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This damn freaking echo
Now, THAT'S a fair complaint. I don't think that it is a fair complaint to call him names and make accusations about laziness, however. I'm glad you didn't do that.

Friends: A strange war story.
it I was hoping to gently guide Ivy into considering that possibility, or at least questioning the likelihood of it being true. The guy would have been recuperating for six months to a year, and I doubt if he would have been kept in Vietnam for that. If it were true, I'm sure we would have heard about a hundred times before, with names, dates etc. Disregard Ivy? What a terrible idea! Who else is going to fearlessly warn us

Control and Manipulate.
I don't run the agenda; merely observe it. If I fuck up in my understanding or comprehension of end time events, so be it. Why not observe the events for yourself and seek to understand them. It is not always easy, but is always fascinating. E.g. the moves to rebuild the Jerusalem Temple, central to the rule of Antichrist, who will sit in it, claiming to be God, and demanding to be worshipped as God. From (extracts). The

Judy's tunnel cunt
Is this what your pastor said in church today? Or did he just recommend you ignore the teaching in your book? You must remember the part turn the other cheek no? BTW, your first sentence is a tautology. It need only be, "Go felch your son". If you're going to flame someone, then at least do it without looking a totally hypocritical illiterate. Relatif Tuinn you were created white, stay that way. If you were made male, stay

Looks like we have some evidence then. Seems you rob childrens piggy banks, Jim. Can you prove him wrong? Relatif Tuinn you were created white, stay that way. If you were made male, stay that way. And if you were made heterosexual, AS WE ALL WERE, stay that way. Ken Young

This damn freaking ec
OK, I'll have a dig for it. Reply to this message to remind me though. Relatif Tuinn

Friends: A sad war story.
I thought of the old folktale motif about the son who comes back home after a couple of decades incognito, spends the night with his parents planning to surprise them in the morning, and is murdered by his parents for his money. They discover his identity going through his things.

Homer & Co
The Talmudic passages that are often held to refer to Jesus of Nazareth really don't sound much like him at all, and locate him in the time of Queen Alexandra. The late (fifth or sixth century) _Toledoth Jesu_ gives him the same date, while *some* of the details seem to refer to Jesus of Naz and other details to the Egyptian magician of the Talmud. In neither document does this "Jesus" seem to an Essene. I take it your referring

What If? (b)
Really. Present some facts then... None here. None here, except a statement that scientists should stick to revealed facts. So?

Found on the net
As above in the reference to the Industrial Revolution. It brought together a lot of people from a lot of different villages which, up to that point had been occupied by the same families most of whome lived and died within a 7-mile radius of their hovels. Each village had a set of traditional beliefs both alike and different from the other sets. Most of them dated back to the "old days" that modern Wiccans seek to recover: I believe

Another Fairy Story.
It means you got caught making insane connections and just danced right on. A much closer connection is the one between creationists and pedophiles. Both are cowards who cannot deal with adults and who exploit children instead. Got a real scientific theory to present, or are you waiting to get your sticky fingers on innocent children first?

Continental Drift.
Is the DNA of a bacteria less complex than the DNA of a human, then, or more complex? Which is closer to human DNA: that of a chimpanzee or that of a bullfrog? I regret to inform you that I cannot accept your apology.

Thoughts After Death!
Not a chance. They don't have imaginations and it isn't in the RQB. Are you now using fictional movies as evidence for creation? Excellent. How about "Independence Day?" What is it based on? What creationist theories are supported by the "Rocky Horror Picture Show?"

Open or Closed?
If you think Dr. Asimov was so great, why do you keep fucking over his memory and his honest work? Is honest work of any kind so rare in your world that the only access you have to it is to steal it? What HAS it got in its pocketses?

What if?
You should see what it does for Kenn Starr. I rather enjoy the pose of offended dignity, draped in the tatters of shredded English. (

Narrator or Transcriber (b)
Show the math.

Dim-sim Fossils!
Is that why you avoid them?

Birds & Dinosaurs (b)
True. No, it was faulty statistical procedures. Show the math and I'll debunk it right here.

This damn freaking echo
He's now over in the ZEC echo (Zone Echomail Coordinator) trying to get his DAGGER echo backboned. He's getting lots of help, criticizing most of it because he doesn't think it ought to take that much work. No one is criticizing him. He's got a chip on his shoulder that is the only thing in his way. He would manage if he just stopped being a talker for 24 hours and became a listener.

Pres. Clinton Update
Sure, we can shape our environment, but so can a bird build a nest. The test will be when the environment changes sufficiently to wipe out all except those who can adapt. At that point, culture will mean nothing. Unless one includes co-operative teamwork as culture or society then it comes down to operational definitions. Ack! If people think that psychoanalysis is psychology, then it's a study, not a science. At MY alma mater, you could opt for the