye"? Spheres don't have corners. The devil was able to work a miracle to deceive Jesus? Unfortunately for you heere, Jim, Jewish writings even in the early centuries A.D. showed that they believd in a flat Earth in a geocentric cosmology.

A new FIDO Record?
Where did we inerit this guy from? Everytime I go tot he grocery and watch them read the barcodes I think of Stevie Assher and his thoughts on the end of the world. ROTFL.

Okay! B
Complete fucking lies. Firstly, YOU netmail Steve's post to Warner after putting Warner writing from Skeptics into Holysmoke. Secondly, the 'hows the child porn going' line would was sent well after you start your accusations. Your one dishonest son of bitch, Richard. I thought that Warner sent the line to the moderator of Holysmoke instead of the moderator of Skeptics (if this is the case Richard, your accusation about Warners claims about moderator of Holysmoke are completely flawed anyhow). Regardless

More Americans United News
The thought is good but I'm against it. Whoever you are and no matter what office that you are running for, I want to know who your supporters are. Are they nazis, KKK, fundies, or any group with a political interest? It's much easier to get the candidates to tell us what kind of person they are by revealing their campaign contributers. Churches, et. al can cover their contributions so well that a federal court will have great trouble getting

Opletal's whimsey
Thats a fairly stupid claim. So you know the probabilities involved in the spontaneous development of life? Or are you doing statistics with a single data point?

Dick Jesus before he dicks you.

I think that the correct statement is "Faith is a convenient thing". You get to believe what you will and disbelieve what you will. You need not turn to evidence. the obvious problems in your bible can be made to go away with a wave of the hand, just like the millions that your god starves to death. does your god still ot love eveyone, Jimbo?

Higher Criticism.
Bullshit. More than half the deists on earth trouble themselves with a god greatly but are not "saved" in the christian definition.

Jim Staal LIVES!
What was thename of the web site you posted a few posts back? Aman is murdered because he was gay and your god hates gays. Put two and two together Jim. There are those out there that consider themseves real true xtians and hate everyone other than themselves.

What if?
You can't let it go, can you? Rod Speed, myself and the author pointed out your stupidity of trying to re-interpret this authors use of the word 'alien'. Even when she told you that she meant extraterrestrial, you would not stop. The 'et' references are obvious in the contexts they appear in (and I know perfectly well that you know what they refer to). Finally, I attacked the notion that NO evidence exists for the e.t hypothesis and that this

Jim Staal LIVES!
I could be wrong, but I don't think so. I've seen many fundamentalists arguing against this breed of fundamentalism on whether Jesus was God, and if this was a JW belief it seems likely to me that it would have come up in such arguments. England's equivalent of Uncle Sam. Both are corporate figures for a people, just as "Son of Man" in Daniel was a corporate figure for "the saints."


Outside of Science.
How do you know when a jap climaxes? She drops her nail file.