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The party animals would probably last for a night, but can you imagine the hangover on oh, right, what am I saying that's the _other_ place. Whaaat _meatloaf_ AGAIN? FUNDIES! We'd all be fundies! Right. And then stop and think the place will be managed by 144,000 Jehova's Witnesses!

You fell while drunk and then sued your _friend_!!! So we can add insurance fraud to your list of Christian accomplishments?

They have ruled unconstitional the teaching of religious dogma under the guise of 'science'. Absolutely not so why do YOU keep suppressing the Scientifix Theory of Creation"?? No, therefore obviously "Creation Science" is _not_ real science!

Ribeye Special (b)
Can 't find "creation science" in there either.

Robin Lane Fox tries to make a case for it in _The Unauthorized Version_, but then he has a maverick streak in him. Many argue for a "Johannine school," by disciples of John. (Like GMatt and GLuke, it shows signs of being a composite work.) I've been given to understand that in the Greek, the speeches of Jesus in GJohn have a peculiar rhythm that is somewhat spooky. IOW, GJohn's principle author was an accomplished stylist. And the odds are