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Over the Top!
Don't you think that's an example of logocide? They have taken "morals" to refer to the characteristics that define membership in their own circle, abandoning the definition of how people treat other people. If that's the case, fine. I just wish they'd use another word, because "morals" has already been defined and is in use. Here, you may be introducing the variable of intelligence. I can attest that most crimes are committed by people who are not very bright, but

Now you've done! You mentioned golf which is A. an elitist game that Bozo hasn't heard of. or B: has dimples in the ball and reminds him of 37 yro Italian Boy. As far as football goes, the only thing he knows about it is that he used to be the highschool tackling dummy. But, he will complain that pigskins aren't round, ignoring the sport that the majority of the world calls football.

Friends: A sad war story.
it Would Ivy write fiction? How could you think such a thing! This is the Ivy that's one of the baulwarks against the terrible threat to mankind fron the Men in Black Trenchcoats. _patrick_ email: Team *Amiga*

Re: Thru Hells
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: (peter trussell) Subject: Re: Thru Hells X-Ftn-To: Jan Deboer What about the handyman's secret weapon, duct tape? In <>, on 10/31/98 at 01:30 AM, (Jan Deboer) said: (peter trussell) See "" for details on FTN<=>USENET gateways. To get your favorite Fido echoes via mailing lists contact FIDO feeds, FTN Internet gating, ect

Omega Point Theory
And I've stated to you Richard, that I'm not doing to repeat myself for you. I've stated its outline in enough detail without loosing people on technicalities. And I'm flushing the rest of your message because its obvious that your not interested. There have been many discussions with myself and other users about this point. You should know the answer to such basic questions. I'll answer the two almost serious attempts at a questions below. Tipler has a phyiscal argument

Another lying fundy moron
Area: ASTRONOMY Date: 29 Oct 98 18:07:43 Public From: Christopher Painter To: Bob Eyer Subject: EARTH'S AGE well i've got many many things to say about this. again, the flood caused this. with the entire earth covered, there would have been "harmonious" tides. the top layers of the earth would have come up and been moved until it settled elsewhere. this also explains why there are many mountain ranges along coasts. there was a man who got a

David Rice editing quoted
Snappy comeback there, Asshole. Did you stay up all night thinking it up?

Thoughts After Death!
Patrick already knows you are lying about this, you miserable son of a bitch.

Friends: A strange war story.
It has been told hundreds of times before. However, there have never been any names, dates, etc. provided.

Re: The Miracle Strain
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: (peter trussell) Subject: Re: The Miracle Strain X-Ftn-To: Fredric Rice I would rather recommend Greg Bear's Blood Music. Pretty good. The only thing that caused me to go "wwwwwwwwwhhhatt" was when the noococytes survived a nuclear attack from the Russians by disbelieving the missles existed and thus sent them out of existance. In <>, on 10/25/98 at 04:19 PM, (Fredric Rice) said:

Thoughts After Death!
Of course not. Creationists don't have _any_ ideas. All they have is the regurgitated bullshit similar to that that spews forth from your mouth.

Or what, Bozo? Are you going to pull out a milkcrate and attempt to fill all of the empty bottles?

Birds & Dinosaurs (b)
The inference is there, Laurelie. After all, Goldberg has made statements on Thermodynamics. You, on the other hand, have avoided all conversation on the topic. Is there something that you are hiding? The lack of a real education, perhaps?

Nah, he more of an abrasive.

This damn freaking echo
All I am trying to point out is that those who called him lazy when he first arrived here may have been jumping to conclusions without sufficient data. I suspect that he also does the same thing in thinking that he is qualified to moderate an echo in FidoLand.

Prof Tipler's Hoax A
a And that is only of a single human being. There are billions of people that your system needs to code. Sounds like you have yourself a rather "small" problem to solve.

Prof Tipler's Hoax B
You and LordLUMP have a lot in common. Have you considered him as a reading companion?

Straw Man!
I would ask how you could be so wrong. But, you demonstrate your lack of veracity at every turning point. Darwin is correct in his basic theory. What you claim "wrong" is fully the subject of this thread. It is your Strawman. Based upon your reasoning, the earth should be flat, as that was the original view by some people. Facts and evidence to show differently provided a different perspective. Your logic requires that not only do those new facts

Straw Man!
Wickramasigne is the same expert that has stated in court that you "would have to be an idiot to belive in creation". Other than changing feet, why do you open your mouth?

Thoughts After Death!
Wrong, idiot. You have exactly as little knowledge of mathematics as you have of any branch of science: Zero, Zip, None.